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  1. sorry I haven't been on in a long time ladies; busy w/ school, AHR, and now thank you notes! Lots of them. I do have a question for past brides that had the legal ceremony: how long did you have to wait for the english translation of your marriage license? In MN, they won't let me change my name until I have the English version. Since I am pretty sure I have already paid for this through the wedding package, I don't want to pay again here and then receive it in the mail. Please advise. Thanks ladies
  2. Depending on your number of guests, consider cutting out all the "bridesmaids duties" We had only 22 people at our wedding and decided to forgo bridesmaids and groomsmen. My girls wore coordinated dresses, that they all loved but didn't go all matchy matchy. It worked perfectly for us especially with a small group. I actually witnessed a wedding at our resort while we were there with more people standing in the gazebo than sitting outside watching; seems silly to me. Good luck with this one. Also, I say shop around for a travel agent that will work in the budget you are comfortable with.
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Debs LOL, Abbs. I think they had recommended once a week, and wash in hot water, but I always wash in cold? I think the hot water is more of an allergy precaution. It kills dust-mites. I'm super allergic so my allergist gave me that tid bit. I wash sheets at least once a week, but we usually shower at night anyway.
  4. She sounds so pleasant! Wish she was my friend. LOL
  5. I agree, very funny. This is totally the kind of thing that I love screwing with people about. Way to keep it light hearted and fun! Good for you!
  6. assume it is implied. Please do not put anything in there about gifts AT ALL. Also, anytime you send out an invite you do it with the understanding that not everyone will make it. I'd leave it alone
  7. Carry it on and don't let that thing out of your sight! Ask if they'll hang it in the 1st class closet, that's what NW did for me
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by mc5363 Here are the prices for all the photographers that I contacted. I decided to go with Michael Marrus of Cancun Photography. Um, not to freak you out or anything but you may want to read this review before you sign a contract with him. I hope the link works. I actually emailed back and forth with him when I was searching, got a wierd vibe and didn't contact him again. Right before I left for my wedding I saw this review, and was thankful I went with my gut. Could be a fluke, but he sounds like a diva. http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...michael+maurus
  9. I'm hungry for all of you and going to chipotle for a burrito! LOL
  10. June 24th, 6:57 central time: realizing I am at home on BDW with all the others who use this to avoid responsibility! I, for one, have a paper due at 9am tomorrow and am only 4 pages in!
  11. Def check with parents and grandparents. I know my mom is old school and she would NOT have it! I, however, agree with going GREEN
  12. I think being a cry baby in the weeks and months before worked to my advantage. I was SO worried I would be a complete mess the day of and shake so bad I wouldn't be able to stand. I had a good cry by myself the day before the wedding, one minor freakout moment after getting dressed and my mom put on my necklace. One I saw my man, it was smooth sailing. No tears at all during the ceremony, but I think it helped that I could barely understand the officiant! LOL. Hang in there!
  13. I would say do a pic from the wedding on the front and a personal note on the back. Luck for all of us; this could only work for a DW! Oh the joy of not being bound by tradition!
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by amberlynne87 I keep doing the same thing to my mother and my bridesmaids. I send them links all the time now of dresses that I love. They think I'm insane because they think my dress is perfect as do I. I picked out my dress on my first day dress shopping. I tried on like 12 dresses or so. I really liked 3 of them and this one just felt like the one and thought it was perfect. But these dresses are so gorgeous! I want them all! =) Here's my dress: The color looks white but it is actually ivory. On the model: Another thing that makes me second guess myself, is I really like dresses with low backs and my dress doesn't really have a low back. I also like corset backs as well. Here are the dresses I like from Maggie Sottero: Sorry there's so many! Keep your dress; it is gorgeous and looks great on you
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