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  1. Hi Starrysim, Do you know if you are having your wedding at Aunt Ruby Steakhouse, you can have your guests go inside and order whatever they want? We didn't pay extra but most waiters will bring anything your guests want or they just have to walk inside to where there is a bar and they can get anything they want from the bar. That's what we did. Lulu
  2. Hi delgadot, I had a photographer and her assistant but they included the vendor fee in their fee so they paid the $100 themselves but I know you don't have to pay twice, it's the same $100 (you don't pay anything if the vendor just comes for a few hours before your wedding, for example if you have a florist who will bring flowers or someone to do your makeup but the person leaves the premises before the wedding). The resort DJ at IRHS last July was really good, unless they have changed between then and now. Quote: Originally Posted by delgadot Hello Ladies, I have a question for those of you who are hiring a photographer or DJ to come on the suites property for your wedding: I am aware that we have to pay a $100 vendor fee however does anyone know do we have to pay a day pass fee of $100 also? Is the day pass so they can eat? Which I would like to be able to offer them a plate but gosh not at $100 pp!! I read from a past bride that she had to pay two fee's to have her DJ come on the resort and I am just freaking out because for one I did hire a private DJ because the resort DJ was getting bad reviews and now supposedly the resort has a new DJ which has been getting good reviews but I will also be hiring a private photographer and if she brings an assistant then this is just blowing my budget big time!! I hope someone will be able to clarify this for me!! Thanks!
  3. I stayed at the Holiday Inn when we did a quick weekend trip to visit the IRHS and I will not do my wedding there, totally different atmosphere, my relatives complained at the beginning but now even the ones who complained the loudest are ready to go back to the IRHS. They thought it was worth every penny. You get what you pay for, the food at Holiday Inn is terrible, the bathrooms at their best suite had mold all over and non working shower. No one will regret spending the money once you get to Iberostar...I guarantee you. Quote: Originally Posted by BridetwoBe The guests I least thought would complain is doing so!!! Even my FI's parents. Ok booking at the beach is understandable, but they are thinking of booking at Holiday Sunspree (cheaper)... Is this good news or bad??? I had 50% from outside and Nicole didn't have a problem, she will work with you. Sometimes it helps to do the math to your guests. I had several guests who thought they will save a few bucks by staying outside but after calculating the entry fees plus cost of food and transportation (plus missing on all the other activities we were planning to do as group inside the resort that will require them to pay if they want to join you), it was cheaper for them to stay at the resort and they never regreted that decision...Nicole is pretty flexible and will work with you. You will just have to give her the list of your guests coming from outside the day of the wedding, i had a couple who didn't RSVP and didn't know they were coming therefore they were not on my list and the Security guard will not let them in the property (luckily I was still in my room and they called us so we let them in, otherwise, they would have travelled all that way and miss the wedding.
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  5. games: Plan to watch for thanksgiving
  6. Hi Princess J, I don't know if they have different procedures at IRHB as for us we just made reservation in advance with Nicole at one of the al carte restaruants for the number of guests we were going to have. You just have to ask your coordinator in advance. We didn't pay a cent for ours at IRHS. I hope this helps. Lulu
  7. The beauty of IRHB/S/G is that they have only one wedding each day, you get the first priority to a restaurant as long as you do it in advance over anyone. I hope that answers your question, at least this is what i was told when i was planning my wedding.
  8. Wow...everything looks great. I hope your wedding was a blast and you are enjoying your honeymoon. Can't wait to see pictures.
  9. Great pictures, great wedding. We had the same minister marry us, he was great.
  10. The Mexican restaurant is in the Iberostar Rose Hall Suites. A picture is included below.
  11. Hi mrsdeloatch2be, I believe you will find the picture of the club from my site visit on Flickr. Here is the link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/45411780@N04/sets/72157622838775003/with/4170257926/ I think you can have coctail hour but as for private dancing after the reception, you'll have to be done by 10:30pm since they open the club for everyone at 11pm. Private reception just means that they close off the whole restaurant for just your party, it doesn't include any extras like DJ, that's an additional charge. I hope i have answered your questions. Let me know if you have any more questions.
  12. Hi, The resort videographer did take a "true" video. They attached a mike on my husband (then Fiance) and the minister so when everything is heard clearly (even the wind) and the video quality is pretty good, after the ceremony/picture session the videographer asked us to do some poses and those are the ones i had issues with (not the quality, just the corniness of the posing). It's not such a big deal though, a friend of mine will edit the beginning out and it will be perfect. The Mexican restaurant as I said is open between 11pm - 7am, they don't serve alcohol drinks, we sneaked drinks from the club before they closed...another thing i liked about this resort, you can take your drinks anywhere, for instance, their room service does not include alcoholic beverages but you can go to the bar and get as many drinks as you can carry back to your room and it's all good...anyway, back to the Mexican restaurant, they have a salad & fixing bar and someone who mans a grill with assortment of meats for burgers, hot dogs, grilled meats (beef & chicken). We went there twice, the day of the wedding and once after we returned from Margaritaville Night Club in downtown MoBay, so both times we were amply buzzed, it may not be as good as we thought. We had so much fun though. Don't miss a trip to Margaritaville if you are a night owl. There is a free hourly shuttle to the club from 11pm - 1am andreturn trip from 1am - 2:30am. http://www.margaritavillecaribbean.com/montegobay.html. Quote: Originally Posted by breeze616 lmuze, Just read your review. It was great! Few questions for ya: The resort videographer - was this a 'true' video, as in footage of your ceremony with sound, etc or just a slide show of photos from your ceremony? Please give us more deets on this mexican restaurant! Sounds fun! oh and I don't think you went overboard on decor at all, it looked gorgeous Congrats!
  13. Hi Islandgirl910, The floor is concrete/cement so you can dance anywhere, no need for special dance floor. We just danced on one corner, although you could choose to dance on the other side (the steakhouse is sort of divided into two section with a half wall in between), but we wanted to have everything on one side and we had plenty of space with 75 people.
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