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Post all "Knock Off Wedding Dress" questions/comments here

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Hi Pacificgirl!


I too am on a budget and because my fiance and I are paying for the wedding ourselves, I needed to be realistic on what I was going to spend on a gown. 

Check out jasminesbridalshop.com.  The service was awesome.  James -  my rep answered all of the questions I had promptly.  I ordered my dress about 4 weeks ago and I should have it within the next week.  What I like is they show detail of dresses they have already created on their website....not just the designers they are looking to duplicate.  Check them out...you won't be sorry!



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Thanks for all the pics! I love the dresses that I have seen on here! I ordered a knock off Maggie for my church ceremony, however, I just saw that a bride is selling a brand new one half off because it doesn't fit her...trying to decide if it is worth the 850 to have a dress that I know is going to come in perfect, or take my chances with the knock off. I ordered shoes from China that are knock offs and they arrived today, they are super comfy and absolutely gorgeous! photo.JPG

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I've ordered a dress with Babyonline and I'm really happy with the tule and the beading, everybody who saw it was also very impressed, the only bad thing is: don't order from babyonline unless you still have 2 months before your wedding, because they have a good service, good price, nice measuraments but they are always late with their delivery date... but if you have the time it's worth waiting for...

Originally Posted by pacificnwgirl View Post

Hey ladies! I've been stalking this thread for quite some time now and have finally decided it's about time to order my dress. After reading this thread I've come to the conclusion that either MonicaBridal or BabyOnline will be the best options for the quality. I do need your help though. The dresses I am looking at have tulle in them, as well as some beading. As I don't have any experience with either store, I want to know who the best company to make my dress for me is. I provided a few links below to the dresses that I am looking at. Thank you so much girls!  :)


Dress A:



Dress B:



Dress C:




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Your dress is absolutely gorgeous! I am gaining more faith in ordering a knock-off! These dresses look awesome!

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I just got my dress from Landy (April) Bridal yesterday. And I am in LOVE it's absolutely beautiful!!! I can't wait to wear on my wedding day.

The dress on the LEFT is made by the Original designer and the dress on the RIGHT is my dress made by Landy Bridal. It fits perfect!

Ebay Picture.jpg


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I ordered the shoes from alibaba.com. They have tons of stuff like that...  


That is the link directly to their store. The only problem that I found is that the Rhinestones got stuck to my dress. My aunt said I need to have them shellacked...(no idea what it is or how its spelled) I think its a spray that they put on the shoe so it doesn't stick to  the dress. and the tiny lil rhinestones may fall off because there are so many of them but they give you replacement ones, tons of them, and you honestly can not tell that a few have fallen off because they are so super sparkly to begin with. And I really think they fell off because the dress was pulling o it when I tried them on and getting stuck to them. So hopefully the "shellacking" will make that stop. The big Rhinestones are sewed on so they aren't going anywhere.  I think they are great for the price and they came in within a week of me ordering them from China. :) Also they are very responsive which is helpful! I absolutely adore them! 


Yes they are true to size. I am between a 7 and 7.5 in every shoe so I ordered a 7.5 and it is a tiny bit big like they always are for me. THEY ARE SUPER COMFY! 

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