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  1. Do it!!! Make the plunge!!!! hahaha I know there are a lot of anxieties that come with this option but just be really specific (and really nice to the rep so she will work with you if anything goes wrong) and you will get what you want. Here's that link Joanne: http://www.dhgate.com/product/productdisplay.do?pid=ff8080812fd96705012fea768f1f33b7 Good luck!
  2. Hey Joanne Thanks so much! And yes I totally specified to them to make all these changes.I was really specific with exact measurements on how much sleeve I wanted added on and how much higher I wanted the collar to go. Its kinda a little too high in my opinion but thats my fault for just worrying that it would still be too low. The whole dress is supposed to be organza but it is SO much lighter and less hot than the original. I think they did an awesome job on what I wanted for sure. As long as you are incredibly specific they will do what you ask. It was great working with them for sure. I hope this helps you make your decision.
  3. Oh!!! Im sorry thats so lame none of my pics showed up! I am going to try again!
  4. So.. I got my dress from babyonline.. IT ROCKS!!!!!!!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!! I am so glad I saw this thread. I paid 10 percent of the actual designer price for a dress that I think is way better!!!! I need certain alterations done because I want it to be very modest. I think I may have the neckline lowered about 2 inches or a little wider or something because it's just a little TOO much for me and the top is kinda baggyish so I am going to get that tightened but all and all I stressed for nothing. so the first pic should be the actual dress and the rest are the dress that i got! I hope this helps someone making their choice about who to choose. I am so sold on babyonline. I was even so worried about having them go way past their dead line but instead they were a week and half EARLY! I just LOVE IT!!!
  5. Gracimurano-- So this is what Sunny sent me "Oh my god. My colleauge ship it out without my permission. Yes, the dress is shipped by DHL, the tracking number is 5578943381. So sorry, hope you get it very soon. If any problems with it, please let me know. So sorry, i will ask our colleague about this. Best wishes Sunny" I looked at the tracking number and it is actually real. Thanks for your help though. It is truly appreciated. Ericka-- Thanks for being so positive. You are right I probably would be worrying till I got it if I had seen pics already. I guess I am just going to be excited about getting it and if there are problems I will deal with them then. Thanks for your comments.
  6. Hey all... So I am in desperate need of some dress comfort. I made an order with babyonline and Sunny said that she would send me pics of the dress before the sent it out but to my surprise I opened up my email and saw a notification for shipment from DHGATE!!! I am really upset they didnt show me anything and it makes it so much worse that I have been having nightmares about just this and now it is like its coming true! What should I do???
  7. @gracimurano Are those just beads on your dress or are they sequins?? Your dress is wonderful. It definitely makes me want to order with babyonline.
  8. Hey so I am emailing some different chinese sellers that would make my dress but after reading these comments from everyone it brings a new concern to my attention that I have yet to think of. SO, does anyone know of a site that does the lace really well? The dress I am wanting is two layers and the top layer is a beautiful lace overlay and I want it to look good. Any suggestions?
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