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  1. Quote: Originally Posted by thope I'm still deciding as well on a style. My friend actually makes lace fronts and sells hair from a boutique in Los Angeles...she is making me a lace front and said trust her it wont come off but she did suggest getting a hair that has some type of wave in it so after a swim you wont have to "do" your hair all the time...Luckily she will be with me I will send back a full report for you brides getting married after May....Love Love Love the rianna hair at the begining of the thread..I may go with that one. I'm also trying to find some pix of BK..her wigs always look good. I am waiting to see how your wedding goes. I've got fairly fine/thin strands of hair, but have a lot of kink and frizz! I've been considering doing something like a weave or some type of wig, but I've never had either before. I'm with most of the brides here, wanting to be able to swim and not worry about a hot mess afterwards! I want to enjoy my vacation lol...
  2. Congrats!! Did you end up using an image on the back as well? Is that what you were trying to fix up? I have been back and forth and back and forth about how I want to create our Invitations. I bought a cricut machine in the fall because I had a "brilliant" idea that I wanted additional dimension to our invites by making some kind of cut out along the sides. Didn't really consider that the quality would just not be the same as a laser-cut paper. Live and learn I suppose lol... but the Cricut has allowed me to create some fabulous birthday and holiday cards, as well as decals for christmas ornaments for very personalized gifts. Will you be posting pics of your invites or have you done that already?
  3. Hey there, I just made something real quick for you to try. It's a .doc attachment at the bottom of this message. First, I would print this off on a normal sheet of paper to see which direction you would have to feed your envelopes assuming it's a back feeding printer. You would put the envelope in sideways, with the flap shut so it is a regular rectangular shape (maybe a small piece of blue painters tape to secure it shut towards the bottom so it doesn't get caught). The blue tape works like masking tape but gentler, so it shouldn't tear your paper at all, but if the envelopes don't get caught when being fed through, then awesome! HTML Code: _______ | | | | | | | / | | / | |_/_____| Here is some crazy ascii to try and show what the envelope looks like when going into my printer lol. It should print precisely in the middle, you may want to play around with the fonts and the spacing, but it seemed to work for me. Good luck! A7Setup.doc
  4. That was wonderful!!!! Great work, I've been doing research on making my own photo book. I hope I can make mine the way yours turned out! Thanks for sharing =)
  5. lol yes I just saw it yesterday for the first time, it was great!
  6. I am in the same boat looking to see if prices I've been quoted are reasonable. I have been in contact with whom I believe is the same vendor AnnaBanana mentioned. The sent me a la carte pricing for for add ons that you can use the $150 for, but I don't know if the prints you purchase can be made into a book afterwards. The cheapest print is $21 for one picture... cost could add up very quickly. For the price you pay, you'd get almost 8 pics. Has anyone successfully taken pictures of themselves? lol
  7. my suggestion would be to trim some length off from the top of the template, so that your punch can reach down far enough to cut through. I'm assuming you have a punch where you can flip it over and see exactly where your circles would line up. if you can mark where the end of your punch reaches vs the circle, and measure from the line you drew to the end of the predrawn circle, that should tell you how much you can shave off the top of the door hanger. I would use what I call "Chicken scissors" lol.. the ones that come with every set of steak knives. Those cut through everything! just make sure you mark a good, straight line.
  8. Those are adorable! Nice work and good suggestion about waiting for vistaprint to send you a sale email!
  9. What a clever idea! How much do you estimate this project cost you?
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by lisa_k Update: My light is still lit! It's been like 3 weeks. I love this idea. And it's really not alot of work to put them together. I was considering getting those fake candles to put into some lanterns I have, but this would probably be way cheaper. It really lasted 3 weeks? That's amazing!
  11. Wow, what a fabulous idea! I am definitely going to look into doing something like this. I guess just stack it onto my huge pile of things to do lol. I can't believe I only have 11 months left and i feel like nothing is done!
  12. Great idea! I am looking for a brochure to use in my invitations. I am hoping it will save on paper use, plus it will be less for people to lose than a normal pocketfold invite. I may use this since all of our families are coming from every which way
  13. lol sand dollars are so creepy when they're still alive. we used to dig them up on the beaches... not very often, mind you, but you could look for an airhole in the sand and if you dug for long enough/deep enough you could find one