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First and foremost, thanks to all the ladies who have posted their STDs. They all gave me inspiration to make my own, although it was a long and tedious job, it was well worth it.





Super White 80lb. cardstock - paperandmore.com

Mint Green metallic cardstock - paperandmore.com

Bronze metallic #10 policy envelopes - paperandmore.com

Full sheet sticker label - Staples



Fiskars rotary trimmer w/ rotary blade and peforating blade - Michaels

Fiskars 'round the bend corner punch - Michaels

Nail clippers

Martha Stewart Bone Folder - Michaels



Roll-on permanent glue - Staples



Raffia ribbon - Michaels

Gimp (free, unlike Adobe photoshop)

Wedding clip art

MS Powerpoint and Word

Aylee's boarding pass template and pocketfold template #2

FI laser printer from work, haha




Worstveld Sling Extra

Sanford Book




How I did it:

I downloaded some wedding clip art and changed their colors, size, created our monogram, etc using Gimp (it's just like Adobe Photoshop, easy to use and FREE). I put the boarding pass together using powerpoint, it's easier than word to shift images around IMO and had FI print them at his works' color laser printer.


The pocketfolds were put together using word. I only had one image to move around so it was best I kept with Aylee's word template. FI also printed these at his works' color laser printer.


The address labels were created using Gimp, the .jpg image was then transferred to powerpoint. There, I added all the addresses and names. I made 5 address labels per sheet and each was printed on a full sheet sticker label at FI job, then cut.


For the cutting, I mostly used the rotary trimmer. For the boarding pass corners I used the Fiskars 'round the bend corner punch but aligned the lines on the boarding pass to match with the cut on the corner punch. For the other cut along the perforation on the boarding pass I used nail clippers, an idea I got from Erin (ebredhawk, thanks!).


For the folding of the pocketfolds I also used the nail clippers. I used the filing part of it to score the paper along a ruler. The metallic paper was too thick for the bone folder, oddly enough. I used the bone folder for the address labels to define the front and back of the labels. Each label was carefully placed on the envelopes without too much creasing or else it would rub the laser image off.


FI stuffed the pocketfolds and helped me wrap each one in raffia ribbon and placed them into an envelope. I had to fire FI a couple times during this whole process but he proved to be a good helper :)


I diverted from the popular palm trees and beach theme, hope you guys like the design. I'll have to come back and attach the documents, here are the pics!


Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size. Click the image to open in full size.

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Cute! Cute! I love the design. I never get tired of looking at everybodys take on the boarding pass stuff. I also like the way you did the address labels. Great job :)

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Thanks for the great info. I love the willingness of everyone to share on this forum. I am not sure how I would get anything done without it. The invites look amazing. Thanks again for sharing. wink.gif



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tonya those are so classy and beautiful!!! your hard work definitely paid off! and what a difference those darn nail clippers make!! aren't metallic envelopes the best? i think everything should be mailed in those from now on!

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