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I'm a dum-dum


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So...like the procastinator that I am, I didn't have time to get a TTD dress...and for whatever reason i didn't want to wet my actual dress but i really wanted the TTD shots. But guess what, I get to Punta Cana and forget about the whole TTD dress with all the running around I had to do, etc. Now I'm sitting home 10 days after I got married, regretting the fact that I didn't do the TTD!!!! smile105.gif


I know its pointless now to beat myself in the head with it but its one more thing on my list that didn't go right. Whats a girl to friggin' do?!

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Originally Posted by Kat81 View Post
Dude you can still do it! Just get a photographer and a dress and a pretty spot and BLAM!! TTD photos :)
Totally agree! Do an "urban" TTD!

Pose with your dress and hubby with some colourful graffiti in the background... Railroad tracks and trains! And if you want that "watery" look... find a FOUNTAIN! (frolic quickly!)

Inspired by urban TTD from my DW photog's site: Morgan Lynn Photography
Go to trash the dress and you can see "graffiti-esque" @ 13, 23, trains and tracks @ 24 (fave is 17) and surroundings and fountain around 31! (Sorry comp is loading the pics slowly so I can't pin them down perfectly)

I'm actually thinking of coming back and having an urban TTD with my real dress since I won't being doing a tropical TTD with my real dress!
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