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  1. Hi ladies, I am a past Iberostar Rose Hall Beach Bride and haven't been very active on this site lately because I had some issues with Iberostar and have been trying to wait for them to get resolved before posting my review which will have some negative feedback about their communication. I am willing to answer any specific questions you may have. Unfortunately, I haven't had time to go through all the latest posts here but when I do I will try and reply to any of the questions I can answer. This site was VERY helpfull in my planning/ freaking out process and I would like to pay it forwa
  2. I am using Sungold and have had many email conversations with Paula as of lately. She is usually pretty responsive. Try this email paula@sungoldphoto.com Good luck
  3. Hi Ladies, Wondering what all I will have to do back here in MN once I am married in Jamaica? Do I have to apply for anything?
  4. That's unfortunate that the Grand Brides are being hit with this expense. Good Luck Grand brides and let us know if we can do anything....?!
  5. Thanks for this input. I hear you on the pictures taken from below. I thought all photographers would know that that particular angle isn't always the best. Your pictures did turn out great, thanks for sharing! I will have to make sure to review some good poses and maybe even practice before going down there ;-)
  6. Starrysim~ Are you happy with how they turned out even though they weren't taken by Marcia? Anything you would have done differently as far as the photography? I have signed with Marcia so just curious. Thanks Jenni
  7. Past brides, do any of you have any suggestions on great day excursions? I know some brides mentioned some in their reviews, so I'll look those over again too. What company did you use, what was the cost? Any advice would be great Thanks Jenni
  8. OMG! Starrysim everything looked amazing!!!! Ok: you said we can ask questions, so here I go! :-) I am wanting a semi-private reception at the Steakhouse as well. What did you think of it? How was the service? Did people seem to like it? Its outside, right? Was it really hot? I am also wanting to rent out the disco for the dance part. What did you think of it? Your 1st dance looked so beautiful! How was your DJ? What did you think of the flowers and everything you got from Tai Flora? Hope you had an amazing time and look forward to more pictures and maybe even a review.....?
  9. Hope you enjoy your shower and bachelorette party! Looking forward to any and everything you post :-) Have fun!
  10. Hi ladies, Thank you for all your advice. I really appreciate it. I understand what you are all saying and I agree. She does say that guests can take pictures during many of the events and it sounds like she just doesn't want guests taking our attention away during formal pictures; I think I can handle that. I don't think I will include it in my invitation but possibly the welcome packet.... I do think it makes sense for them to want your full attention so I think I can handle what she says in her contract. Thanks Ladies
  11. Hi ladies, So I heard back from Marcia's assistant and have the contract. In the contract it talks about Marcia being the sole and exclusive photographer. "It is understood that “MARCIA E. ROBERTS†will act as the sole and exclusive wedding photographer. Due to the fact that flashes from guest’s cameras may ruin shots taken by “MARCIA E. ROBERTSâ€, THE CLIENT acknowledges that they are responsible for notifying all of their guests that guest photography is not permitted at any time while the professional photographer are in session. “MARCIA E. ROBERTS†suggests that a separate no
  12. Hi, can you give me some names so I can research them since I had only been looking into Digipix, Marcia and Misha Earle. Misha is too expensive. Any advice is appreciated. Thanks ladies.
  13. I have tried to book Marcia. Have had a few messages back and forth with her but none lately and none since I said I wanted to book and asked what the next steps were. I know she's probably been busy with everyone elses wedding pictures but when should I start looking elsewhere....or should I just keep waiting....? Thanks for any advice ladies :-)
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