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Iberostar Rose Hall Brides - Post all info/questions here!

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Only private dinners need to be over in 1.5 hours. As for the bonifire, all of the reviews I've read by couples who did them said that the fire lasted longer than an hour. If you tip the bartender well he will stick around for an extra half hour and I'm crossing my fingers that the DJ will be just as agreeable. We figured this would put our bonfire from 8:30 til 10ish. Since the disco is at the suites we have to go to the lobby at this point to catch the shuttle there so we figured a little rest at the lobby bar to recharge our batteries before going would take about an hour (and give us time to chat with the guests with children who can't go to the disco. Remember, nothing happens instantly, people are more than happy to take their time getting from place to place what with all the bars along the way lol. I have a feeling your extra hour will be very easy to kill.


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This is my plan also! Saving the cake for the bonfire is a great idea! But Silvia told me that Uncle Tony's doesn't open until 7:00. Also, in the wedding documents, it states that dinners are expected to be over in 1.5 hours. And the disco opens up at 10:30 pm. So, I have a gap that I may need to fill in with something:


4:30-7:00: Ceremony, toasts, pictures

7:00-8:30: Dinner @ Uncle Tony's

8:30-9:30: Bonfire at Beach

9:30-10:30 ?????

10:30: Disco


I may move the hour 'break' after dinner, change out of my dress and have everyone meet at the bonfire at 9:30, not sure!


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I am planning my wedding for April 2012.


What are you all planning for the events after the ceremony? I am thinking ceremony, cocktail hour for my guest (while we take pics), bonfire and DJ, and then the disco. Is the cocktail hour worth the extra cost. I think it is crazy to pay for drinks and appetizers and we are at an ALL INCLUSIVE resort. My guest could actually mingle on their own until dinner starts, but I kind of want to have something lined up. What do you think????


I am debating about the ceremony location. I wanted to do the ceremony on the beach, however I have seen pics with boats in the background and random people in the pics. I definitley did not have that in mind. I also have read it gets really windy during the afternoon. I thought about maybe the terrace, but why go all the way to Jamaica and not get married on the beach. What are your thoughts on this?


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This is my exact plan also!! lol :) 

Originally Posted by leslioni View Post

My Plan:


Ceremony on the beach with Steel Drum Band


Dinner at The Steak house......Does anyone know what time this opens..not having a private reception

Bonfire on the beach + Open Bar + DJ

Off to the Disco


Just wondering if anyone can give me any insight as to whether I will have time to do a all this. How long you were at the restaurant?


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I don't understand how they charge 2100 dollars for 8 people to attend the wedding (I guess 10 if it includes Bride and Groom).  From what I have heard, Jamaican wedding documents cost a max of 300.  Please tell me how it costs that much PER PERSON.  It doesn't add up.  They should really have a mix and match option.  I am starting to wish I didn't book at the resort.  At this point, I'd be better off getting married in the states...

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hi, susan1672!

i'm a really keen on the customer being right and quality customer service is key...so, i plan on letting management know mine and many other brides concerns...i'm hoping it goes well..and of course, i'll update y'all after my big day.


until next time, happy planning!!






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I would highly recomend getting quotes from Godrey. He sends me e-mails every week with pictures of events or weddings he did that week. He also calls everytime I reply to one of his e-mails so we can talk about it on the phone.


Let me know if you have any questions:


1 Bride's Bouquet with Rose and Orchids $65 USD ($65)

6 Bride's Maid's Bouquet with Roses and Orchids $60 USD each ($360)

1 Groom's Boutonniere $8 USD ($8)

8 Groom's Men's Boutonniere $8 USD each ($64)

2 Mother's Corsage's mix with Bride's Maid's flower's $10 USD each ($20)

1 Flower Girl kissing Ball $30 USD 1 Ring Bearer $6 USD                             ($6)

2 Bag Real Petals for aisle for ceremony area $30 USD each ($60)

14 Runner rental $3 USD each                          ($42)

70 Tie back's rent $ 2 USD each

7  Rental of fish bowl vase's $10 USD each

7 15 inch tall vase's with orchids $10 USD each

7 10 inch small vase's  with orchids $10 USD each

Starlight 14 boxes $6 USD a pack ($64)

Huppa on the beach swag with white fabric and with crystal beads and with Green orchids, Purple orchids and White orchids arrange on both sides Costing $350 USD

Reception Area

To decorate reception area (Port Maria) with white fabric and (no paper lights) twinkle lights $375 USD


Vendor fee of $ 100 to be paid by Godfrey Guy at Iberostar

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All those flowers sound beautiful but I kinda feel like I shouldn't have to spend so much $$ on flowers when we are in Jamaica. Isn't Jamaica supposed to be the decorations? I know I will have flowers but think even $1000 for flowers is crazy. Am I just crazy or does anyone else feel this way?


Oh and I think I just made the 150th post!!!! Can't wait to see all the awesome pics and templates! Anything I should check out first? :-)

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Jamaica 2012- I think it's totally up to your preference- a wedding can look perfectly amazing without flowers. Having your bridesmaids (if you have them) carry parasols, and using ribbons, tulle, candles, shells, etc for decor can be gorgeous and extremely cost efficient. :) I absolutely love what MrsTgun did in her planning thread with the spray painted shells- I may have to try that one! :)


***I have a question for you all- I'm going to do my wedding on the terrace at the Suites (I love heels too much to go on the sand, although it was a hard decision!!). Anyways, they only have the rounded wedding arch for up there, and I'm not crazy about the rounded shape and iron at all. I SOOOO wish I could somehow have a huppa up there!!! :( I was thinking to thickly wrap it in satin and tulle (so you can't see the iron), and hang either ribbons or strings of capiz shells across the back as well. Does anyone have any thoughts of how this would work or anything else I could do??? 

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Congrads Kimberli1211,


I am considering the terrace as well. I am still undecided. I really want a beach ceremony, but the wind, blowing sand, and the random people in the background turns me off. The wedding arch is a complete eye sore. If I go with the terrace, I am not using the arch. I think the background of the ocean is enough scenery. I believe I have seen some pics where they use something other than the wedding arch. I will check for you and send you a private message.

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