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  1. IMPPEARL...OMG...that is something I was affraid of. I am glad that they are looking better already We leave in 4 days too! I can't wait I have most of my stuff packed..wow is there a lot of suitcase just for the OOT bags :S Have fun ladies!!! I look forward to seeing some pictures!!!
  2. I am doing a trash the dress in a week. I am wearing my wedding dress but I am affraid that it will be ruined for my AHR. My dress is taffeta....does anybody know how it holds up in the salt water? Thanks ladies!
  3. We are going to use an IPod Nano. I am hoping that the hotel has the cord to attach the IPod to the speaker.
  4. Hey Ladies, I can't believe how fast time is going by, I think I have everything done except for stuff at the resort. My wc has been MIA and it was driving me nuts but I am letting go of that. IMPPERL you must be getting excited too. Are you ready? future_mrs 2010 have fun at your bachelorette party!
  5. My dress is in...woohoo. I have met with the seamstress and she is making it into a corset and altering it as we speak. I should have it in my hot little hands by wednesday. Now if only my wc would return my emails lol. Who said dw's were stress free?!? hahaha...... only 16 days until I leave
  6. OMG I need to vent...so my dress finally came in this weekend. I went to try it on today and insted of being a size 14 like I ordered and diamond white it is a size 6/8 and ivory. AHHHH I am leaving in 18 days. I am totally freaking out. The bridal shop call the company and they are sending a dress but it is a size 18 and a zip up. I wanted a corset. The dress company is going to take in the dress, like 4 inches everywhere and put in a corset and all of this is apparently going to happen before Christmas. OMG this is way too stressful. Sorry for the rant but I had to get it out.
  7. My bridesmaids and I are walking down to somewhere over the rainbow. I am hoping to time it so that I will walk down when it get to the what a wonderful world part. I think it is a long enogh song, but I have no idea how far we will have to walk.
  8. Lisa, I am in the same boat. I still have to do the music and welcome letters. I am walking down the aisle to somewhere over the rainbow from 50 first dates.
  9. we were debating about having our wedding on the beach too but if it is windy then there will be sand in your food. Also if it rains I think you get moved to a banquet room not a grill (you might get a grill if there is one available).
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by ML YoungLove Danielle, How come you do not have a dress? Has it not yet come in? What about alterations I would be freaking out!!! We pretty much have everything done, which excites me! The only thing left are the ceremony fans and music. I picked up my dress and the MOH dress yesterday all altered!! I am with you Billisa, I am more calm now than I was a couple of months ago. 26 more days until we leave for Jamaica!!!!!! So pumped!! Do not stress too much ladies, everything will fall into place!! I am freaking out a bit...I ordered my dress in July and it still isn't in. It was supposed to be shipped on the 3rd of December so hopefully it will be in soon. I am hoping I don't need any alterations but the store has told me that their seamstress knows that my alterations will need to be a priority. I am trying not tto think about it too much but it does freak me out. A friend of mine has offered up her wedding dress if mine isn't in in time, hopefully it won't come to that. It will all work out...right :S
  11. Thanks ladies you are the best....I am trying to keep calm. We just finished our ceremony yesterday and it is onto the music this week. I can't blieve how fast the time is passing. Still no dress yet though
  12. Hey Ladies, so I am kind of freaking out my dress isn't going to be shipped until Dec 3 and I am getting married on January 5th. I ordered it in July..I hope it is in on time. I still have place cards to make music to figure out oot bags to finish and try and figure how I am going to get the stuff to mexico menus to make bouquets to pic out book an AHR venue craete a scrip for the ceremony (my bro is reading the ceremony) get married in Canada before we leave I need to lose 20 pounds OMG I have so much to do still....ahhhhhh I am glad that I am not alone
  13. Thanks Erica, I know I shouldn't worry. I hope she does get back to me soon so I can do some planning from here.
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