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  1. I just got word that a good friend of mine has booked here and I can't wait to help her plan and check out the resort. I got married at Dream's and am so excited to have a chance to go back to Punta cana next year! Yeah!
  2. LADIES! I have waited for way too long to check in and say hi! I am sure that all the girls on here are new now but I wanted to let you all know that if you have anything like the experience that we did for our wedding at Dream's last year - you will not be disapointed! I will write a full review but EVERYTHING was absolutely PERFECT! Best decision we made for sure! I have a ton of pics also if you need anything PM me! Kim
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by jhawkev Eek! I just realized my first bridal shower is in 2 weeks!! I need to find something to wear for that and our legal ceremony on St. Patrick's day. And I am less than 2 weeks away from paying for everything at the Resort, I can't believe it's that close. Your wedding day is on my mom's b-day!
  4. UM yeah- we had to pay our balance for the trip on Friday! Crazy stuff! WE made a make-shift asembly table on our dining room so that I can see everything that needs to be completed and FI finally realized that there is a lot to do! Invites should be in this week and will be sent out next week! (only sending them to people who booked) Need to print out AHR invites also! And the list goes on!
  5. WOW! I love Hair comes the Bride - thanks for sharing that site! It is great. I think I will be placing an order also!
  6. SUGAR! I forgot to send in my pic- I was so everwhelmed at work yesterday! Mine was EXACTLY THE SAME AS LAST WEEK.. which is good and bad, because I worked out a lot. I must be getting my period.. Sorry I was late ladies!
  7. Hey there- I am interested in a parasol. White / pink one is fine! Whatever you have left! Let me know!
  8. I love this one! My wedding is coming quick- If I wanted in would I have them by the end of March latest? If so - sign me up for 30 Quote: Originally Posted by Christinamaria22
  9. Is there a template for the CD holder? I could have sworn that I had seen one on here for the pre-wedding. Can't seem to come across it anywhere. help is greatly appreciated! I need the dimensions so I know how big to cut and where to put the flaps!
  10. I have my eye on a VS bikini too - but I want to loose a little more weight on BL5 prior to going shopping! I finished my bubbles, tissue holders, memorial fan, ceremony programs, and starfish placecards! Now I only have to complete my OOT bags on the DIY list! YEAH!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Jacilynda Do any of you girls have the lose it app on your iphone or itouch? I don't have an iphone cause at&t doesn't have service here, but i do have an itouch. I downloaded the lose it touch and started using it today. I really like it, I just wonder if its really going to work. I had to put in my current weight, height etc. Then i put in how much I want to lose and it tells me how many calories I can consume in one day. You can keep track of cholesterol intake etc. Then you put in your exercise and it calculates if you're over in calories or under, etc. I like it so far. I even was able to put in vacuuming and and house cleaning. Just curious if any other girls have found it helpful I have it! and I LOVE this- i am addicted - every time I eat I put it in and i love that it calculates your excercise so that you can tell how much you can eat for dinner!
  12. OK so I feel like I have a lot of stuff completed for the DW- but am totally slacking on the AHR- we don't even have things rented for my parents house and that is only a month after we return in May! I hate planning 2 weddings!
  13. Hi girls. I feel weird working out in front of FI also - I tried to do the Kenpo P90X tape an d was almost hitting myself in the face... funny. I joined a competition that they are holding at the yoga studio I go to- 28 day challange- attend a yoga class everyday the month of feb! Im gonna try - if that doesn't work - nothing will!
  14. I had fun this weekend too - and I was not happy with myslef. Too many beers and chinese food. But I had fun. That is all that matters- we can't deplete ourselves of everything.. I am so bummed though - I have a migrane and getting a chest cold. ugh!
  15. Quote: Originally Posted by DreamsBride09 Hi Everyone! I just received an email back from the WC Miguelina, she sent me the beach reception menus (which cost more than the regular menus) and there is a MINIMUM of 50 guests for a beach reception. I am so dissapointed! I have 37 guest booked now - looks like I won't be doing a beach reception! If anyone wants the menus I can send them to you. PM me. Interesting... a year ago there was no seperte menu or price adjustment, or min number of people for that matter.. There go my plans for 3 months from now!
  16. WOW! the weeks are precious for finishing all the DIY stuff at this point... Working out and doing wedding planning. That is all I have time for This weekend i had my first fitting for my dress- went well. I bought a new pair of shoes to wear with my dress- but I had to have them! Anyway, I am in the middle of completeing my programs, my bubbles and my tissue holders.. I was introduced to the WC and went over the menu selections with her.. And I think that is it. To do: music list!
  17. Hey there I am still interested in the OOT extra's - sent you a PM
  18. Just got back from hot yoga again... if you have it in your area- GO! It is amazing- tough but you will sweat like no other and you feel great after!
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by mrslbs We used Tropical Photog at Dreams, and I was very happy with the results. If I had a clue how to add a photo I would do it in a second, any help? open a free account at photobucket.com and upload your pics from your computer to that site! then the pics you want to share you can post the IMG code onto your reply and they will appear! Like Magic!
  20. I will def let you all in on the experience... We can't wait! And yes they will set up the tables and white linen on the beach itself for eeryone to have a meal right there on the beach! So unique to me..
  21. hi ladies! My weekend project was to complete my programs! Well i have the printed fans, but dont have them all assembled together yet.. I thought that I would share my sample.... BTW- this was an MAJOr inpiration from a pic I came across on this forum a while back. i found the paper at Micheals - of course! And the fans I had ordered. The starfish charm is my favorite part! Love them!
  22. SO this weekend was tough - but I started Bikram(hot) yoga, and it was great! I sweat like you would not believe! I want to try and go 5 times a week. Lets see though - my schedule is so crazy it might be a weekend thing for me!
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