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  1. Wait...the hotel is letting you work with Caribbean Celebrations directly??? Renee told me that i have to go through her and she would send Lara all of my requests. I suspect they are DEF trying to charge me more for centerpieces and decor than if i went directly through the vendor. Who approved this for you? (so i can ask them instead of Renee) I'm pissed!
  2. you shuold call the miami office asap and ask to speak with Marlyn or a manager. That is rediculous!
  3. The sapphire collection (also diamond, ruby, amethyst etc) are the Hard Rock's old decor collections that were for 2011 wedding packages. Because some of us booked in early 2011, they are allowing us to keep those packages. I believe any weddings after June will have to be Colin Cowie collections only.
  4. Vane, Just got off a call with Renee, and she just got back from punta cana this week. she told me that she thinks Roxy Ballroom is the best. below is te hlink she gave me. http://vipeventspuntacana.weebly.com/hotel-photos.html
  5. Nice! I get to the resort on the 14th. Hope all goes well! We are doing a symbolic ceremony...we heard its way easier. Any luck with communication this week? I had to send a not so friendly email, and now I have my second conf call set for next week. Quote: Originally Posted by AngCory Hello all! My fiance and I are getting married at HRPC on May14! I see that some of you will be there getting married in the same time frame! We have had zero communication from our WC (Maylen) & are extremely frustrated. Countless emails, phone calls (both to her and also through the hotel), posts on HRPC Facebook page....and still haven't gotten our questions answered. Are any of you doing the civil ceremony? I'm working on getting all the paperwork done, but since I haven't gotten response from HRPC, I figured I would ask here.... Regarding the translation of documents, does this include the wedding contract, declaration of single status, birth certificate? Anything else? We were happy to have found this site & this thread!!
  6. Thanks Lala, How do I figure out who my onsite coordinator is? I belive its Nancy, but I've tried calling the wedding office in Punta Cana and no one answers...just voicemail. Do you typically speak to them on the phone or via email?
  7. How are you all getting in touch with Renee? She doesnt answer my calls, and takes weeks to respond to emails. Also, does anyone know how the plated diner menu works? Do I have to choose one main dish option for everyone? That sounds a bit absurd...
  8. I get married there May 19th!!! will you still be there? i get there on the 14th! How many guests are you having?
  9. Those set up fees are absurd! i planned on having my friends and cousins set up the table decor. I will def have to talk to Renee about this.
  10. Unfortunately I'm carrying the cake with me on the plane.
  11. I am bringing a fake cake with me and having the resort just serve a sheet cake. http://ultimatefakecakes.com/wedding_cakes.html
  12. Their website is http://www.weddingsandeventsinpuntacana.com/. you should also search them on facebook to see up to date pics. i dont think they are as nice as Di Fiore, but they are the best i've seen in the punta cana area.
  13. Which decorating company were you looking to use? They are allowing me ot use carribean celebrations (per Nancy at the resort).
  14. Lala! My wedding is May 19th! i get there on Monday the 14th. will you still be there?
  15. Reneee also told me that Smile Market is their new photographer,..no longer HDC. Has anyone else heard this? Also, there is no way 3 hours will be enough for my cocktail hour and reception...i am worried.
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