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Any try The Beach Body products?


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Hey ladies ~ I'm desperate! Help!


We are planning our wedding (finally *sigh*) and we're looking at June 2009 and I need to lose weight. I'm a total yo-yo gal and I really want to do this ... but I'm a junk food junkie.


The only thing I've ever tried that worked great for me was Isagenix cleanse products - but they are pretty expensive and as soon as I go off their system I gain every single pound back.


I'm 5'9" (large frame by the charts) - last week I weighed 181 ... now I'm at 177 just from drinking lost of water and trying to cut portions. I usually have an atkins shake for breakfast ... and from there on it's just whatever.


I really want to look fabulous for my wedding! You'd think that's all the motivation I need but yesterday I found myself stressed out and I ate some cookies and whatever I wanted *sigh*


I just ordered some products from the Beach Body because a lady I know sells them and I hope it helps me. I'll do their cleanse and then use their protein shakes ... and I need to eat good foods too.


I've started the Slim in 6 video before and I did great (lost 10 lbs in 3 weeks) but I tried it yesterday and due to a back injury I couldn't finish the video.



Anyone ... help?! Support?!


I really want to weigh 158 by my wedding ... so 19 more pounds ... in 16 weeks ... Thanks for any help and/or encouragement ... *huGs* Suzanne


And if you know anything about the Beach Body stuff please share ...

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I'm totally addicted to Turbo Jam. Chalene is sooo bubbly and infectious! It helped me lose 20 lbs last year before my wedding, and I've pretty much maintained that since.


There's a thread on TJ somewhere on here, just search it.


There's also a massive thread on P90X. It's way more hard core, but if you are looking for fast results and can really stick to it, it does wonders. My hubby is doing it now (I would but my back can't take it), and he's getting super ripped. :)

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A few years ago, a friend of mine used the P90 videos religiously and it paid dividends. When I met her she weighed 230-240lbs. After a lot of hard work (using nothing but the P90) and eating properly, she was able to drop down to 135lbs and was rock solid. She even won a trip to Hawaii through Beach Bodyâ€s success stories contest and was featured in one of their infomercials (yes, the people on them are real).


After seeing her results first hand… I purchased the P90X, but havenâ€t been able to use it because Iâ€m not in good enough shape yet. But I will! muscle.gif


The P90X is definitely hardcore, so if you have back problems you should probably not try them. Good luck!!

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A friend of mine who had back problems used the beach body products and did the Tony Horton Power 90 program. She said it was great and not nearly as intense as the

P90X. She swears by it! I haven't jumped on that bandwagon - I'm a Jillian Michaels fan, myself :)

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Well ... I went back to my Slim in 6 video this morning and I dod OK ... not great not horrible. I can't do all of the exercises because my back is still killing me. *sigh* but it felt good to exercise. I've lost 7 lbs since Feb 23rd when I started "dieting" ... 16 lbs to go and then re-evaluate wink.gif

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I just ordered one of the Turbo Jam videos as well as one of the workouts with the bouncy ball from Beachbody. I also got the weighted gloves already and they are great for workouts and provide that added resistance and weight when exercising. The true test comes when I actually do these videos to see if I can hang!

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I, too, have back issues. When I am in a phase of working out hard a lot (like we all are trying to get in shape for our weddings!) I do tend to risk injury to both my back and knees. I've been working out for many years, so the stress on back and knee has been cumulative.


The only thing I can say is that you really do need to give yourself a LOT of time to let your back completely heal before you workout hard again. I threw out my back about three weeks ago, and it took a few days before I could even move, and about 2.5 until I felt I could go back to regular workouts. In the meantime, I got in my exercise by just walking, increasing both the duration and intensityas my back started to feel better. To burn the same number of calories, you do have to walk for a much longer time than more intense workouts (I was walking for at least an hour per session), but for me, it's a nice, gentle exercise that will let me stay active while I recovered. I'd say - just take it easy and let your back fully heal before getting back into it! Don't do any intense exercise until you truly feel no discomfort when moving around - stick to walking and gentle stretching. Otherwise you will just stay in this cycle of a hurt back that never heals.


Another trick I use is to take ibuprofen (which calms inflammation) *before* working out as well as when the pain flared up. Athletes use this trick as a preventative measure, and it's also helped me.

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My son (21) downloaded the P90X for us. A bit of history he has been in gymnastics since he was 4 at the age of 6 he had abs. Anyways he stopped doing gymnastics when he was 14 due to injuries. He does go to the gym but lately not as much. after doing the P90X for 1 week his abs are back! I tired to do it but I have gained alot of weight this last year and am not in greatest shape anymore. Just the warm up killed me lol. I am not ready for P90X I really think you need to be somewhat in shape and not alot overweight. Anyways I have just ordered the Turbo Jam and when I am finished with that going to advance to the P90X.

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