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Welcome Dinner Help!???

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Hi Ladies!

FI and I are trying to decide where to have our welcome party and have narrowed it down to these:


Barcelona Tapas

River Cafe

Daiquiri Dick's


Does anyone have any input on these places? Has anyone had their parties at any of these? Prices, food, etc?



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Daiquiri Dicks is awesome! We had drinks there once and it was great. i think the menu was moderate when it came to prices and they had a great selection.


I've only ever seen the outside of the River Cafe and the location is perfect and it looks really nice on both he inside and outside. But i guess looks aren't everything, right?

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I need help with this as well. So far here are some recommedations that I have found...


Rehearsal Dinner

La Palapa

El Dorado


Vista Grill

Barcelona Tapas


Welcoming Drinks


Beach House



River Cafe

Nikki Beach

Los Arcos

Mi Querencia


My FI and & are still trying to narrow down these options! I keep finding places to add instead of narrowing them down. smile105.gif We really need to just make the time to sit down and go through them all. Any comments ladies would be greatly appreciated cheers.gif



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Hi. We were there last month and ate at a few of these places. This is just my opinion of course.


Barcelona Tapas - great view, food was good but not great, service was very good. 3 stars


Vista Grill - didn't go but had friends that did and said it was very dressy, good food, great view.


Las Palapas - food was good, very casual, I don't think it would be big enough for a rehearsal dinner, good service. 3 stars


El Dorado - on the beach (I mean right on the beach), good food, very authentic Mexican, good service. Nice spot for a rehearsla dinner. 4 stars


Boca Bento - my favorite restaurant we went the whole week. We went there for a tasting for our wedding and are having the owner, Stewart, cater our wedding and we are having our welcome/rehearsal dinner there. We went on a Wednesday and went back on Friday with 2 other couples for their opinion. They LOVED it. Fabulous food, the fish was awesome, calamari, best key lime pie I ever had, great service. They have a terrace upstairs that is private that you could have a private dinner at (not during rainy season). Stewart and his wife Monika are super. 5 stars for this one. If you end up going or calling please tell Stewart that Kathie and Kerry sent you. Good luck.

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Nikki Beach was our first stop when we went for our site visit in June. Here's my review:

We went around 5:00 p.m. so it wasn't dark yet and there were no other customers but us. The stereo outside was WAY loud. I love loud music but loud techno during the day with no one else around was kinda weird.


Food: Not that great. I had crab ravioli (or something similar) and fi had sushi. A bit bland. We actually wanted some "Mexican" food but strangely, there was none on the menu. Sushi presentation was beautiful. Prices were high in my opinion. Two entrees and two beers...$40.00.

Atmosphere: On the beach so it was nice except for the guy who wanted to sell us pot and wouldn't go away. The chuppas (not sure what they're called) were nice and the lounge area next to the dining seemed very comfortable.

I would recommend Nikki Beach for "after dark" cocktails but not for the food.

Hope this helps!

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When my Mr and I went on our site visit earlier this month we ate at both River Cafe and Daiquiri Dicks.


We had lunch at Daiquiri Dicks, so I imagine the atmosphere would be slightly different. I wasn't that impressed when we walked in, but the food was delish - I had shrimp tacos and he had a fish sandwich which was surprisingly yummy (the words 'fish sandwich' just don't evoke enthusiasm in my brain!). I could see Daiquiri Dick's being fun because it is directly on the beach, 1/3 is inside seating, 1/3 is open air patio and 1/3 is directly outside (it was quite warm for lunch!). Was nice and not too expensive though


River Cafe - I'm a huuuuuge fan!! We went here for our last night and the food was superb. Wine was good, dessert was tasty - and the atmosphere was amazing. To get to it, you head up the little bridge over the Rio Cuale, walk down some stairs, and it's directly on the river. We were given a table on a patio across a little bridge, directly on the river. Surrounded by the water, the trees, it's really nice. They have live music playing by the bar - I think every night - which is relaxing and not so loud you can't talk. It was more expensive though - I would say around $20-25 for an entree. I know they host dinners there, but I don't know if you order off the menu or they have a catering menu. Depending on your budget and what kind of dinner you're looking to have (Daiquiri Dicks is more casual), I woudl definitely recommend it though!

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Kathie's right!


I am bias but Boca Bento is great food... I too went there 3 times while I was on vacation. I haven't seen the Mismaloya location yet, but have heard nothing but great things. If you book your events with Stewart he will work with you on pricing for all events. He has a great heart and is a good business man.


Espoca (sp) I have also heard good things about.


The Beach House is amazing. Right on the beach and super cute. Marco is a little tough to get in touch with but if you reach out to Zac at EM Vallarta he can put you in touch with him.


My Vote is Boca Bento....... The Shrimp Shooters are worth it alone. Oh and Juan the chef is a cutie...

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Hey there,


We haven't been there yet - but we're having our welcome dinner at Daiquiri Dick's on January 10,2009 (coming up soon!!!!). My FI's mom and dad are throwing the party -- and they wanted something with really good food and right on the beach. My FI's mom also wanted someone that was REALLY easy to get in touch with. She spoke with the people at Barcelona Tapas (that were great to talk to but she didn't want to walk the long steps -- bad knee) and then the woman at Daiquiri Dick's. Supposedly she has been extremely helpful!!!!!


I don't think it's going to be cheap --we are going to have about 60 people there--however, my future mom and dad wanted a a full cocktail hour, hors d'oeurves before hand, etc. So it could have been cheaper for sure! But they really wanted to throw a nice party - I can't complain right:) ?!!!


Good luck!!!!



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I had my rehearsal dinner at Vista Grill. It was amazing, the food, view, service, everything. My in-laws paid for it and it was pricey. Around $3K for 20 people.


My welcome dinner was at Los Arcos, it was delish and I also had great service. They had a private area for me and my 70 guests. This place was awesome and I highly recommend it. The price couldn't be beat either.

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