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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by bride2010 Okay, this might be a really dumb question, but how did you place the flowers in the vase to they are floating the way they are. I am using the same exact vase and my original idea was to have floating orchids inside with some fluorolytes (except my sand is on the outside as I'm using a plate charger under the vase), but when I tried it, they all just fell to the bottom. I tried using some fishing lines to hold them in place but that turned into a disaster. That's why I was so curious as to how you did yours. I pretty much abandoned the idea, but now
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by kymkymkym Wow this was awesome - thanks for posting, it's given me great ideas!! Where did you get the maracas? I got the maraca's at the mall in downtown Cabo. When we did our resort visit in May, we took notes of what and where we needed to find some items that were cheap. The maraca's, Tequila for the the tequila table, and Cigars. The maraca's were only $1.50 per pair! Hacienda Tequila was the name of the store.
  3. Here is a pic of our Cake. I HEART the way it turned out! Our shoe valet. Front says "shoe valet" Back says "Got Sand" This is a picture of when I realized I forgot to put my garter on for the garter toss! LOL! My awesome BM & MOH's ran up to my room to get it for me. But, that was after I realized NO ONE HAD THE KEY TO OUR ROOM! I forgot to take it with me when I left! DH carrying me through the threshold
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by bride2010 I love love love how everything turned out! Congratulations! I've been wanting to do the flowers and crystals on our huppa too, but haven't had the time to start the project. Let me know if you're ever interested in selling yours! lol By the way, I couldn't really see clearly, but what did you have in your centrepiece? As our centerpiece I wanted to keep it as simple and CHEAP as can be. I used the same Orchid Flower Heads I used to make my MOH/BM/Bride Bouquet. I put 3 white orchids, 3 coral orchids, Sand, 2 fluorolytes and starfish submerg
  5. Quote: Originally Posted by LadyTrunck I LOVE everything! How did you do your 'bling strands??' This was actually my 1st DIY project! It's super easy! Supplies: Fishing Line Crimp Beads Crimping Tool Crystals I guestimated the length of the fishing line by making it a little taller than my bedroom door. I then crimped a bead at my desired spot, added a crystal, and then another crimp bead, and crimped it right above the crystal. That way the bead will not move. I then spaced out on the fishing line approx. 10 inches and crimped another crimp bead, and repeated the proc
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by heidilynn28 Great thread and planning! I had a question about the hanging round lanterns at your reception.. did you bring them and get the WC to hang them? Or did the hotel have them and you paid extra? I'm wondering if I should order some online and bring them..? I rented the Hanging Lanterns from the Resort. They charged me $200 for the set up! I was going to bring them with me, but, it just made it easier to rent.
  7. This is it for now. I'll have to update some of the other stuff at a later time. Thanks everyone for looking!
  8. THE RECEPTION STUFF: The Guest-Tree Sign in Table: I originally BORROWED my girlfriend's manzanita tree branch that she used for her wedding. I handcarried this bad boy, giving me scratches on my legs and arms... Come to the end, when we tried to go through customs when we arrived in mexico, after running it through the xray machine 4 times.. I couldn't bring it through. =( But, my GREAT MOH & BM went zip lining 2 days before our wedding, and smuggled into the resort 2 branches they took from the dessert! After all that, it was better than the manzanita tree branch only because i
  9. THE CEREMONY SET UP I purchased the Chair sashes from Weddinglinensdirect.com I loved working with them! I also purchased the Orchid strands from a fellow BDW member, and I made the "Bling" strands from Chrystals. Rev. Marco was awesome and had everyone crying!
  10. TO-GO CAKE BOXES & sign: "sweet dreams! Enjoy your midnight snack! on box sticker. My MOH's little sister designed the Sign: "Too full for cake? Take it for later! The guest loved it! I also handed out White Handled paper bags with a sticker that said "Thanks for Attending" no pic =( TEQUILA & CIGAR TABLE: The sign's were in the wrong place, but, it didn't matter... People got the jyst of it! The Snuggle up sign was supposed to be on the Pashmina table. But, who cares at this point!
  11. THE GROOM, BM, MOH'S, and My DIY bouquets: Groom suit purchased from Club Monaco, BM dress-floral print~Macy's, aqua~BCBG, Coral~BCBG THE GM & BM: Natural Linen suits ordered from a Wholesaler in Albany, CA. Slippers~Clark's Leather Sandals THE OOT BAGS: Bags were printed at my SIL's printing shop in Oakland, CA, Contents: Beer Steins ordered from Ebay, Playing cards from Michael's, Spanish phrases for dummies from Target, Aqua towel from Kmart, personal fans & Koozies from Pier 1, Key Card/Tip Holder from Ebay, OTC and Vista Print, Wedding survival kit: bandaids, a
  12. Where to begin! Before my now DH signed me on to this forum, I was such A Hopeless-Bridezilla who didn't know what to do with herself! I was seriously so manic because I didn't know where to begin! After 48hrs of nonstop being a BEST DESTINATION WEDDING FORUM STALKER I seriously had our wedding planned in 1 month. My hat certainly comes off to Tammy for starting up this forum for us Hopeless-Bridezilla's (in my situation) out there!! SO here it goes: THE ENGAGEMENT: It happened Christmas '08'. The best Xmas ever! Long story short, we were running late for church, and DH goes in
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    Welcome to the forum and Happy Planning!
  14. Welcome to the forum and Happy Planning!
  15. Hi Nicole! Welcome to the forum and Happy Planning!
  16. Hello Jennifer! Welcome to the forum and Happy Planning!
  17. WOW! Everything looks great! AND WE'RE WEDDING DATE TWINS!!!!
  18. Welcome to the forum and happy planning!
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    Welcome to the forum and happy planning!
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    Welcome to the forum and happy planning!
  21. Welcome to the forum and happy planning!
  22. Great planning thread! you're going to have an awesome time!
  23. Welcome to the forum and Happy Planning!
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