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  1. Love! Love the pictures, love the dress, everything. That pic of you in the dark with the water is ridiculously amazing. How was Swept Away? We were thinking of doing that rather than the Grand for a different feel... Wanted to hear your advice on switching
  2. Just a little forewarning... I ended up getting a little discount by taking out the DVD that Misha makes out of her packages Don't know if that puts you close to your budget for her or not. PM me if you have ?s!
  3. Hey Ladies- Need some advice and venting from my fellow brides. I'm getting married in Jamaica on May 28th, 2012. My MOHs (I have two), mom and mother-in-law are making me lose my mind with all this bridal shower stuff. Background stories that will help you: My Nana (one of the closest people in my life) is leaving snowy Wisconsin to go to South Carolina for the winter with my Papa. They leave two days after X-mas and come back the first weekend in May. It is really important that she is at my wedding shower. We are really close. My mom is having her 3rd back surgery this coming week and her recovery will be questionable until Marchish. So we kind of need to plan around when she will be good to go. I have a large family so the guest list will be quite sizable just from my family and my fiances alone. After my 5 bridesmaids, I have around 10 other friends that I would like to attend. I am the first of my friends to get married, leaving my bridesmaids kind of hanging because they have never planned a shower before. Heres my dilemma: My mom's friend wanted to host a shower in December for my Nana to be able to come. We had explored the idea of having it in early May, but my MOH would be graduating college during that time so the shower would have to be the weekend before our wedding (the 18th - 19th). My mom then suggested that we have two separate showers because her friend's house could not accommodate all of my guests, one for the "older crowd" i.e. family friends and family. BUT she said that my wedding party would also be invited, but none of my other friends because we wouldn't be able to find a place big enough for the guests that close to the holidays. My maids were then to plan another shower for the other friends of mine. Now my mom and her friend are all set on having two showers and for some reason my mom thinks any suggestion I make on the date or amount of showers is completely stupid. Not to mention, she thinks she's superman and will be able to physically handle this shower less than two months after surgery. I really only want to have one shower, my fiance and I are under a lot of stress right now changing jobs, getting through the holidays, making and finalizing wedding plans for Jamaica and our AHR and finding a place to live/buying a house. I feel that by having more than one it would just add to the stress for numerous reasons. It would leave my maids to planning a shower all by themselves while they haven't done one yet. They've already started asking me what to do and it just makes me more stressed because I feel like I'm planning another event (that I shouldn't even be planning). I also think it's pointless to have another shower for 10 other people to be invited to (most likely less than 7 to attend). I really don't like the idea of having a shower in December for numerous reasons 1) it would be the weekend before the holidays 2) it would leave my maids to plan another party and 3) (this is a big one) My FMIL said by having one so early, she would want to have one for me in spring that's more intimate with that side of the family. Then I would have 3.... 4) If we had one shower, my moms friend, FMIL, etc could help my maids plan their first shower. My questions are: 1) Am I being selfish by saying that I want one shower? I am so grateful for everyones offers, but this wedding is stressing me out as it is. I'd rather just have to worry about 1 event rather than three even if that one event was a week away from our wedding as everything will be mostly organized... The only reason I would really be fine with more than one is if my dad's mom would like to have something separate for that family. My parents are divorced and don't really get along that well, so it may be for the best if she suggests that. 2) I know it'd be a week before the Jamaican wedding, but is that "acceptable"? I'm in contact with everyone that would be invited to the shower, so I feel like I could explain why its that day if it's an issue. It would also be more than a month away from our AHR, so I don't really see a problem.... 3) Any suggestions on what to say to my FMIL about the "intimate shower" she wants to have? I'm thinking she really just wants to have a separate shower so she can invite whoever she wants. She had approached me about inviting her friends to the shower, but I find that rude and almost selfish as I have never met most of the friends on her guest list. I don't really want to be meeting people at my bridal shower. These women are invited to the wedding because they have been close to my fiance, but I feel a bridal shower is something a little different. She's a little invite happy, her list for the wedding was kind of out of control. Sorry this was long-winded and maybe confusing. It's just stressing me out and I think I need some outside advice! Thanks ladies
  4. I did contact Silvia regarding this matter and was told that there would be a day pass fee. The only way you don't need to pay a fee is if it's in the lobby for a short period of time.
  5. Has anyone gotten married in the states before they went to Jamaica? I'm considering it. I think the paperwork and getting copies of the marriage certificate problems, etc are making me want to do it.
  6. That quote was for the beach resort. Who the heck knows anymore... They probably just hate me and are price gauging me.
  7. If you sound cynical this morning, you should see how I em every day hahahaha. Good to know though. I'm pretty sure I am going to just ditch the idea. I looked up the history of them, apparently it's about consummating the marriage or blah blah blah from the olden times. Now that I know the meaning, I'm even more against it. None of my guests need to be thinking of that
  8. Also, are people doing garters? I'm thinking about not having it. I have a sheath dress and am worried it would show through. That and I guess I'm not really sure of the purpose. As you can tell, I'm a no frills/cut costs/non-traditional type of person.
  9. Two things: I am going to do cocktails after a semi-private dinner at the lobby bar and then heading to the Disco when it opens. I plan on doing my first dance right after we walk down the aisle. Because I don't have Misha Earle for more than 5 hours, I want to make sure theres a picture of that. This way I don't need to hire a DJ either. It's our way of keeping costs down. I spent an insane over budget amount on my dress and am starting to feel that pinch on my budget. Unfortunately, this is where things are getting cut down. Plus, I'm starting to get irritated about extra costs for booze/food at an all-inclusive. So I'm boycotting. 32 bucks pp for a beach dinner? I was just quoted 50 bucks pp... Why is it that I'm getting such messed up answers than everyone else? First the florist crap, now this. Are there different beach dinners or is this resort just that messed... Sorry, just had to vent my frustrations. I'm starting to think about calling management or something because this is just getting beyond irritating.
  10. MrsTGun - You're making confetti right? Is it okay for guests to throw confetti on the beach after the wedding? Didn't know if you checked with Silvia or not..
  11. I think save-on-crafts.com has them? That would look gorgeous on the beach for a reception... .http://www.save-on-crafts.com/tableuplights.html
  12. Quick questions: How did you dye your starfish? I need to dye them fuschia and pink! Also, loved the sanddollar punch so I went and picked one up... Is yours incredibly difficult to punch? I'm just wondering if mine works like crap or what....
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