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  1. We went with dulce as well! They were so easy going and had really creative shots that we loved!! They are amazing people to deal with! Definitely recommend them!! Here are our pics if you wanna check them out: ..:: Pictage | Registration ::..
  2. Best Bridal Hawaii is PHENOMENAL! They usually have specials going on if you check their website, and their customer service is just amazing. They are true professionals & if we ever have a vow renewal sometime down the road, they will be our #1 choice
  3. I had a great experience with Watanabe Floral! I spoke to Rona & she was awesome to deal with.
  4. I had my wedding there in February... it was absolutely STUNNING, and all the ladies at Best Bridal Hawaii were SO WONDERFULLY AMAZING!! I cannot begin to explain just how accomodating they were. I'll post my pro pics so you can see how it looked! They also offered to play the bells and have the guests standing at the stairs blowing bubbles as we walked down... it was beautiful! Yes there were some strangers OUTSIDE looking, but they were just really happy for us and everyone was congratulating us! They respected our privacy and did not stand around or get caught in the pictures.... It was a lovely experience and i am still elated about choosing them Take a look at our pics, hopefully that will convince u to go with them!! <3 ..:: Pictage | Registration ::.. PS. the rainbow suites were renovated since i last inquired about the room.... before the renovations, i didn't like how it looked so we didn't go with them. but after seeing the new place it looks AWESOME! and it overlooks the lagoon!!! Totally wish i couldve went with them especially if i had the #'s to meet their min. revenue req't. (we had about 30 guests)
  5. I highly recommend Germaine's Luau as an option, esp. for such a small party. It was 72/adult which includes the bus ride to & from our hotel, 3 drink tickets and of course your buffet dinner. The atmosphere was just soooooooooo warm & friendly, we were all made to feel like 'ohana' there. Not only do you get a buffet dinner but a beautiful, one of a kind show. There were about 7 buses, and each bus had 1 group leader... our leader was amazing!! he was so funny, and helped us all become friends with one another. i went with a group of 11 (our family) with a full bus, and we had our own table. it was unforgettable!!! my reception dinner was actually at Tiki's (Food was DELICIOUS!!!!) but after going to Germaine's i wish we had it there instead w/ all the fun stuff included!
  6. Looking for a reputable limo company for our wedding day... I was looking at Platinum Limousine. Any reviews on them? Thanks:)
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by adnil Dulce by Visionari-www.dulcephoto.com I used Mike Pham and Johnny, they were AWESOME, really nice, patient, and didn't mind coming earlier and staying a bit later than the 6 hr package we booked. They also graciously drove two cars to take us offsite for pictures. where did they take you? was this before or after the ceremony? after reading your review of them, i decided to check them out and we really liked their photos so we're getting their 6 hr package as well
  8. my photog suggested meeting up before the ceremony to take photos... however my ceremony begins at 12noon and i would really like to not to see the groom til then. we have the chapel for 90 mins so we gotta be outta there by 130, and then i wanted to take photos somewhere nice around the island until the reception dinner at 5:30. those who have done something like this, how did it work out for you? do u wish u got them all done before the ceremony? thanks!
  9. Can anyone suggest beautiful photography sites to go to with the bridal party after the ceremony? Preferably more private/less people in the background. Thanks!!
  10. Try Best Bridal Hawaii. They have some Summer specials going on right now until the 31st. good luck!!
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by Becsmom Ha! I called them again and got the answering machine, but I left a long message about how no one calls me back, etc. and they called today! They didn't even have the date on the calendar yet for June 2011, but they added it and let me go ahead and book it now anyway! I'm so relieved that we know we have the date we wanted. Vivrant thing....did you get the link to the kodak gallery to see all the pictures? If not I can upload a few at a time to you. Let me know! Thank you so mmuch for the pics!! wow... seeing them made me soo much more excited about th wedding I'm glad you got to reserve the date! Hope you have better luck in trying to reach them.
  12. That happened to me to, but i realized i searched for 1 person vs. 2 people in a room! it makes a huge difference! hope that helps
  13. Anyone know where I can get star fish favours in Oahu? I found some on ebay but I was unsure if it would cause problems if i took them on the plane in a checked bag. thanks!
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