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  1. Carly, I agree. I have a hard time not comparing them because I Love the books so much that I kinda wanna see it all play out, but then I'm torn cause I like a lot of what they've done to make it different. As far as Terry goes, in the show they say he is a vet of the first Gulf War. I think the books are set in the late 80's or early 90's and the show is more current day so to bring him into current day and still keep him in the same age range as everyone else they changed which war he was in.
  2. I may have just been hearing things but last night when Joe Lee called Tommy at the car I swear I heard him say something about "you better get Me my V" So maybe he is an addict. And I don't remember who asked but Crystal wasn't in the books till Book 4. She was Jason's new years eve date.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by carly Yeah, I like Jessica too and Lafayette has been my fave since I started watching, so I like that they switch it up a bit. I actually didn't think that Franklin was a good fit. I'll have to see how I feel when I get to him in my second reading of the books (I'm stuck cuz I'm missing book 2!). Maybe I'll think he's a better fit once I read it again. But I pictured someone else. I don't know his name, but maybe I can find a picture of him... He was on Damages and that's who I pictured for Franklin. Unless I'm getting him confused with who I pictured for the King. I really need to reread so I can get my characters straight. Here's a pic, Zeljko Ivanek This guy is actually already on the show, he plays the Magister, the one who sentenced Bill to create Jessica, and who is currently threatening to kill Pam if Eric doesn't provide answers about the selling of V. But I agree that based on the book descriptions he would have made a good Fraklin cause I pictured Franklin older too. And it seems that I'm probably in the minority but I pictured Debbie Pelt different, more "hoity toity" bitch, a little less "grunge" V addict bitch, which has more to do with the shows portrayal then it does with the actress. So far I don't think Alcide has great chemistry with Sookie or Debbie. I just read the synopsises they released for the August episodes on CNN and it sounds like its going to get really good.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by DanielleNDerek Wow. I suck ass. Not only did I never update the birth of my son but I just totally never checked in for 6 months. I’m subscribing to this thread so I never let that happen again. Sorry! Margie just seeing your nursery bedding. Really cute. How is your 4yo with Shayne? Mrs Martin Matthew is so darn cute. Cant believe he’s almost 1 already. And holly crap just saw your ticker and your prego again. Congratulations!!! Congratulations to all the new mommies and the new pregos! Kayte congratulations on having twins! Very exciting! Boys are fun too and love their mamas. Jo read your post about going back to work after the baby. I second Andrea’s “people need to shut the f upâ€. Some people think they need to give you an opinion on everything and how you raise your child is none of their business. I work and like trish said, I think its better for me and my son’s relationship. I’m a better mom for it and I do think he gets a lot from being at daycare. Some people are terrific stay at home moms but I wasn’t one of them. Shea I love Mya. I like how Jada and Mya sound together. Are you going to wait till she’s born this way you can see what name feels right? Update on me. Gavin was born on Feb 28th. I ended up having to get a csection which sucked but I didn’t have a choice. But it all ended up being worth it. I love Gavin to bits. He has the greatest smile and is developing his own little personality already. Hi Danielle! Wow, reading your post maybe me wonder how long its been since I was on here, answer is 4 months, wow the time flies. Gavin is adorable, and pretty close to being birthday buddies with my Shayne. My oldest, Aidan, has really taken to being a big brother. It took a while to grow on him, at first he wanted nothing to do with Shayne but he came around. Now its all hugs and kisses all the time, he even hugged the baby one day and said "You're the love of my life Shayne" I thought that was just too cute. He's already asking when he is going to have a baby sister. We aren't really trying but we're not NOT trying so who knows. Shayne is growing SOOO fast, I can't believe it and lately he just seems bound and determined to crawl. He is just an angel. He started sleeping through the night at 3 weeks old and he is just always happy and pleasant, O couldn't ask for a better baby. Here are a few pics: This is his nursery: And these next few are his monthly "birthday" pictures, I didn't do the month stickers, his nickname is monkey so I put him in an outfit with a monkey on it and take his pic with his monkey (for size comparison) 1 month: 2 month: 3 month: I haven't uploaded 4 months yet. Aidan and Shayne: More recent: Hope everyone is feeling well and having smooth pregnancies. I will try to pop in more often.
  5. Yeah, Viva Wyndham was one of the first AI in the Bahamas that I came across when looking to relocate my wedding and luckily my TA said she advised against it cause she had heard a mix of bad and good, more bad. Then I found Our Lucaya and she raved about that. So, I am definitely not recommending the Viva, just listed it on my first post to put it out there since it is an AI and I thought the poster might like a complete list
  6. Here is my review for anyone that wants to read it. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...-w-pics-44177/ I am a super picky person so some of it was knit picking - but almost a year later I can truly say that I LOVED Our Lucaya and would not have changed a thing!!!!
  7. Thanks for the replies and support ladies. I agree with those that say it seems they don't think they did anything wrong, it seems like for them a lifetime has passed or something and they don't even think about it. I have thought about talking to them but in the end I'm not sure it would be worth it. MIL's friend told her once a few months ago how wrong she thought it was that IL's didn't go and that they should have done more to be able to go and MIL got defensive almost to the point of not talking to her friend anymore. DH does feel the same way as I do but he doesn't want to say anything. He tells me that he knows his mother, she is set in her ways and rarely sees anyones side but her own and after 37 years he has just learned to let her be. Plus, MIL is estranged from her other son due to a fight with him and his now wife over their wedding (which is an EXCEPTIONALLY long story and in that case my BIL and his wife were in the wrong, but..) so DH just wants to keep the peace. Its just hard for me because I have never been one to bite my tongue and I'm not usually "afraid" of anyone but from my own experience with her and from what DH told me about growing up, I walk on eggshells with her out of fear of getting on her bad side and making things hard on DH. I just hope more time will make it hurt less because for all her faults I do love her and don't want this to cloud the relationship.
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by radiant_princess Hi Margie! Yes...I read your review also! It was a great review of Our Lucaya and gorgeous pictures and back drop of the wedding ceremony! I am a little nervous about the whole all inclusive bit though! It doesn't sound like most all inclusive's we've been too... This was my first experience with an all-inclusive so I really didn't know what to expect and maybe had high expectations, I don't know. While it did seem limited to me, it is not something that would keep me from going back, I look forward to going there again. In addition to that, if you do what people recommend as far as leaving a little extra "tip" or getting in good with the staff, and letting them know you're getting married, you will have no problems. For example, at Prop Club they have pizza, which is not on the special "all-inclusive menu", but 3 nights we were there, we got a late night snack of pizza at Prop Club, the bartender hooked us up and we never paid for it. The details on the all-inclusive make it seem like the alcohol may be limited too but we were doing shots of Patron and So Co and lots of other stuff and had no problem. We asked about it one night worried that we would see charges when we went to check out but the waitress told us that pretty much as long as you have the wrist band on you can have anything and it seemed to be true. No one in our party had any kind of extra charges at the time of check-out. As I stated in my review, I think the biggest thing that got old was breakfast because there was only one place to go, but it is a huge buffet with choices that change everyday and it really didn't bother me till our 8th day there and it was more because it was like "Ok, 8 days of this...I'm ready for something different." But all in all it wasn't terrible and nothing to worry over, if I remember correctly I think I gave it a B and that could have been me just being picky No worries, you'll love it, I promise.
  9. Okay so I am already married, almost a year now, but some "wounds" were opened during the process and I can't let it go. The story is this....DH and I got engaged in June 2008, by July we had decided to have a DW which he wanted to do in Oct. 2008 but I told him we needed to give people time to save so we decided on May 2009 (10 months to save). Initially family and friends seemed on board but slowly started dropping like flies, first my BF/MOH, then his parents and then his brother&SIL. But the one that hurt the most was his parents. They were still paying off an addition on their house and had consolidated some debt but we never thought they would flat out miss their oldest child's wedding. Well, we were wrong and money was the only excuse. As the days and weeks went by I let it eat at me, every time they went out to dinner, when MIL would go shopping and buy more plates or kitchen things that she just didn't need and when they started shopping for a $3000 awning for their deck. Even when it came to Christmas when they gave us over $500. All I could think was "This is money they could be putting away to go to our wedding" I wanted them at the wedding more than I wanted the money for Christmas. But they are not the type of people that you can talk to about this so DH and I just let it eat at us without ever saying a word and the wedding came and went without them there and I STILL can't get over it. Two months after our wedding they gave us a wedding present of $1000 that they had saved up to give us and while I appreciate it, them being there would have been gift enough. And now that almost a year has passed, I still see them spending and it still hurts. MIL has been talking about going to Ireland with her sister sometime this year and just the other night they were telling us about a trip they are planning to take over Christmas this year. They wanted to go to New Mexico but its not that warm there at Christmas so now they are considering Jamaica or the Bahamas (which is where we were married). I mentioned how pricey flights were to Jamaica out of Philly when I looked for the wedding and she flat out said "I don't care how much it costs…" Then we suggested Mexico and she said she has no desire to ever go to Mexico. So now it just feels like not attending the wedding was more about location (we were Mexico bound till the Swine flu) than it ever was about money. I know financial things can change over time but so much so that money goes from being the biggest obstacle to suddenly being no object I just feel like its too soon to be talking to us about this when it hasn't even been a year. DH and I were both really hurt. Honestly I don't know how much time has to pass before we can let it go. I have two boys and when they grow up the only thing that would ever keep me from their weddings is death. I just can't imagine that they wouldn't have done just about anything to be there and even though DH is not a "heart on the sleeve" type of guy, I know he feels the same way and still feels a lot of hurt and resentment over it. Thanks for reading, needed to get that out.
  10. As far as BC, I was on the pill and DH and I knew we wanted to get pregnant (with our second) pretty much right away. I was willing to pregnant before the wedding but not too much before b/c I didn't want to be showing when we got married. So, I went off the pill in February '09 (wedding was May '09) and we got pregnant either on or right after our "weddingmoon". It was a good thing it didn't happen before because I started showing fairly quick and by the time I was 5 weeks my wedding dress was tight at our AHR. Right now I am breastfeeding so I am on the "mini-pill" and plan to go off that in August or so to start trying for our third. For maternity clothes, I recommend any kind of panel pants. You can start wearing them early when your regular clothes get tight and they will expand all the way through to the end and then will be great if the belly sticks around for a little while after the baby. Old Navy also has some pants and jeans that have the adjustable waist with the elastic and buttons so you can tighten to wear early and let out as you grow. Another life saver for me was the belly band that you slip over the top of your normal everyday pants so you can wear them open as they are getting tighter, I was able to do this with most of my pants up til 5/6 months and it really saved, one belly band to wear with the clothes you already own is approx $20 as opposed to buying all new maternity pants.
  11. There are also a few others. Viva Wyndham on Grand Bahama is all-inclusive, affordable and family friendly but I have read mixed reviews on it. Wyndham Nassua Resort at Cable Beach sometimes offers an "all-inclusive package" as a special add-on to your stay as a promotional thing, its not always available (only certain restaurants apply to package) and Our Lucaya in Freeport also offers an "all-inclusive" add on (also with only certain restuarants to chose from). All three allow children if that is a consideration for you. And for affordability, Our Lucaya is like three resorts on one property and can fit into most budgets.
  12. Hi Darrian! How are you? How is the planning coming? That stinks that Stephanie is not a coordinator anymore, she was so great at it but I am sure she's doing great in whatever her new position is as well. I hope you have a wonderful experience with your new coordinator.
  13. If you want to request a wedding coordinator I recommend Stephanie. She was my planner for my wedding in May 2009 and she was SO wonderful and accommodating and just the sweetest person we encountered while there. Faye is wonderful as well with setting up the packages to fit any budget. I was a Mexico bride that switched to Our Lucaya after the Swine Flu outbreak and Faye put together a wonderful package to my specifications in 2 days and then once we got there Stephanie took all of my decorations and pulled it all together. It’s a great place to get married.
  14. Official start date for Season 3 has been released, it will be June 13, 2010!!!! Can't wait. It finally seems closer, hopefully it goes fast!
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