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  1. Hi girls!!! I think Brooke had a fabulous idea- start a Facebook page! I am going to go do it now!!! I miss you all. Tricia, I am glad you had fun in Mexico and I miss our chats!!! I hope you don't think I abandoned you but I actually got in trouble about a month back for using work email. Ugh, That was so humiliating. So I don't touch it now and when I get home I always seem to run out of time to email. I got an iphone recently so that has helped! xo k, I officially declare this thread a bust. Jk. If you aren't my friend on Facebook PM me and I'll make sure you get added to the group. Hugs & kissed to my girls.
  2. You can't start trying until you are ready and prepared to get pregnant. Yes, it can take a very long time and you deal with it as it comes, but it could also happen on the very first try and you have to be prepared for that. Â It's been nearly two months since my miscarriage and we are going to start trying again next cycle... getting excited but getting nervous! Someone said something on the previous page about enjoying your bodies freedom... while I was only pregnant for 2 months, I still couldn't agree with her more. Â I am so sad though, because the thrill of a positive pregnancy test has been taking away from me. Instead I'll just be so nervous hoping it sticks! Only time will tell............ I just pray I don't have to experience another MC. Â Baby dust to everyone! and don't stop believing Valentine_Baby. We just have to stay positive. A good friend of mine just got pg after 1.5 yrs of trying. Have you had a Hysterosalpingogram? I know many people who have suffered from difficulties conceiving and once they had this procedure done, they got pregnant almost immediately!
  3. hey girls!!!!!! I miss you all!! sorry I have been awol, I just hate this new format. I have to get used to it........... My summer has probably been the most awful on record for the history of me, lol. How's that for a happy start to a post? I am doing MUCH better now so can kind of laugh off all the crap. Well not ALL the crap, but you know. So after the MC I went into a pretty bad depression. Well, for me anyway. It was just all the hormones regulating themselves but for the first time since this past week I am totally me again YAY. During all of this my husband's beloved family dog died so that was really sad. Then a week later we get into a car accident. We're fine, the car will survive..... it was just sort of wtf?? Could things get worse??? Then I realized, uhm YUP things could be way worse, and I just started being happy again from that day forward. It was like the accident shook all the negativity out of me ,LOL Â So in two weeks we are off to Paris!!! I am so beyond excited you have no idea. We are gone for 8 days and mid-week we are doing a day trip to Amsterdam on the high speed train. DH has never been, so this is for him. Â I don't know if October is going to happen for me now. I can't go the weekend we all agreed upon because my co-worker had booked it off without me knowing... now I have all these weddings to go to and that costs $$$$. I was hoping to go to NYC on airmiles but I don't think that works last min. so can we do a roll call and see who is a for sure and maybe figure out other dates? I am not expecting you all to change your plans for me, but maybe... LOL Â Let's try to get this thread alive again! I miss my brides. I have been hanging out at this babyandbump forum all summer because they have a really good pregnancy loss section... but it's really depressing so I'd rather be here! Â xoxoxoxo Chris
  4. ok guys here I am again! Three posts in a row. Just got to work and discovered that my co-worker booked that first weekend in October off (both the Friday and the Monday). I am sooo angry! he always takes weekends and the worst of it is I have to work the following weekend too (our Thanksgiving). I really really really want to meet up with you guys. Can I propose the third weekend in October??? the 15th, 16th, 17th? Brooke is that too late for you?? I am highly annoyed today, lol. (*got AF yesterday, my body is not used to all these hormones..... )
  5. I must be cranky cause I really hate this new forum. No signatures, no gifts, can't see people's signatures. It's like we all lost our sense of identity. Most of the smilies are gone.............. h a t e i t.
  6. wow, i don't like this new forum layout. no one's signatures work.............. it's so hard to read. *Hates change Count me in for October. Let's set some dates down soon. ie. do we arrive Friday and leave Sunday? or arrive Friday and leave Monday? I have airmiles I'd like to use. Also we should tally those who need roomies. Personally, I am all for maxing out people per room to save on $$. 4 to a room or is that too cozy? LOL I need a roomie!
  7. Krista you looked absolutely stunning! Love all the pictures. Can't wait to see more and hear the full review. xo You guys make such a sweet couple. Congrats!!!!!
  8. svetayasofiya

    Krista's Planning Thread!

    Hey Krista!!! I am dying for you to come back!!! Loved the planning thread but now I want to see the real deal! xo
  9. Hey everyone! Damn I have been procrastinating so bad at work and now I have Brooke's blog to read. *I am going to get fired, LMAO Susie- sorry your son is causing you trouble. My aunt is going through some stuff right now. Nothing bad, but just the trials and tribulations of having a 17 yr. old. AND it all has to do with MY wedding in a round about way. I don't know if I told you guys this but my 17 yr old cousin and Eric's 17 yr old cousin kind of fell in love that week in Mexico. Problem is she is in Mtl and he is in Edmonton..... they skype for hours a day. He came at the end of May to be her prom date! But my aunt is having a hard time letting go and not being the centre of his attention. Plus he's also probably being a total lazy ass 17 yr old............. Just remember how much you love him and how cute he was when he was a baby! Krista- come to Mtl for a weekend! don't have a pool but it could be a mini vacation When does our girl get back? On a totally different note, today is Eric and my 1st date anniversary! *6 years.
  10. I totally agree with RonNMel. (funny we are both from Mtl! haha) Obviously I would love to be able to stay home for the first couple years, or work part-time, but it's just not financially feasable for us. There are pros and cons to everything. Also, not only is daycare good for kids, it's good for mom too! I am sorry but there is nothing more annoying than someone who can't have an adult conversation after they have children...
  11. I am still here!!! I think we are all just waiting for krista to come back gushing about her wedding!!! YAY for 19 weeks! I think you look fabulous btw.
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by purpleshells I know!! I know someone whos been through it as well, she was telling me that 25% of all girls go through a miscarriage.....thats 1 out of 4 of us here that will go through it.......thats so high...... we are here for you! Well, hopefully I increased all your odds of NOT having one. It's been two weeks exactly today, and I am doing MUCH better. It almost all seems a bit like a dream (the pregnancy) or a nightmare (the mc). I am really looking forward to getting my period so we can start again! Let's just pray I don't have to go through this again. It's very draining... Ok, this thread is officially now back on track to happy baby planning!!
  13. Well... I wish I was still planning my wedding, because my pregnancy didn't last. I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks. :s Seems like starting a family is such an uphill battle. After you have everything in place, you actually manage to conceive, then your body fails you. I hope none of you have to go through this. It's very traumatic, but I am doing much better. It's been 10 days now and my HCG levels are almost back to zero. *sigh
  14. Clay pot? LMAO please please please post a picture! Are you Ontario girls getting this insane storm? I am on the 26th floor and it was like we were in the middle of a tornado
  15. LOL Brooke... I am sure those two days will draaaaaaaag too! Can't wait to hear about it and see if your mom is right. I hope Krista's wedding is everything she dreamed of.