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  1. talk about late to responding! Thanks so much everyone for your replies and info...I'm only 6 months late. We ended up booking a car for the week. I can't wait...we leave in a week.
  2. Not sure if it counts...but I'm adding my sister who is getting married next week. June 12/2007: Ann + Paul @ beach outside of the Wailea Marriott (AnnR) (only us, it was our legal ceremony/honeymoon, wedding was in Mexico) Oct 4/08: Sherry + Patrick @ Wailea Marriott + Seawatch (Sherry) Nov 5/08: Lisa + Jayson @ Mokapu Beach + Seawatch (Chiquita) Feb 11/09: Trish + Bill @ Makena Secret Cove + Kimo's Restaurant (mplscold) Sep 26/09: Jackie + Jeff @ Fairmont Kea Lani (PaddleAddict) Oct 12/09: Rina + Yuriy @ Kapalua Bay + Son'z Restaurant at Hyatt Regency (rina) Oct 14/09: Deb + John @ Kalaeokai'a Estate + Five Palms Restaurant (da.schmoopies) Oct 18/09: Patty + Jason @ Old Lahaina Luau for wedding & reception (mspattemac) Nov 12/09: Karina + Cory @ Ritz Carlton Kapalua (1sunshine) Nov 18/09: Vanessa + Jared @ Maui Tropical Plantation (brightesthour) Jan 12/10: Danielle & David @ Westin Kaanapali Villas + Old Lahaina Luau (michelle0 Feb 10/10: Laura + Jim @ Maria Lanakila + TBD Reception (laura&james) Feb 11/10: Jane + Mark @ Makena Secret Cove + Capishe? (hawaiidreaming) Feb 25/10: Adam and Sandra @ Ritz Carlton Kapalua (sehender) Mar 10/10 Ruth & Erik @ Makena Cove & TBD (madiamondgal) April 7/10: Tami & Adam @ Private Estate in west Maui (tovaqt) May 4,5 or 6?/10: Leah + Dillon @ Royal Lahania (photopia) May ??/10: Susan + David @ Grand Wailea + TBD (just4susan) May 22/10: Huey + Isaac @ Honua Kai Lani + Spago (Huey) June 7/10: Brenna + Doug @ Kapalua Bay Beach + Old Lahaina Luau (Brenna) June 12/10: Autumn + Mike @ Ritz-Carlton Kapalua (asharp) June 17/10: Krystall + Nick @ Olowalu Plantation House + Old Lahaina Luau (azulskies) June 26/10: Jessica + Dan @ The Bailey House Museum + Sarrento's on the Beach (jam8x2) July 28/10: Lisa + Al @ Olowalu Plantation House (lwav8176) July 29/10: Julie + Brent @ TBD Ceremony & Reception (jewels0729) Aug 9/10: Lisa + Daniel @ Wailea Golf Club (lower knoll) + SeaWatch Restaurant (pjlisa) Aug 14/10: Liz + Michael @ Merriman's Kapalua Oct 19/10: Amanda + Patrick @ Kula Botanical Garden+ Ruth's Chris (Amanda81) May 12/11: Lindsay + Justin @ Olowalu Plantation House (weiky)
  3. Great review heather!! I'm so happy your special day turned out so great for you...I know you had to encounter some snags along the way...but everything looked great!!
  4. Great review...very helpful to other brides! I thought the grounds at the sheraton were absolutely amazingg as well!
  5. My sister and I are coming to the city tomorrow to try and find something for her to wear to her January wedding. She is so untraditional and wants nothing that resembles a wedding dress. She is looking for some sort of white or off white short or long simple, flowy dress or like a really nice white beach sarong with a nice tank top look. Do you guys know of any specific stores in SF or outlying areas that we should try?? Thanks a bunch!
  6. What an awesome contest!! I guess if I got my butt on here more I might have been able to join. Congrats to everyone!
  7. I'm so sorry you have to go through this...hopefully after you blew up at them they know you mean business and won't screw it up twice!!! That is just horrible... all you can do unfortunately is trust they will get it right...hopefully they will eat the cost!
  8. Thanks for the info dina...my sister is getting married in maui in january...I was wondering about shuttles from the airport and how we can get info on that? Or is renting a car better?
  9. I'm very sorry for your loss and my thoughts are with you and your family! I understand completely the emotions you go through when you lose someone close and when it's a long illness you are bound to react a different way then originally thought...alot of time passed in between...take care!
  10. Great review! I will pass along some of this to my sister for here wedding in maui in january!
  11. Great info! My sis is getting married in Maui in January so this will really help!
  12. My sister is getting married in hawaii in january and this is one of her top choices.
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host we bring the babies/kids to dreams because it is so easy...just sit by the pool and order fish tacos all day my sister is getting married this year and we all wanted her to do a DW in mexico or hawaii but she chose santa barbara Yeah that is what i would like to do, bring the kids and just relax...maybe we will be able to swing it. She chose Santa Barbara over Mexico or Hawaii? I hope her spot didn't burn down in the recent fires. So sad...You will have fun either way and it's a beach area too.
  14. Very cute!!! I like the swine 09 stuff...good call!
  15. Congrats!!! Very nice of your dad to extend your stay!!
  16. Yay!! Your day is finally here!!! I hope it's everything you thought it would be!
  17. I think it really depends on everyone's personal preference and what's the highest priority on their lists of wants! everyone is going to have different things that are important to them. For me personally I want to stay at an all-inclusive and althought it costs more, in the long run it really doesn't because of all the food and drink you get and it hard for your guests to swallow the cost at first but when you emphasize that they don't have to spending anything when they get there if they don't want to then in the end they all enjoyed it and wouldn't do it any other way! Once I knew I wanted AI I used the info on here to help me decide if I wanted dreams or Riu and I picked dreams (not having visited) because of the smaller size and wonderful reviews! As far as my actual wedding...we didn't have the wedding at dreams, we had it at Fiesta Americana and paid alot more to do so, BUT one of my high priorities was to have our wedding/reception PRIVATE from other hotel guests and the imperial suite at FA offered that! Not everyone feels that way so the dreams packages are perfect!!! So I'm sure melia and villa de arco are great places as well and I'm sure their pricing is very similar, but pricing isn't everything so consider all your wants and prioritize and then let that guide your decisions.
  18. Quote: Originally Posted by Ana to be honest though, by 10:30pm you will be so exhausted from a day full of excitement and emotions that you probably won't want to be out much later than that. We all went to the "club" at Dreams after our music was shut off, and we probably only stayed until 12 and then went to sleep. We were super sleepy I agree with Ana...the wedding day is a long day and even for guests...you have to remember that if you are at dreams, they have been drinking since it's an ai since at least noon and then with the wedding and the drinks there that begins with cocktail hour usually around 5 or so...so they are drinking early in the sun, etc...come 10:30 - 11:00 everyone is tired and just fighting to maybe stay up longer. It's not like a normal night out when you start prepartying around 8pm or so and then can last until 2 or 3.... It will all work out and you do always have your room and which is funner anyway...
  19. Quote: Originally Posted by Tammy Host our 3 year anniversary is in a few days as well...usually we go down for it but this is the first year we can't because i am over 8 months pregnanct That's right tammy...you are a day after us! Happy Anniversary! I don't know when we will be able to get back down to cabo! ;( Maybe we will plan it for our 5 year annivesary. We can only afford one trip a year if that and my sister is getting married sometime next year most likely in hawaii and then we will start having kids and have to factor that in! ;( I just want to go sit on my butt at dreams and eat and drink!!!
  20. What a great review!! This will really help some of the undecided out there! It makes me wish I was back there! Since my 1 year anniversary is tomorrow...I have been going down memory lane this weekend! ;( I miss it!!
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