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  1. Hi Ladies, My review is also up now... same spot as Cristina's. Grab a glass of wine before you read it, though... it's a little long-winded.
  2. Thanks for all of the info ladies!! And great review Cristina! So much helpful information.
  3. Hi Ladies, For those who have recently been to the ILA and brought their own photographer- did you have any problems, either at the airport or at the resort? Are there any precautions one should take before leaving to make sure there are no issues? Thank you!!
  4. Thanks everybody! I feel better!
  5. Hi Everyone! I've been sifting through this site and stumbled across this thread. My name is Lindsay and I will be (symbolically... haha long story!) marrying my husband Ben at the ILA on May 18th. Looks like I won't be there at the same time as any of you, but would love to stay in touch with each other anyway! Cheers everyone Linner
  6. Hey everyone! We're having our wedding in May at the Iberostar Laguna Azul in Varadero. I've been to Varadero before and loved it- great beach, great rum, great people. I'm just putting the finishing touches on my website, and had my mom look over it today. She didn't like a section I made titled "Cuba Tips," where I tell people who haven't been to Cuba before, that it's a nice idea to bring toiletries, clothes and other items for the staff. I also said that if someone receives great service, the staff really appreciate tips. I was grateful to receive this advice before my first time to Cuba, as I like being able to help out anyone who's less fortunate. I thought passing on these tips would be a nice idea... however, my mom thought some guests might be offended by it. Now we're not sure if she's old fashioned, or if I'm overstepping some boundaries. Advice? Thanks ladies (and any gents who might be hanging out on here) Linner
  7. Hey Christina! I would love a copy of that pricelist... if you wouldn't mind sending me a PM with it, that would be awesome. (Or should I send you a PM with my email address? I'm new and relatively clueless about BDW procedures.) Thanks so much! Linner
  8. Wonderful Vacation!

    Pros: Beautiful, new, clean resort, organized weddings
    Cons: Snack bar selection, Disco won't continue to play your music after 11:00pm
    We just returned from the best vacation ever! We had a great trip with wonderful people at a beautiful resort. I’ll try to sum it up as best I can for you:   Resort:   ILA is a huge, gorgeous resort. The ‘huge’ part could be seen as a positive or negative: on the bright side, there are tons of activities, a-la-carte restaurants, pools, bars and things to do. On the negative, it’s just a large space to try to locate your group in. I was a little concerned about this when we first got
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