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  1. For Sale...... Bachelorette party kit (penis necklaces, light up shot glass, growing ring, honey-do whistle, blinking bride pin, Zen bride kit includes lavender room spray, candle, eye mask, bath salts, quote book/journal) USED Bride shirt (s) and hat, Groom shirt (xl) and hat NEW The knot guide to destination wedding book USED Sexy little bride shirt (s) ** little white stain on bottom front you can barely notice** USED Mens "Just Married" sandals (M 11-12), Mens Corona sandals (M 9-10), Womens PINK sandals (s) NEW His and Hers luggage tags and ho
  2. For Sale..... ***Bachelorette party items (honey-do whitsle, low job kit, Zen bride kit includes {quote/journal book, candle, bath salts, lavender room spray}, penis necklaces, light -up pin, blinking shot glass, ring that grows when put in water) USED ***Bride shirt (s) and hat, Groom shirt (xl) and hat NEW ***The knot Guide to destination wedding book USED ***sexy little bride shirt (s) *little white stain on front of shirt, can barely notice* USED ***Mens "just married" sandals (11-12 M), Mens Corona sandals (9-10 M), womens PINK sandals (s)
  3. Ok...Im finally doing it! We got married July 2010 at Secrets Maroma Beach! This is going to be very detailed, because when I was planning it helped so much! First off, I sent out postcards from vistaprint as invites with all the info for my guests to book themselves. I have heard that having to book all your guests vacation is the biggest headache, so instead I told them to do it and call me with their itinerary. This was SO stress-free!!!! We had our transfers included with our flight and that went smooth. When we arrived at the hotel, we tried to get an upgrade and failed. We had 35 rooms
  4. Sorry...I dont get on here much anymore! Ok...I made a cd of my music and rented the sound system. They did a GREAT job playing and fading each song. I was SO worried about that part, but they were great! I asked for an english speaking minister and he actually did quite well. I have a TON of pics....so anyone wanting to see them, find me on facebook and just let me know who you are so I accept Melissa McGuire-Fons Music was: seating of guests-one love....bridal party-over the rainbow.....my intro-canon B....exit-could you be loved
  5. We were just married at SMB July 23rd. I havent posted a review yet, but I have a ton of pics and answers to any questions!!
  6. I have 21 orange sashes and 17 Fans (12) with orange ribbon and (5) without. Asking $15 for the sashes and $17 for the fans. Â Shipping charges apply depending on zip code.
  7. Well, alot of my guests dont want to check their bags because of the cost. 3 of these ppl are in the wedding party and I have them bringing their own parasols.....you cannot even bring umbrellas because of the threat of using it as a weapon .... Crazy, I know....but true. Just wondering if anyone was able to carry them on?
  8. Just wondering if anyone had problems with carrying on parasols regarding security?
  9. So we are having a very casual AHR. We're not making a seating chart, so Im looking to decorate a high table with some sort of sign with a witty slogan basically stating "Sit wherever you'd like" :0) Any ideas??
  10. Thanks ladies!! I know the choice seems obvious, but the thought of finally having our own place is so great I think we'll stay for free and save!
  11. OK...here's the story..... Of course after getting married we want to have our own place. So we found a house to rent for $1700/month. Thats alot for rent, we could have a mortgage for the much, but since my FI just got laid off, we dont want to purchase anything. His dad offered for us to live with him for 6 months (not a bad situation at all, we all get along) and then we could live at my parents empty house while they are in AZ for the winter (6 months). All for FREE!! We could save all year and have a nice down payment for a house and see what happens with FI job situation. So, what do
  12. Sounds like you have amazing friends! What a great surprise :0)
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