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  1. Thanks Toya! I do believe they touch up the pics but I haven't gotten my album yet so I will let you know when I get them I didn't do the trash the dress....the element terrace covered area is pretty big, we had 66 guests and we all sat comfortable under neath and the uncovered portion is huge so it will def. be big enough for the lounge set up and the dance floor, alot of our stuff was moved underneath the covered area because of the rain but then it was nice out so we had alot of room to dance....hopefully they will post the video on their website when its done and I can give you guys the password so you can see what i mean. It really is an amazing resort i hope you all enjoy your weddings!!!
  2. Hey! I did the sail option for my guests and because the water was too choppy that week we cancelled the snorkeling and just did apps. The apps were pretty good, I mean I kind of found the tuna fish a bit scary but the rest of the apps had meat or cheese on them and were pretty decent. The boat is awesome and so is the crew...HOWEVER just a forewarning if anyone has elder people or someone with weak stomachs, the bus ride to the barcaza gets very bumpy down some of the roads, (we had a few guests throw up on the bus) I definitely think having had alcohol the night before didn't help but honestly if anyone gets car sick they will not want to go on the bus and then get on a boat. Just something to keep in mind, I was suprised no one had mentioned it before on the site and my fiance (now husband ) was a little upset at first because it looked sketchy. BUT the crew was awesome on the boat and the water was beautiful so it was more than worth it, but I am not so sure my guests who got sick would agree.
  3. I used dazzleprinting.com They were pretty cost affective and did AN AMAZING JOB! I will say that the one thing everyone commented on was the magazine. I'll try posting some pics if I haven't already..i just used Mac's publisher program to design it..I think they can work with just about anything as long as you can transfer it into adobe/pdf. form. brit cover mag.bmp britmag1.bmp britmag3.bmp britmag9.bmp
  4. Hey Gina, The DJ was great actually, they had it set up to a computer too i believe so you were able to request whatever you wanted and they could down load it, believe me when I say the Hard Rock knows music...I was concerned but after being there for only a day you realize that they have all the current music and at the reception we had alot of fun. My biggest tip is to not get so concerned with little details, i did welcome bags, bought signs, garters etc. and ended up forgetting the sign for the flower girl and ring bearer to carry in the room, the garter, etc. and to be honest not having them wasn't a problem but knowing they were back in the room and that I had spent money on them still bothers me...the welcome bags were a hit but really I did a magazine and that was the real hit, everything else I barely saw people use, they may have used it in their room but not when I saw them...also I know they appreciated it but the stress us brides put ourselves under with those things is absurd to just get a small group of people who use them... The wedding department was great but to be honest I didn't feel like I was treated any better than any other guest. HARD ROCK HAS SUPERIOR SERVICE, the people are amazing and there is no language barrier as you hear people complaining about. The main problem is with the front desk who seems to like to pass off the problems to someone else who can't help. We will def. be returning, the food is great, the grounds are great, the beach is awesome, I had 66 guests and almost every one of them said this was there favorite all inclusive resort... All in all we had fun, and enjoyed ourselves, i just wish, as every bride says, I had sat back to enjoy more of it rather than stressing this past year about it. I think the wedding department and the front desk will continue to get better as they do more weddings and we did have special circumstances why i was annoyed the day of mine (it rained right after the ceremony which meant all of the reception had to be done undernearth the covered area on the Element terrace, still looked good but I wanted it more spread out so the entire terrace didn't look empty...just wasnt the look i was going for, but it stopped raining after 20 minutes and everything was fine, just set up differently. In the end I just had to say to myself that it wasn't a big deal and got some wine... On another note, the Champagne and mimosas here are not that great, so don't be expecting fabulous when it comes to that. The champagne is not bubbly so you are better off sticking with wine...and remember you can use your credits to upgrade wine... Sorry i am all over the place, I will post a review about each separate thing soon, just wanted to get back to you on some of the stuff Happy Planning!
  5. Hi ladies I'm back! Photos are up on hdc photos website. Customer Id is username: brittaneeandjohn and password is hardrock. I'll post a review soon
  6. Hey Mich! I am going for waxing and nails on friday then a pedi on saturday, we are having a church ceremony saturday so I'm also getting a spa treatment and hair and make up etc. but leave monday for our destination wedding! so excited for all of us girls! I probably won't get on here again til i get back, so everyone enjoy their weddings and can't wait to hear how everyones went! <3 p.s. i have packed and repacked about a dozen times....i love this site so much but man did it make me broke and my bags heavy!!!!
  7. having a reception next week there! Will post reviews when i get back, and pictures!!!!!!
  8. Thanks guys! I am ready although there are alot of last minute things that need to be done and we are having a church ceremony here before we leave and a dinner with close friends and family which has basically turned into a second wedding on saturday. So alot to do and I have a cold to boot! Fortunately, my boss said I can stay home if I don't feel well so I am gonna get as much done as I can and then head out today I've got alot to post about this whole experience when I get back, just no time to do it until then! <3
  9. Hey ladies! I am leaving in a week for my wedding at Hard Rock! I will post reviews when I get back and plenty of photos!!!
  10. Aw congrats on the legal wedding! LOL ours is December 3rd and everything already seems to be going wrong for it...glad to hear someone else is just laughing it off... we are getting married in DR the 9th so we are the same wedding week! yay us! On another note, I went to my last fitting this weekend and the seamstress who had me stressed did a wonderful job on my dress! It looks amazing and I can't wait to wear it! I'm sure you will all feel the same when you see yours for the final time only a few more weeks for all of us...So happy I have this site so I can vent and laugh and get great ideas from everyones, its been a tremendous help for the last year...what will i do when this wedding is over! Thanks all!
  11. great suggestion...i have been debating that point for a while but I think thats what I will end up doing because most people are arriving at the same time on different days so at that time I could take a break and greet them glad you enjoyed your wedding!
  12. Hi ladies, So I don't know about all of you but as the time is ticking down to the wire I am finding it harder and harder to concentrate on anything else! I have been packing and repacking stuff so that I can try to fit it all...can't believe how hard it is to fit all of these little things because it seems like it takes four suitcases just to get the little stuff in and then we still have to pack our clothes and bridal stuff! ah! not to mention I know I'm probably forgetting to do something huge since there is only a few weeks i am racking my brain to think of what i could be forgetting.....hope everyones fittings are going well and stress is staying low...
  13. I think I would def. do the ceremony over again so that his family could be there for that. I mean people renew there vows all the time, we are doing a legal ceremony here which has turned into a full blown christmas wedding with 50 people coming afterwards for dinner and then leaving two days later for our beach wedding where we will do the ceremony all over again. it was the only way to make all family happy that was and was not coming. Its alot of work but in the end the dress costs alot so might as well wear it as often as possible and theres nothing wrong with sharing your vows and telling your hubby how much you love him again in front of people whatever you choose just don't stress it and enjoy it...thats what I keep trying to tell myself at least! Happy planning
  14. I'm so sorry hun! thats awful! but it sounds like you still enjoyed your time. Personally I don't think any of us can tell ya what is right for you guys but I think I'd just do something small at home, a small ceremony followed by maybe a desert reception with champagne to keep costs down perhaps? I mean in the end you both are married now but if you want to try the whole destination thing again I say go for it! Whatever makes you happy is what you should do. You could always use the money towards a vacation for just the two of you for your one year anniversary? sorry I'm not more help! Good luck!
  15. Lasalle Thanks so much for sharing! I am doing this the day before my wedding during the day as a snorkeling trip. I'm so glad to hear from someone else that did something like that say it was great Was there alot to see when snorkeling?
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