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  1. then..let it flow and let it be! Everything happens for a reason, and I am sure your bouquet will look amazing. Tropical flowers are very nice anyway!
  2. Thx Ginger! I am glad that you valued my honesty. Abnegation in abnegation on self-negligence is a common human flaw according to Freud. Maybe it is better to look "__" on the wedding day, given no one would dare to say smth on that day but laugh afterward, than to hear the raw truth. Me, I am a perfectionist, aware of my own flaws and truthful about them, want to stay healthy, live longer and don't become a burden of our society by increasing the healthcare cost (a Wall St analyst told me, catheter demand grows 8%/ year in USA, I got all grossed out!, but hey, after my experience on this forum (thx Tammy), maybe I may buy the stock!), so I maybe I am a black sheep. Wedding day is the most beautiful day of a women's life, so who would want to break their piggy bank to pay for a dress or look hilarious in a dress?!?! again, maybe I am a black sheep. Like u, I am married and very happy, my hubby let me to have my own career as a financial vampire squid, and our maid free me up from housekeeping tasks like cleaning mirrors ...plus taking care of our prince cats, a Scottish Fold and a Highland lynx, that is why I have so much time to kill. In addition to making money on the market using my financial knowledge + human behavior expertise, and commenting on this forum, I also contribute to other forums, and other charity orgs. Life is good as a trophy wife! Santé! Ok, I will just do like Facebook (just "Like") from now on given, Tammy said it in a very diplomatic way that I may lose my "privilege" to speak up (like a citizen of Russia or China) and just browse thru the treads like the Chinese dressmakers (oh yes, now brides wonder why their dresses came in bigger size?!) and other brides without contributing, and treat my PMs as usual with 110% honesty.
  3. Ericka, No, I can't, it is "in-store" only item. It is ok, a NYC weekend escape is great, a lot of good food and tons of shopping.
  4. hmm...this is a sticky situation indeed...but this is not the parents who want to invite their friends who u got no clue who they are... However, I think the other aunts, uncles and cousins were forced by grannie as well (like who would want to spend money and goto a wedding of a family member that they don't really know?!) I think if you see from grannie's view, you will understand how this happened?! She is old, and probably thinks..err...she may not be able to witness another wedding of her grand kids and celebrate it with her family all together...even your FI isn't close to his grannie, in grannie's eyes, your FI is still her grandson. so..solutions are: 1) if ur budget allows, just let grannie to invite her close ones (not that many grandparents can be part of their grandkids' wedding nowadays) 2) if ur budget is tight, ask ur FI to talk to his grannie about it. But I am sure others were just love grannies so much that they said they want to come with her. My grannie dragged my 2 aunts with her, flew 16 hours from Hong Kong to Montreal and then 4 hours from Montreal to Cancun!!! She is 83 yrs old! The wedding day will fly by so fast, that you won't even have time to care about those aunts and uncles ..cousins anyway. Not to mention, you may find out that others who you invited and really want them to attend...say yes and then BACK OUT!!! Maybe (on the brite side) you may learn smth about them, or hear stories from grannie about your FI when he was a kid.
  5. ok girls, I finished my album on Blurb.com, the nice thing about Blurb is you can share your album online, print it in ultra professional quality paper with linen hardcover and dust cover (what a nice coffee table book to collect some dust!), and download it as ibook for iPad and iPhone. http://www.blurb.com/books/2582502
  6. Thx Ericka, I am thinking just fly to NYC or TO and buy it, it is only $200 USD, no point to try to replicate something at this price range. Thx Tammy, I was not saying Jamy holding on the newbies posts, but just wondering why sometimes, they got re-insert a few page back, some uploaded pics require us to click to see them. Maybe the system can put the filtered post with a new time-stamp, so they don't get burried with the older posts (just a suggestion).
  7. The guest souvenir book is about $8-9 each, 40 pages, 6 x 9 inches, softcover. We ordered 20 books, and they came out very nice. The big wedding album is $140, with dust cover, linen hardcover, pro paper..it 12 x 12 inches. I think it will look like those dust collecting coffee table books! LOL I know it can be cheaper if I choose premium paper and skip the hardcover, but it is my own album, so a bit of splurge is ok...heehee
  8. Labebita, I booked with the whole package from AirCanada Vacation, not sure if it is true in the US, but in Canada, the airliners deals are usually much cheaper than book the hotel and the flight + tranfers separately. Ok Girls... I finally got the USB key from Ivan Luckie for my underwater cenote TTD pics, for those who are still "hesitating" , I strongly recommend it. It was an unique experience, and there is no cenote in our backyard!
  9. oki, I fixed the Blurb link of my guests' souvenir book! I also finished my main wedding album, again from Blurb, because they got pro grade papers and very very nice printing quality. http://www.blurb.com/books/2582502
  10. Chelsey, I think you should let her deal with her dress with the dress shop, and give her her gift. Her reason is a valid one, given usually, before the finals, she also needs to finish papers/projects, and getting 1 week off and study on the beach ...hmmm...not everyone can resist the temptation to leave the books and get a drink! lol. Two of my BM backout, because 1 got prego, the other one "immigrated" to USA, and must stay within the country for a certain amount of time. I would love them to come, but sometimes, life is full of road bumps like this. I also got guests/family members who said they would come, and back out too! It upset me so much, but oh well, c'est la vie!
  11. Thx for your compliments. hmm..as for the link, I will double check it later. As for the decor, I think petals are very nice ( I ordered some, but postmen in Canada went on strike! so err..they didn't came on time), as long as you are happy and like your wedding, nothing else really matters. Others (aka ur guests) don't care anyway as long as you got drinks flowing, and I am serious.
  12. Starchild, I meant we spent 10+ posts on arguing weight and image issues (not even related to this thread), finally I see someone post a dress! I already commented on MissKim's dresses like 20 posts ago. so errrr......Relax! drink a glass of Lafite, and enjoy the forum. BTW, since you are a moderator, how come I didn't saw that dress 2 days ago...why the site is holding up the Noobs' posts?
  13. hmm... I think brides should check out which flowers are in season and which are out first with their florist (unless they picked all season flowers like roses), you don't wanna fall in love with one type of flower and learn that they are out of season. Go local also help...as some imported flowers may not last that long under intense heat/humidity...local flowers usually last longer.
  14. Ok girls ...enough of niaiserie! back to the dresses, or else I will have 6 pack abs and need to go for a botox treatment soon Xmas is coming (hohoho...pink champagnes and bling bling gifts!!!), I need several dresses for charity dinners, corporate parties, house parties and my new year cruise down south (generous gift from my hubby on our 100 days anniversary...after I forced him to watch Titanic with me! mouhahaha)! woohoo~ So...any inspiration on nice cocktail dresses ( aka rehearsal dinner/welcome dinner dresses)? I came across a website www.asos.com, amazing nice little dresses and free shipping (both ways), I wish I found it when I was shopping for bm dresses. Also, being in Montreal, there is no Davids' bridal...argh!!! Have anyone seen this dress in David's store? If yes, is it as nice as the pic?
  15. wow, finally another a nice dress! flowy, elegant and simply, perfect for a destination wedding. The BM dresses look so cute too! One of my colleague ordered a super puffy dress Kate Hudson's dress in brides war) from imweddingdress.com too, it turned out to be very puffy and princess looking.
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