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Can I ask a dumb question... why?

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#11 jax_the_beach_bride

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    Posted 21 April 2009 - 08:21 PM

    well then thats great!! id say thats a pretty good deal then! :)... and yes i was referring to you :P

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    #12 Sandra&Mario

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      Posted 21 April 2009 - 09:29 PM

      We've always wanted to have a DW regardless of cost...so we invited everyone just as we would if we were having an AHR...those who can travel to Mexico and join us, great! Those who can't will join us for a simple and casual dinner reception a month later...it's entirely up to the couple and what they want! I'd have a bunch of ceremonies and receptions if it means having a great time, haha!

      #13 bride7474

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        Posted 21 April 2009 - 09:48 PM

        My FI and I chose to have a destination wedding for other reasons. Cost was not an issue to us, and neither was planning a wedding. My FI and I absolutely love to travel, and so do our families. We wanted to have a nice small wedding in a warm destination. My FI's family is from the East in Canada and my family is from the West, so it would have been just as expensive for everyone to come and meet us in Northern Canada as it would be for them to fly to a resort.

        #14 destination

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          Posted 03 May 2009 - 02:56 PM

          Originally Posted by GinalynL
          FI and I wanted to do a destination wedding because we wanted to keep it intimate with only our closest family and friends. My parents on the other hand wanted us to have a huge wedding. An AHR that is more like a "traditional" reception is our compromise. I get my DW, and my parents get their big party.
          my sentiments exactly. Mexico is for us; AHR is for parents

          #15 melisML

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            Posted 13 May 2009 - 06:41 PM

            My Fiance and I chose a destination wedding because we couldn't agree on a location here ( I wanted a church wedding, he didn't) but we both loved the idea of having a destination wedding and getting married on the beach. We are having about 125 people at our AHR. Friends and family who aren't able to attend our wedding in Cuba. I am really close with my co-workers and really wanted them to help celebrate but there was no way they could all get time off at the same time.

            Our AHR isn't going to be very traditional, just a big celebration with friends. :)

            #16 foxytv

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              Posted 13 May 2009 - 06:50 PM

              We wanted a DW and hoped as many people as possible could come - but knew the majority would not be able to make it. We had 40 people at our DW.

              At out AHR, we had over 100. We had it on the rooftop deck of DH's restaurant/bar ... and it was casual. Beer, wine and low-country boil ... plus my Mom and girlfriends helped me make cupcakes and we had a cupcake tower. That was it. I bought decorations that we could re-use and kept the cost to about $2K probably, total.

              The joy of having a DW and/or AHR is that it is what you make it - and that can mean simple or extravagant.

              #17 montegobay09

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                Posted 13 May 2009 - 08:35 PM

                DH wanted and AHR and my parents wanted it too...so they paid!! That's the only reason I agreed to it!

                #18 rodent


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                  Posted 13 May 2009 - 08:40 PM

                  I think it varies by the couple. For me, having a big AHR would make me just as miserable as the thought of planning a big wedding. A DW wedding was a way to escape that and not spend so much money while we were at it. I wanted both the simplicity & the low cost.

                  A formal AHR would just cancel all that out. We had a casual AHR, but just because my MIL put one together. It was very nice & I really enjoyed it.

                  Several brides have said they regret having a big AHR and wish they just scrapped the plans for that. I know a lot of us felt guilt like we had to have an AHR to make it OK to have a destination wedding. I wish I never wasted time & energy feeling like I HAD to put one together, even though I wasn't into it at all.

                  #19 Jacilynda

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                    Posted 13 May 2009 - 09:06 PM

                    We wanted a small intimate wedding, but after we started planning we really wanted to have our Mexico beach wedding but were really bummed that we werent inviting everyone and even if we did invite all these people they couldn't afford to come. so we are having an AHR and having 200+ people. Although we arent having a formal event we're having alot of people. We are having a BBQ w/ a band (our friends) and catering some wings and stuff and kegs and margaritas. We're spending under $5000 on our AHR

                    #20 cilly_girl

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                      Posted 23 May 2009 - 07:55 PM

                      My FH and I go to mexico every year for the last six years for new years, it is the time that we are happiest, so we found it only right to get married in mexico (puerto Vallarta). We have invited everyone to the wedding but are very aware that there are alot of people who wont be able to come, so that is why we are doing the AHR. Because we are getting married in January we dont really have the option of a barbacue and we want to get all the wedding stuff done in two weeks so we are having a semiformal reception right when we get home, your right it is pricey but we dont really have much choice. We have 120 people coming to the reception and with hall rental decorations dinner dj open bar and all the rest it is going to cost us the same as having our wedding here BUT I wouldnt sacrafice my actual wedding in Mexico for anything
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