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  1. Hi Tammy, I've noticed this problem the last little while. When I click the 'more' link to get more of my subscribed threads, it hangs. Doesn't allow me to see more threads. I have found this on my browser on computer (google chrome) and on my iphone (safari). Not sure if this has been reported yet, but if you could look into it that would be great!
  2. My dad upgraded to the Kobo Vox at Christmas too and loves it!
  3. The Copeland Kids! Avery and Sydney
  4. It was updated today, I got a notice in my inbox.
  5. Here's a link to my webshots album with more resort pics. http://good-times.webshots.com/album/563362378NvuRJI?vhost=good-times&start=0 So then if you are talking about OB, it's for sure smaller than DPC and also the Palladium which we stayed at one night when our flight back was cancelled. Like I said, the trolly comes in handy, especially if you have older guests, or if it's raining!
  6. Which now? They are both pretty big, but DPC is bigger and less 'pedestrian friendly' if you want to put it that way. All of the buildings on the left side (as you are looking at the ocean) are accessable only by bridges over the pool area, no walkways at all on that side. Oh, and when they say swim out rooms, they don't actually swim out. There is an offshoot of the pool that goes between 2 buildings but they don't go right to the rooms. The great thing about OB is that there is a shuttle that goes around the resort in a loop. So after a long day, it's nice to just jump on the trolly and they will take you where you need to get to. Let me know if you have any questions about either resort!
  7. Well I can compare because my SIL was married at Dreams PC and IMO, I enjoyed our wedding much more. LOL.
  8. I'm glad to hear a lot more girls are considering OB! We just had our 3 year anniversary and I think of that day all the time!! The packages and WC's have changed from when I was there, obviously. Our wedding was free! Just know that the place is totally gorgeous and you will have an awesome time!
  9. Sounds like you had an amazing time! I'm so glad to hear! I can't wait to go back for our Anniversary!
  10. I am looking to hire Tammy B Photography for sometime in May. http://tammybphotography.com/index2.php?v=v1 If you are in or around that area and are interested in photos for either Maternity, child, engagement, family or Boudoir, etc, I'm trying to get enough people together to make it worth a trip for her (as it's about 6 hours from her home). Please let me know if you are interested!!
  11. Janet, I think that's cute! It'll do the trick, that's for sure!
  12. I would be looking to get that out ASAP if your deadline is Mar 31. You don't want them to receive the reminder with 2 days to respond! I would aim to get them out so they arrive with at least a week before the deadline! The second wording is way more casual, I like it!
  13. Am I right that there's a few girls posting here still that have already got married here? If so, please do a review in the resort section! Mine is lonely all by itself!!
  14. Me too Ana!! Add me to the list! I'm 12 weeks with twins! See my siggy for my blog/tickers. I've had quite the journey so far!
  15. We had our tables in a U shape, so we were at the bottom of the U and everyone just sat wherever. That way we could see and talk with everyone. In the center of the U they had a little table set up with our cake. It was nice and intimate. Maybe if you have enough room that would work for you?
  16. I agree with this 100%. I found those "you should go!" people rarely booked anyway, so it'll likely be a moot point.
  17. We had 11 people including us!! You know, I was really dissapointed at first, but in the end I wouldn't change it for anything. I was able to spend lots of time with each of our guests -- a few friends and my IL's. My parents coudn't make it because my mom had to have surgery a week before we left. I was at my SIL's wedding last April in the Dominican. She had over 60 people come, and she was SO stressed the entire week about spending time with everyone, she barely enjoyed her week, and it turned out super expensive because she had to pay extra for the reception. Our reception was a blocked off part of one of the regular resteraunts, nothing super special, we had a bunch of stuff thrown in for free because there were so few of us (trio, chair covers etc).
  18. Oh, I'm glad they changed their mind! Even if it's just for a few days. Yay. It's a stressful time, planning a wedding! People think a dw is less stressful, and I beg to differ!!
  19. You could always tell the cousin and her friend that they have to eat in shifts to save the seat
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