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"So You Think You Can Dance" Summer 2009

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The Russian Folk Dance was just horrible. I can't believe they let them do that. I liked the first performance of the night and then the rest was just BLAH for me... The choreographies were just "good", we're almost in the top 10, you'd think they'd be keeping the best choreographies for the top but apparently not sad.gif

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Yea! I actually got to watch it last night!


Poor Jeanine and Phillip - I felt like I was watching the It's a Small World ride at Disneyland. I really like Phillip when he is doing his style, but dang he looks bad with Jeanine since she is so good.


Loved loved loved the Mia Michaels dance with Kayla and Kupono, although he did look pretty evil!


Definitely my favs this year are the girls. I'm rooting for Randi and Melissa. Hopefully they will get strong partners next week, but I'm not really sure any of the guys can stand up to them.


I bet Evan or Jason and Caitlin or Janette go home. Janette because her hair still annoys me (I'm shallow, I know, sorry).

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I only have a second, so I can't do a Kathy style re-cap, LOL.. That will come later unless she beats me to it!


I can see same favorites starting to emerge. Melissa is my #1 girl as of right now and Brandon is my #1 boy.


The routines were kind of hit or miss for me last night. There would be a bad one (Russian folk) that was cancelled out but a good one (Jive) so I don't know how that will affect voting.


The Mia routine that Kupono & Kayla did was the best of the season!

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I loved Mia's piece last night. So powerful.


I'm thinking it's Evan's time to go. He did not do hip hop well and he certainly didn't pull off the sexy/dominate vibe in the samba. I'm not sure who should go for the girls.


Front runners- loving Melissa, Ade, Brandon, Janette (stupid hair and all), Randi. I'm excited to see what Jeanine can do minus Phillip (sorry!). I like Philip but I think he's kinda the anchor to their performances. She does really well, but he does ok so it doesn't blow anyone away.


I absolutely loved the tango last night. I thought they looked like seasoned pros.

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Oooh so much to say about last night's show!! cheesy.gif


Ok so here's the rundown:


Melissa & Ade (disco/waltz): I really enjoyed both of these dances. They did a fantastic job on their disco, although not as awesome as Jeanette & Brandon's disco from earlier this season. It was very entertaining and a great kick off for the night. I thought their waltz was beautiful! Melissa, as the judges mentioned, had great lines due to her classical ballet training and Ade did a great job with the lifts. Everything about their waltz seemed effortless and though this isn't dance related, I just want to say that Melissa has the most gorgeous smile ever! I think these two are definitely safe this week.


Kayla & Kupono (contemporary/broadway): First off, I'm kind of hit and miss with Mia's choreography...sometimes I think she's amazing and sometimes I think she's kind of blah and out there lol. Anyhoo, that contemporary dance was soooo amazing! It was more than a dance or a performance to me, I really felt like (especially Kupono) they were bearing their souls as cheesy as that soudnds. It was beautifully danced and almost moved me to tears. I gotta give it up for me and Erin's favorite gay (or really effeminate but we love him anyway! lol) boyfriend, my eye was drawn to him for almost the whole dance, he really got in to the "character" (in quotations because an addiction isn't really a character but he did a great job of personifying it imo). Ok lol moving on, I enjoyed their broadway routine and thought it was cute but yeah, it kind of DID feel like something was missing...maybe it was lacking heart or sincerety (whatever Nigel said). At this point in the game, people have to do MORE than going through the motions of dancing, they really have to put their whole being in to it otherwise people are going to sense that you're being phoney. I really want to say that they're safe tonight but they did great last week and were still in trouble. I'm willing to wager they could be in the bottom 3 this week too. sad.gif


Caitlin & Jason (foxtrot/jazz) - I enjoyed their foxtrot, it was really cute and Caitlin really outshone Jason for me. Jason's a sweetie pie and all but he keeps making those cheesy faces when he does certain dances and it distracts the hell out of me, other than that I thought it was good...not memorable but good. Their jazz routine was performed beautifully and I felt like they were in great synchronization when they did certain jumps together and stuff, it looked fantastic. I don't know why but I have a feeling they might be in the bottom 3 tonight. They're great dancers but I wouldn't be that sad to see them go, imo.


Jeanine & Phillip (Russian folk dance/jive) - Ooooooook, that was rough! But it totally wasn't their fault (as Nigel alluded to on the show very politely as to not disrespect the choreographers) but yeah, I know that that dancing is probably very taxing on one's body but it SEEMED very basic for the most part. Jeanine is adorable and did the best with what she had and so did Phillip but I agree that Phillip is the best/most interesting when he's in his own style. I thought their jive was so cute and entertaining, I couldn't keep my eyes off of Jeanine...she has a ton of personality and even if she doesn't win the show, I'm pretty sure she'll be going places! cheesy.gif Anyhoo, this is my last couple that I think will be in the bottom 3 tonight...I think Phillip is in real trouble if he is in the bottom 3, he could likely get cut.


Randi & Evan (hip hop/samba) - People are probably divided on this but I really loved their hip hop routine. That thing that Evan did when he made a "halo" out of his arms and went around Randi's body with it looked really cool! Their samba (choreographed by my Pasha (LOVE Pasha! hehe) and Anya). I gotta say, the whole time I was watching it I wasn't feeling it...at all! Maybe it's because I kept saying (out loud to dh haha) that I know for a fact that Pasha and Anya would have killed that samba and it would have been amazing. Anyway, it was ok but Randi's leopard outfit was totally distracting and Evan just didn't have that macho-man samba swagger for me. It's a shame because I love these two and think they're adorable. I think they might or might not be in the bottom 3 tonight, it's hard to tell because the judges keep ragging on Evan no matter what he does so it seems like a lose/lose. DH made an astute observation about in the preliminaries, the judges were all over Evan and loved him and now they give him crap every week for "sucking" (dh's words, not mine). I just told DH that I think everyone is really doing so good so even though Evan is a great dancer, he's being outdone by the other guys.


Jeanette & Brandon (Argentine tango/pop jazz) - Their tango was so hot!! Wow! Like the judges said, they totally looked like professionals doing that dance. I was impressed with the intricate footwork they did and made it look completely easy. I loved their jazz as well, Wade is a fantastic choreographer so I knew it was going to be good when they said his name! Loved the characters of the theives and all of their synchronized moves to each other and the music looked so neat. It was definitely one of the best dances of the night. These two are definitely safe!


So here's my guesses for tonight's show:


Bottom 3 guys: Phillip/Jason/Evan


Bottom 3 girls: Jeanine/Caitlin/Randi


Possibly eliminated (my speculation): Phillip & Randi

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Omg Kathy I love your recap we are so on the same wavelength. I agree with your bottom 3's for men and women but my elimination vote goes for:


Evan (he will have an awesome musical theatre career)

Caitlin(I think she's awesome techincally but no star quality and doesn't "bring it") :)


- my fav choreography last night was Mia's "addiction" one she's amazing choreographer. I used to dance when I first moved to NY and was obsessed with her class. She's phenomenal.

- my least fav was that Russian folk dance. that was a big "oh hell no". I agree with whoever said it reminded them of "it's a small world" at disney- so true.


I think the race is between Melissa, Jeanette and Kayla and for the guys it's Ade, Brandon, and Kupono till the end.


*Philip has been impressive cause I thought he would have been eliminated earlier but he works hard I guess but has no tech training and that is important.

** major shout out for the Tango- they killed it. Amazing! So sexy and technically difficult.


I love this show

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Thanks Yamille! I totally agree with everything you just said too, except for the elimination but I almost did write down Evan because if he isn't gone tonight then he will be next week for sure...especially not having Randi as a partner!

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UGh, I have been going through withdraw not reading this thread but I can't get on at work for now, bummer, so I am really limited on the computer. Love the recaps. My only thoughts are, while the judges usually give "good" comments to Melissa and Ade, I don't think they give them enough credit. I think they are awesome and they have been one of my favs for a while now.


I must say, i agree with whoever made the comment about Janette's hair, it drives me CRAZY. I don't know why but I mention it everyweek to DH cause it is just that bad to me. She is a really good dancer but there is just something about her that keeps me from pulling for her. But, I love Brandon, I think he is awesome at everything!


I really like Philip but I don't think he is growing and it may be time for him to go. I do think he is holding Jeanine back a little.


Loved the Mia routine and Wade's routine was one of the best I have seen from him since the Sexy Back routine for the top four on Season 3. And I saw the "Toasty Oreo" comment too and had to laugh cause DH and I have been calling him "Tasty Oreo" since like Season 3. I really liked him as a judge. Mary....not so much, she needs to tone it down, WAY down.

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YAY i can finally comment cuz Im all caught up!


Kathy - once again your recap is awesome and spot on! Here are my quick thoughts


I hope Evan is out - for some reason he grosses me out, i find him a bit sleezy and every week he dissapoints me


My fave girls are Melissa, Janette, and Jeneane - i know Kayla is awesome but i wont be that sad if she gets kicked out. Cailtlin is blah to me


I LOOVED jeanene in the jive - she was so hot!


Janette and Brandon and Melissa and Ade as couples are power couples and it will be interesting how they all do when they are split up

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