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  1. Wow it's been awhile since I've logged on. Thought I'd drop in and share a couple of pics of my identical boys! Nathan and Ryan were born October 7, 2010 at 1125 and 1136. I was 37 weeks 6 days. Healthy weights at 6lbs 12oz and 6lbs 1oz. The end of the pregnancy nearly killed me because I was so huge and gained a ridiculous amount of weight. All is well with our little family and the guys are thriving little pigs. 3 months now and almost 15lbs a piece! Hope everyone had a great holiday season and congrats to all the new mommies and expecting mommies!
  2. Welcome and Congrats on your engagement! We got married at RPTB in April 2009. Stayed 2 weeks and loved every minute of it! You can check out my review -- link in my siggy! Good luck and happy planning!
  3. Andrea -- will def post nursery pics when we've got everything set up! I can't wait to move and get things unpacked and get the kids' room set up. The chaos of the move is driving me crazy. Went to a wedding last night, so I actually had to get dressed up in something other than yoga pants and one of DH's giant tshirts. Here's me at 27w1d! Please excuse the dog food bowls and the bathroom as my backdrop!
  4. Woah! I've been MIA for awhile I guess! Quickie update: Almost 27 weeks now. The boys are doing just fine. Getting monthly growth scans to make sure both are growing at the same rate. So far, so good. Baby A = 2lbs 3oz and Baby B = 2lbs 4oz. I can't believe I've got almost 5lbs of baby in there and I'm nowhere near delivery! My OB says if we all make it to 38 weeks then we'll start talking induction. I'll likely be begging for it by then. I'm feeling pretty good all things considered, just HUGE. As of last week I was measuring 10 weeks ahead (typical for twins) so 36-37 weeks. I'm finished work on Friday and going on short-term disability until the twins are born, then I'll take my full maternity leave until the following October 2011. So glad to be done work for an entire year. I have a feeling I'll be even more busy though!! We move into our new house next Tuesday as well! As if we didn't already have enough going on! So I'll be busy packing and unpacking for the next few weeks and trying to set up the nursery! PHEW! Time's flying by now! Anyhow, hope everyone is doing/feeling great and having an awesome summer!
  5. When I was planning my wedding I ordered a few things from WeddingFavours.ca and I have nothing but good to say about them -- the bonus is I live in Ingerhole, so pick up was super easy! Other friends of mine have since ordered from them and also have nothing but good to say. They just moved into a bigger store this spring, too. Good to see those girls are doing well for themselves!
  6. Great planning thread, Cassie! Beautiful location! Have a wonderful day!
  7. We planned our wedding in 8 months. It was small and simple.
  8. Welcome and congrats on your engagement! Tons of stuff to read up on in the Jamaica forums! Happy planning!
  9. Oh I love your pictures! Brings back good memories! Your dress is beautiful!
  10. I'm a day late, but congrats on your day! Hope it was everything you dreamed!
  11. Yay! Kick-ass review! I miss RPTB everyday. We loved it there as well. At the time I thought maybe we should have tried another resort for our second week, but after reading your story I'm glad we didn't! Sorry to hear about your honeymoon troubles! Can't wait to see pics!
  12. Where are these reviews, ladies!? I'm dying to see/read them!
  13. Ignore people and their useless advice. Both my parents worked when they had my sister and I and we turned out just fine (although that may be up for debate at times We are both well adjusted, contributing members of society and I don't have any ill will toward my parents because they chose to work and make a happy life for the family. Bottom line is to do what YOU feel is best for not only baby and family, but for yourself too! I'll return to work after we have the twins, but only very part-time. Being Canadian we get a substantial paid maternity leave (1 year at 55%, but my employer tops us up to 84%) so I won't be returning to work until after my mat leave is up. All that being said, I hate my job so taking a year off is definately the right thing for me! I don't listen to people's unsolicited advice anymore. I didn't regarding the wedding and certainly won't regarding the kids! Whatever decision you make will be the right one for you and the fam! Everyone else can suck it!
  14. I got married at Riu Palace Tropical Bay April 2009. We stayed for 2 weeks and we loved it. I'm pretty sure any Riu or Beaches/Sandals in Jamaica you pick you won't be disappointed. Good luck with your choice! The link to my review of RPTB is in my siggy!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by ~Andrea~ There is just something so amazing about seeing twins in an u/s! Do they have their own sac and placenta? Sort of! They're monozygotic/diamniotic twins. They have 2 amniotic sacs, but they share a placenta. They're the most common identical twins. Mono/mono twins (share a placenta and amniotic sac) have a really high (60%) mortality rate b/c their cords get wrapped around each other's necks. Crazy how much there is to learn about twins once you're pg with them! We still have potentially big risks with our type of identical twins, but so far everything is good and normal with both them and me!
  16. Ask and you shall receive! Here's a couple blurry pics of the kids. Boy names were pretty easy for us. DH is pretty laid back. We're keeping names a surprise for friends/family. Baby A = Ryan and Baby B = Carter. Middle names will be after both our Dad's, haven't decided which baby gets which Dad's name yet though! It looks like our kids don't have any arms from the side view, but they do and they like to punch each other and their Mommy already! We're probably going to do 3D u/s pics around the 30 week mark as long as I'm feeling okay. I have to be off work at 28 weeks to rest and my OB wont let me go past 38 weeks, if I make it that far which hopefully for the twins sake, I do.
  17. Jo! Your u/s pic is too cute! I love the thumb sucking pics!
  18. Aww! Congrats on your little girlie, Mrs. Martin! That rules! Soooo many cute little girl outfits to buy!
  19. I thought our DW would be a great opportunity for people to get the H*ll out of freezing cold Canada at the beginning of spring, but most people just pissed and moaned about the cost or they couldn't get vacation in the middle of the year and why weren't we having an AHR. I told them all too bad. Our wedding, our decision and nothing was changing our minds. We only had 9 people come to our wedding in Jamaica and I wouldn't have changed it for the world. As far as I'm concerned everyone else missed out. A traditional wedding was NOT anywhere near my radar! Good luck with your decision and just remember to make yourselves happy, not anyone else. You'll get grief about whatever decision you choose!
  20. None. We live in Canada (London, ON) we got hitched in Jamaica. No problems with immigration. When we flew back home into Pearson the immigration officers asked us why we were in Jamaica, we said vacation and to get married, he said congrats and we carried on. You don't have to apply for a marriage license once you get back home to Canada. Your Jamaican marriage is legal and binding here. No need to do anything extra (except name change stuff if you plan to change your name)
  21. I didn't get married in Maui, but I did get hitched in Jamaica. I used 30+ and re-applied pretty much every hour or right after I got out of the water. No sunburn for me. I got a pretty killer tan in the 2 weeks we stayed there as well.
  22. Hey Meagan - ya they're boys!!
  23. Wow! Amazing planning thread! I love so much of your stuff. Looks like you've put a TON of work into your wedding, hope it's amazing! You look gorgeous in your dress even without makeup and hair. Have an awesome wedding day!
  24. We got married in Jamaica and stayed there for our honeymoon as well. 2 weeks of sun, sand, drinks and awesome! Would go back at the drop of a hat! Congrats and good luck!
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