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  1. on the day pass thing....my dad and 2 other guests did not stay at Dreams. I had originally asked if they could waive the fee for my dad (he has a condo and lives in Cabo 6 months out of the year, and he was paying for the darn thing) and Yarai told me she would have to check on it, but it should be no problem. I never mentioned the other guests who were not staying there (and they came over to Dreams 3 nights). I was not charged a guest fee - I kind of did the don't ask, don't tell thing.
  2. Jess - Orignally I had Marco, however he became unavailble about 2 months prior to the wedding, so his brother Jorge did our ceremony. Jorge did an amazing job. I met Marco when I was in Cabo for my site visit. We already had made the switch to his brother, but he called my room after he finished a wedding to see if we were there. We were, so we went down and met him - he was very nice and very personable, and I thought it was so sweet of him to still want to meet us even though he was not perfroming our ceremony.
  3. Jess we did ours at Chileno bay. I see that someone already suggested it and you were going to google it, it was great! Lots of different back drops and only a 5 min drive from Dreams. It is a "locals" beach and croweded on the weekend (we did ours on a Saturday), so I would suggest doing your shoot on a weekday if you choose that location.
  4. Great Review Melinda! Everything sounds wonderful! I will say this with regards to Mango...I agree with Melinda, I think my group shots stink. It was windy on the beach and they had everyone looking into the sun, so you can imagine how our pics turned out - windblown and squinty eyed! I feel like they should have said - hey, the hotel has some great architechture (we got married at Dreams) lets go take some group shots in the hotel. They are professional photographers right?? I also have the same complaint about them choosing the photos that get turned black and white - if you are using them in the future, you need to give them instuctions to save them both ways. In the end, I was happy though....sorry to hijack your review Melinda people were asking, so thought I would chime in.
  5. Taxi vans depart at 10:00, so if your reception is over at 10:30 (the standard time) you will miss it....Desires is a good option for after the wedding. Its on the property so if you want to go change or just freshen up you can go up to your room and take your time and do so. Thats what we did and it was nice for Bill and I to finally have a few moments to ourselves. Then we went down to Desires and joined the rest of our group. The place is kind of small, so its like your reception continues without the parents and those who are done for the night.
  6. They do the pub crawl on Wednesdays and Saturdays and it was $20 per person. This covered transportation to and from Cabo and cover charges into the bar and depending on the place there was maybe a "welcome" shot.
  7. Jess - the fire dancer was a last minute thing. First, let me say that I have seen the pics and read the reviews on this site that everyone says DO IT, it was AWESOME!!! Well it just wasn't in our budget. We were talking to one of the guys from the Dreams Entertainment Team (Miguel - We had met him on our site visit and then my step kids loved him when they went to the kids camp during the day) about the wedding and he mentioned that he would do a 5-8 minute fire show for $45 dollars!! Compared to the other prices I had seen on here, I knew it was a steal! I asked Yarai about it, she said that he was "okay" and that they had had some incidences where they had to put out some fires that he started when had done his thing previously, but if I wanted it, to go for it. So we decided the night before during the casino night to go for it - it was only 45 bucks!! Miguel did an amazing job - he didn't start any fires We didn't tell anyone we were doing it, kept it a suprise and everyone was amazed. We gave him 100 bucks and it was one of the best hundred we spent! If you get a chance to track him down when you are there, do it and just ask him about it...I'm sure he will be happy to do it.
  8. Squid Roe is very popular and can be very fun, however it gets VERY crowded and A LOT of locals go there. Every time I have been there, if I didn't have any of my guy friends around me, I was getting touched and grabbed by drunk local guys... Next door to Squid Roe is a newer bar called Mandala. I LOVE that place. I live in Southern California and that club is very LA-ish. Light up dance floor inside, rooftop bar and light-up dancfloor up there as well, cabanas which you can rent with bottle service... my birthday was the day after the wedding and Dreams offered a Pub Crawl that night, so we went on it. First stop was Cabo Wabo, second stop was Mandala, third stop was Squid Roe. People who had been to Squid Roe stayed at Mandala, those who hadn't been went to check it out but came back. We stayed and partied until almost 4. There is another fun bar called the zoo, however my hairstylist's husband owns it and she mentioned that they are going to shut it down soon to open up a "vegas style" bar/lounge. It may or may not be open in October when you get married. There is also a smaller place called the jungle, we just popped in for a few minutes to have a shot as we were doing the crawl Hope this helps!!
  9. Marco - Thank You! That is very sweet! We missed you, however you left us in good hands...Jorge did a great job! We hope you enjoyed your trip as you received you much deserved award! xoxo Deanna and Bill
  10. Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host i love this one..so touching We totally laughed during this one...I had covered the tops of the bottles with packaging tape and then rubber-banded the tape on so that the sand would not spill when Yarai took the box to her office from my room. When she put it out she forgot to take the tape and rubber bands off (hence the rubber bands on my hand). Additionally, she forgot to put our funnel out, so I didn't know how we were going to get the sand in. We each just poured one layer for show- it took a long time - and then we were done with it. I dumped it out and we redid it at home.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Angela~ I looked at your pictures too, Deanna! Amazing! You looked so gorgeous! I also love, love, love the one under the gazebo. Question about trash the dress shoots in Cabo .... is there ANYWHERE where you can actually get into the ocean where it's relatively calm for some good photos? I have been to Cabo once and I know people say Lover's Beach but I even found it a little rough over there. Isn't there one swimmable beach somewhere in Cabo? Is it at the Hilton or am I making things up?? Ange Hi Ange! The picture under the gazebo is my absolute favorite!! To me it looks like a Disney princess picture and I love it!!! As far at TTD, I did my shoot at Chileno Bay, which is a locals beach less than a 10 minute drive from Dreams. The photog came and picked me up and took me there. The beach was kind of busy as it was a Saturday afternoon, but people saw us dressed up and a photographer and videographer and I think they thought we were celebs. They were very accomodating to move out of our way. The locals took lots of pics too You cant swim in the Ocean at Dreams, you have to walk down to the Hilton. Thats probably why you have that in your head. I did not walk down there, so I don't know what a TTD would be like there. The water was very calm there, calm enough to get in, however, the problem that I ran into was that the water made my dress wet and heavy and when the waves would roll in and out, they pulled on my dress. The undertow is very strong! I was literally holding on for dear life to DH so I didnt fall over.
  12. Okay Okay....the review is in progress. Its such a PITA to upload everything into photobucket and then cut and copy the image codes into BDW. With that being said, here is the link to some of my pro pics... Picasa Web Albums - MangoWeddings - Deanna+Bill (... Additionally, I set up a share site on shutterfly for everything wedding - feel free to check it out! http://billanddeannaswedding.shutterfly.com/23 password is phillips - all lowercase letters enjoy!
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