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Post all "Knock Off Wedding Dress" questions/comments here

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Hello Ladies!


I have read this entire thread over the past few weeks, WOW what a great source of information!


I had already ordered my dress (Inspiration is Maggie Sottero's Claudette - see below).

from the unmentioned eweddingdressshops.com before finding this glorious thread, but still found the read wonderful.


Dress arrived today, but I am at work and wasnt home to sign for it, :-( so Its being redirected to my work tomorrow :-)


I ordered on April 12th and it's arrived (technically) May 6. As promised and all tracking numbers etc were correct. Any questions I had were replied to within a a few hours.


Dress was $420 AUD inc. Shipping. Much better than the $2900 I was quoted from a Bridal Store here. (The retail dress prices in Australia are ridiculous) You cant buy much for less than $2000.


So, $420 to me seemed worth a try! If not, I will definitely try Monica Bridal or Duosheng. I wish I had've found this thread a few days before I'd ordered!!!!!!!






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I'm oficially a Bridezilla. I've just ordered a new wedding dress from babyonline, because even though I loved the one they made me I wasn't 100% convinced that the dress i choose is the best for my body since I gain a lot of weight in the last 2 years... Also, I found a very beautiful dress that looks exactly like the one my mother used in her wedding day, and since I'm romantic I decided to order it... what do you girls think? (I hope I get it on time because i'm gettin married in 45 days)


wedding dress-color white.jpg

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I have finally found the dress I want.  halter by nicole miller but i can not get vywedding to respond on dhgate.  Has anyone else had this problem?  Who does the best dresses?

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