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  1. I say stick with the outside reception and enjoy the atmosphere it creates. It was super windy for my wedding and it really didn't bother anyone at all. We had pashminas for the ladies and the men never got cold anyway. If you're having a DW, outside is the way to go as long as there's no rain or you have a tent!!
  2. I would definately not invite people to the shower who aren't invited to the actual wedding. If they had just chosen not to attend the wedding then that would be different. If they weren't close enough for the wedding then they aren't close enough for the shower!! You don't want to insult them!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by angie8119 ladies, to confirm I understand correctly...if you pay for the chair covers for both reception and cereomony- you pay twice? If you want chair sashes for these chair covers is it better to bring your own or can Tai Flora provide these? I'll attempt to answer this... It is much more cost efficient to buy your own chair covers. You can find them for really cheap online and RIU charges way too much just to rent them. If you know of a few brides who will be there at the same time as you or just around your date you can always split the cost and deci
  4. We ddin't have any mosquitos problems at RMB! I would add thought that the beach at RMB isn't the greatest but it's a great atmosphere for a group of people. Nice size resort! I loved that I didn't have too far to go to look for people. We wouldn't go back just cause of the beach but everything else was perfect. Definately a tough decision...I would look into Negril if I were to go back (Riu Tropical Bay). - sorry that didn't help your decision either!! It may have less retaurants than ROR but we didn't get bored with the food at all. We also ran across to the Burger Ki
  5. I already had mine here in NS but I didnt make it very fancy...i shopped mostly at the dollarstore and micheals too but if you have any questions, jsut let me know!
  6. Quote: Originally Posted by kt1011 I like your last statement alot. I guess I feel panicky about everything because I just want my guests (that are spending a pretty penny) to have the time of their lives too. Sometimes all of this planning stuff just makes me want to elope, lol. Thanks so much and your threads have been particularly helpful. I totally know what you mean about wanting your guests to have the time of their lives too. My advice is to spend your $$ on things that they'll remember rather than the small things to make the wedding pretty. Your wedding will be gorgeous no ma
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by kt1011 Thanks, I will take the information from anyone just as long as its reliable ;0) I am still a little bit shakey about RMB because of the airport issue. Is that the reason why so many people talk about the drug dealers on the beach. I am not looking forward to having my mom be approached if you know what I mean. At any rate, who has the best pictures and info for RMB. I have actually been taking notes re: all of you guys this site has been a God send. I really wouldn't worry about the drug dealers! Not one of my guests were approached by any of them.
  8. Yes, you can just bring your ipod and if you have a private beach reception you do have the option on using their speakers for music.
  9. I know that for me here in Canada I don't have to do anything else...only to change my name. I only know what I've read on other posts that it's the same for the US...as far as I can tell anyway. I know it's not much help but hopefully it'll reassure you for a bit until someone else can let you know for sure.
  10. Yes RMB does have a contract with Photoshop which is also the photographer the deal with. They also offer videos which we were going to go with until one of our guests offered to put a video together for us and we opted for that since it was free! If you go to the thread with important links for RMB you should be able to find the contact information for Micheal (the head photographer) and contact him for prices. Hope that helps!.... found his website, here it is best images
  11. I actually cried one night about 1 month before my wedding because I felt like my dress was too plain Jane. My intention from the beginning was to get something simple but I was afraid I went too simple and I wasn't going to feel like a bride. No worries though...as soon as my jewelry was one and I had my shoes on and my hair done, I felt so great and I go the same feeling aobut the dress as I had the first time I tried it on. I really didn't think it could happen but I felt beautiful on my wedding day and I loved and still love my dress! Good luck and I'm sure it will all be great
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by TA Jennifer I was there twice this past fall- once on vacation(Septemeber) and the other time at the Sandals Star Awards (December) . To be honest I wasn't that impressed in September- there were a few things going on, the island was surrounded by hurricanes (although the weather was great!)and they had many guests that the resort originally didn't plan for, but were relocated from Jamaica. add that to the holiday and it created a situation where they were a little short staffed. I can say that I didn't hear any guests complain and everyone I talked to we
  13. just booked my trip for December 19th so if you want me to do some investigating while i'm out there let me know!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by kt1011 Hello, I noticed that you only rated your Wedding Reception a C. Hind sight being 20/20 what would you have done different if you could do it all over again? I don't think Marshall1980 has been on here in a while...I have her email address and can probably ask her but I can tell you that the disco is not the ideal spot to have your reception. if you're really looking to have a great reception i would recommend having the private reception and paying the extra costs for the whole shabang. i saw both- a disco reception (not a great environment) an
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by Mrs K 2010! Heck yes! I think its great to meet people on here that we can share so much!! I havent visited the actual site but plenty of pictures on trip advisor, and message boards here.. i feel like ive been there! Im so excited i cannot wait! i found some really good reviews and good things heard about chantelle the WC. congrats everyone! Chantelle isn't the wedding coordinator there anymore but they have 2 new ladies there now that are doing quite a good job...do I dare say even better than Chantelle?!..there's 2 of them so it's got to be easier
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