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  1. He played my wedding last month and he was excellent! He does not have a website to my knowledge. I do have his "set" list if you want me to email it to you. I know it is kind of scary that he doesn't want a contract and that he doesn't respond to email at a very fast rate, but I did not have a problem with him at all. He played exactly what I requested and was excellent. ashley
  2. We were married at the Sheraton Hacienda del mar. We had a four hour limited open bar. It was $58 a person for white wine, red wine, domestic beers, all types of fruit margaritas (mango, strawberry, pineapple, regular), bottled water and soda. It was the perfect amount of everything! ashley
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    Sheraton Hacienda del Mar REVIEW

    For my service I actually contacted Pastor Mike from the Cabo English Church. He is an ordained Christian Minister...which was really important to me. He did a wonderful job with the wedding ceremony. He does not do rehearsals though. His wife takes care of most of the details for the weddding and then passes them on to him. If anyone is interested in more pics of our wedding...and a full view of the Sheraton feel free to go to our online site. There are over 300 pics...but go look at them if you want a detailed view. THE PARSONS photographers Go to the "We are the Clients" section. Look for the album that says Nathan and Ashley wedding. You have to give your email address...but feel free to look. I wish I had other people's pics as I planned my wedding from far away. Thanks ashley
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    Brunch Sheraton

    Tomatoes is not directly on the beach. It does have a huge patio though (with umbrellas) that overlooks the resort/pools and the beach. It is beautiful...but honestly, there is not a view that isn't beautiful. Good luck! ashley
  5. Hi Ladies, I had my wedding a couple of weeks ago and wanted to post my review for others as they plan. Sheraton: A+ The resort is even prettier in person than it is in the pictures. The contract rates for hotel rooms were very similar or less than the rates around the time of the wedding, so we felt like we got a good deal. The pools at the hotel are spectacular. The food at the hotel (all of the restaurants and the catering) is spectacular. We had so many rave reviews from our guests about the food quantity and quality at the Sheraton. We had a buffet both at our rehearsal dinner and at our reception and there was almost too much food for our guests. Ask the hotel to include a free steamer in your contract for your wedding day. Oscar Alcocer: OnSite Weding Coordinator for the Sheraton: A+++++ Oscar was there for every thing that I needed. He did a great job coordinating everything for all of our events. I did not hire an outside wedding coordinator and would not spend the money. If you are a detailed bride, all you need is Oscar. We had lots of extra wedding decorations. I gave them to Oscar with directions and he had everything ready to go. Rehearal Dinner: D'Cortez Restaurant We had the rehearsal dinner outside and it was beautiful. I know many people have their reception there also, but we had over 50 guests, and I can't imagine where you would put a dance floor. The hotel actually offers a variety of colored table cloths if you want them--no charge. Wedding: Tortugas Beach We requested a full wooden walkway for our wedding ceremony so that guests did not have to walk in the sand. Reception: Palapa Fiesta There is plenty of room in this reception site for 50 people or more. The hotel will provide round tables or long rectangular tables--just be sure to give your preference. Dancing takes place in the palapa---it can hold around 20 people dancing. We had a bar/ cocktail area that was also used for "dancing". Again, the buffet was excellent. We went with the beer/wine/margarita option for alcohol at the reception. What I didn't realize is that they bartenders will actually make any kind of fruit margarita that you request...the guests loved this option. Mango margaritas were probably the favorite of everyone who stayed at the Sheraton. Acoustic Guitarist: David Flores: A- David is a great classical guitarist and did a great job with the ceremony music and cocktail hour music. He charges $250 and hour, with a two hour minimum. He was a lot cheaper than a lot of guitarists. He only plays classical Spanish guitar...so no pop music. He sent me a song list that I was able to cross reference with itunes and then pick out music. He did an awesome job and brought his own speakers and sound system for the beach. David does not require a contract (which can be a little scary) and he gets paid onsite in cash. He is a little slow to respond by email, but he did everything he said he would do. Hair/Makeup: Suzanne Morel: A+ Make-up was absolutely perfect--can't say enough about the artistry of their makeup artist. Hair was very good. I sent them pictures ahead of time and they did exactly the way that I specified. They were on time and very professional. FLowers: Lola with Florenta Flower Design: A+ Lola did a great job with my flowers. I did not specify specific types of flowers...just colors. I gave Lola a budget and after three quotes we had everything worked out by email. She was on time with the arrangements and even my mother (who is very picky) thought the bouquets and table arrangements were wonderful. If you all have groomsment that are wearing thin silk shirts on the beach...do not use roses for them. They are too heavy...orchids work a lot better and stay upright. Instead of using hair flowers for your bridesmaids...which wilt in about an hour...use orchid hairclips. I found mine at Nordstrom for $16...which is only $1 less than a real orchid. You can also find them online at etsy.com Cake at the Sheraton: B It costs a lot more to use an outside vendor for a wedding cake at the Sheraton..so we used the pastry chef onsite. The cake tasted absolutely wonderful. The decoration was probably not what I would have chosen if I was close to home. It wasn't a big deal---we couldn't take it with us anyway. Photographers The best decision that I made is to take our photographers with us from the US. They shot everything all weekend...versus just having them onsite for an hour. I can reach them anytime that I need to. I know when to expect my pictures and they enjoyed themselves also. If you want to visit our slideshow go to ashley+nathan: cabo wedding highlight slideshow on Vimeo US AIRWAYS: Don't fly with them...they are awful to brides. When I booked my flight they specifically told me that I could store my dress in a closet. The plane we got on did not have closets and only had hanging racks for first class passengers. They were not going to let me know use the hanging racks in that area...until friends of ours on the plan upgraded us to first class. Another girl on the plane had her dress with her and they made her put it in the overhead bin. Transportation Book your shuttle ahead of time (online) if you can. We had a few guests that did not do that and the shuttle people were not very helpful to them. Rental Cars: AVIS If you plan on doing errands in Cabo or seeing new things, rent a car. It was a lot cheaper than taking taxis. From the Sheraton it costs pretty much $20 every time you want to go into town (one way). We got a great rate on a rental car for around $40 a day. You need to drive fast, but it is pretty easy to get around...there is one Highway. Honeymoon: Esperanza AAAA+++++++ Can not say enough wonderful things about this resort and the staff there. We will definitely go back. The service is out of this world. The hotel grounds, pools and restaurants are gorgeous. If you are looking for relaxing, tranquil and exclusive...this is the place. I can't tell you enough about the rooms. We had a personal concierge the entire time were were there. Breakfast was included in our package and was wonderful every day. restaurants in town Casa Natalia Restaurant (San Jose): This was probably our favorite place to eat. Wonderful menu (not too big) with lots of local flavors. Not super pricey either---$100 for a huge meal for both of us with drinks and appetizers. Go here if you go sightseeing in San jose Mariscos Mazatlan: Good seafood...more of a local place. We had lobster, shrimp, octopus, whitefish platter for two --with beers for $60 total. Caual atmosphere NikSan: If you go here, be sure to get creative and try their more "mexican" inspired rolls. You can't go wrong. It's pretty good for regular sushi...but out of this world for fusion sushi. Let the waiters guide you. Pricey but worth it if you order the right stuff. The Office: We had the best time here. We had about 30 of our guests at this beach bar. It is total "cheesy" Mexico with the games, tequila shots and all...but with that many friends and family members it was the perfect place to start of the weekend. We went on Thursday night and it really kicked off the rest of the weekend. THe food is actually really good too! Cabo Sort Fishing D---- Do not use this company. They did not offer what they promised and our guests had a horrible time. They did not "show" the guests what to do. They were supposed to bring lunches for everyone and forgot. It is not worth it...just encourage guests to stay by the pool and relax. Cabo del Sol Golf Course: Desert Course--A We had around 20 guests play golf here. The desert course if cheaper than the ocean course by almost $100. All of the guests didn't even know the difference between the two courses because they desert course also looks out over the ocean. Be forewarned, the course is cart path only most of the time. So, for older guests that are not used to walking to the hole every time...let them know. Take advantage of the Costco onsite...but just remember if you are buying things for other people...it is all in pesos. I can't think of too many other things to add. We are so glad that we had our wedding in Cabo. We did not have any problems whatsoever. It was still pretty hot down there in mid-october...so be ready for that. But other than that...it was perfec, It was relaxing and wonderful. If you have questions or want to see pictures don't hesitate to contact me.
  6. adevilbi

    Bringing stuff into Cabo- Help!

    We just were married in Cabo two weeks ago. We had absolutely no trouble getting through customs. I had two full suitcases full of favors and decorations for the wedding. We ended up paying the "extra baggage" rate which ended up being $75 total. We would have paid four times that much if needed to ship things...plus it needed to go out at least three weeks ahead of time. Carry stuff with you if you can.
  7. adevilbi

    Brunch Sheraton

    I did not end up setting up a brunch for my guests, but we all ended up meeting at the "Tomatoes" restaurant onsite. The restaurant has a wonderful brunch (every day of the week) for around $25 a person. The food really is excellent. They have smoothies made to order, as well as a fresh omelet station. They have things like chialquiles, potatos, sausage, bacon, scrambled eggs, etc. They also have a fresh fruit, yogurt and cereal bar. They also have waffles and pancakes and mimosas and bloody mary's. I would try and go with this option than catering...even though every piece of catered food at the Sheraton was excellent (we had our rehearsal dinner onsite as well as the reception).
  8. The restaurant in Hotel Casa Natalia (San Jose) is wonderful, but that might be a ways from you all.
  9. If you are interested in seeing more information about a wedding at the Sheraton Hacienda del mar, feel free to view my slideshow from our photographers. We brought them with us and they did a great job of capturing pics of the resort, the beach wedding and the reception site at the palapa. ashley+nathan: cabo wedding highlight slideshow on Vimeo Ashley
  10. adevilbi

    Florists and D.J's

    I just had my wedding two weeks ago. For flowers I used Florenta Flower Design. Lola does amazing work and is the sweetest lady. She is easy to work with by email also, which is a huge plus. She also was very cognizant of my budget for flowers. I didn't have a very specific "flower list", but did want certain colors. The bouquets and table floral arrangements ended up being perfect and beautiful. Florenta Flower Design -
  11. Hi All, I will have a full review on here in a couple of days, but I just wanted to let everyone know about my resort. Sheraton Hacienda del Mar : I can't tell you enough wonderful things about this resort as a site for a wedding. The actual resort is ten times more beautiful than even the pictures on their website. The staff provide excellent service. The reception food is also way above par for resort food and all of the restaurants onsite were amazing. We had buffets for both our rehearsal dinner and our wedding reception and every guest commented on not only how wonderful the food was, but also how much there was of it. I was thoroughly impressed with everything. I also can't say enough about the wedding coordinator onsite at the Sheraton. Oscar Alcocer is amazing asset to the hotel and he did a fantastic job with coordinating everything. We only had one tiny hiccup in our wedding (no bread for communion). Other than that, the entire event ran smoothly and perfectly. I actually never did a site visit to the Sheraton before the wedding, so this is was amazing to me. We were a pretty laid back group, but we had 51 guests at the wedding and still everything was perfect. I actually brought tablecloths, candles, dinner menus, placecard settings, etc. etc. Oscar took all of these items ahead of time, and according to my directions, had everything set up and ready. If you have questions about this resort, please do not hesitate to contact me. I will have a full review and pics up in the next week or so. But, I can not say enough good things.
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    Solo Guitarist?

    I don't think he has a website, but David's email is davidflov@hotmail.com He is a little slow initially at email, but he will send you a list of songs to pick from and also samples of his music. I didn't know a lot of the songs that he sent (not that familiar with traditional Spanish guitar) but I just went to itunes and put the names or composers in and almost all of them came up so that I could listen and then decide what I wanted.
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    Solo Guitarist?

    I am using David Flores for my wedding next weekend. He has been great so far and came recommended by the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar. He is a traditional Classic Spanish guitarist---so not a lot of contemportary music. He is $250 an hour with a minimum of two hours. So, he is playing our ceremony on the beach and for an hour at our cocktail reception.
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    Where to go in town? Bars?

    Thanks everyone! I think that Hemmingway's and/or The Office are going to be more our style. ashley
  15. I have lots of guests that are coming to Cabo early and thought I would try and have a fun night out for everyone in Cabo. Does anyone have suggestions on where to meet on a Thursday night around 9pm. I'm looking for something that is more like a lounge than a club or a really loud bar. We have quite a few parents/older adults. I already know of Cabo Wabo, but am looking for other suggestions. Thanks! ashley