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What are the Random Things Your FI/DH put his foot down about**

Erika J

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Hey Gals,


So I thought it would be fun to post the random stuff that our FIâ€s or DHâ€s put their foot down about in the wedding planning.


My FIâ€s is super laid back and not a big planner. He is the creative laid back match to my type A-ness. So he from day one he was supportive in saying this is my day and he wants what ever I want. Heâ€s not to involved in the planning but will offer an opinion when asked and mainly does not care or is supportive of what I decide.


But now and then he will get amped up about the most RANDOM things.


Fiâ€s most random things so far:

1.Cake Topper- I LOVE the metal or crystal monograms, he thinks I am crazy and insists on flowers or plain—This is the oddest thing to me.


2.Tux rental shoes- despises them, no tux for our DW but was thinking maybe for the AHR and he went on and on about the shiny shoes. –cracks me up.


3.Flip flops- what ever I chose he HATES, but has been good about then selecting others he likes and emailing them to me.




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With my husband it was two things:

the STDs had to be PERFECT, corners cut just right and the design had to be flawless. That was amusing... for like the first 30 seconds! LOL

And the second one was his shoes! I wanted everyone barefoot for the wedding and he was NOT about to do that. So instead he bought all the GM's matching flip flops so at least they all still looked cute.

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LOL... this is a funny thread!


My DH's most random fuss... The Cake.....


this is a summary of a portion of the meeting we had


WC: what would you like for a cake?

DH: doesn't matter, i don't have an opinion on that

Me: probably chocolate - with white icing (and I hand her my inspiration pics)

DH: chocolatehuh.gif? No non.. Not chocolate

WC: you have something else in mind?

DH: vanilla, with some sort of filling, maybe butterscotch or caramel, white icing, but not really sweet icing, something that goes well with the butterscotch....

Me: good thing you didn't care


That was funny...


The other component he really really became involved in was the music... he made playlists for hours!


I can't wait to read about other peoples funny FI's and DH's

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Originally Posted by mummergirl View Post
he *tried* to put his foot down about just using the resort photographer included in our package and not hiring anyone else, but i put MY foot down harder, LOL!
HAHA! Same here. We fought for about 3 weeks about this one until he finally gave in and we just booked our photographer. I am very happy.
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