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  1. Hey, I don't think I ever posted links to our blog pics either. I'll also repost the slideshow. Enjoy! We LOVED bobbi+mike. They had never shot at LC before but were just awesome to be around! Really! They worked so hard (husband and wife team), were sooooo much fun to hang out with, and are amazing photographers. Highly recommend them. Engagement bobbi+mike Blog Archive heather+brian Wedding bobbi+mike Blog Archive heather+brian TTD bobbi+mike Blog Archive heather+brian Slideshow http://bobbiandmike.com/slideshows/sellers/ username: alef password: sellers -Heather
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by droland03 Your wedding was beautiful. I am getting married at Las Caletas on June 1, 2009. I have been in contact with Daiguiri Dicks, but only through a general email address. Who were you in contact with for your welcome dinner? About how much did you spend per person for the welcome dinner? Also, how does tipping work at Las Caletas? Any information would be greatly appreciated! Hey there! Thanks soooo much! Congrats - you'll love LC! My Mom In Law threw us the party at Daiquiri Dicks and worked with Hnoi (pronounced Noeee :-). This was not a cheap party by any means - my hubby's mom was excited to go ALL OUT on the party - we had the front deck and beach all to ourselves, had menus, choice of several meals, dessert, open bar for a couple of hours, etc. Not cheap...but very fun! I honestly don't know how much they spent.. As someone else mentioned, tips for staff are included in your contract for LC. In any case, we gave a couple hundred to Nicole and Brad. Good luck!!!!!
  3. Quote: Originally Posted by Leigh_bc Wow looks like a great day. Mine won't be as lavish as we're having the basic barefoot package. I'm also staying at Villa Del Palmar, how did you find that? Hey Leigh, Villa Del Palmar was a lot of fun! We were worried about it because of the reviews we had seen online but it was great for our guests - really cheap, food was pretty, and we were all together. I had a room on the ground floor next to the pool and would walk outside to see all our friends and family, each laying out by the pool with margarita or yummy looking drink in hand! Everyone was happy. The only problem that we had was a fair amount of people didn't get a room with a good view...and they were bummed. Sometimes they got moved and sometimes people just had to enjoy more time outside near the pool! Have fun there...let me know if you have any other questions about it!
  4. Hey ladies!!! I know I don't post much here but just wanted to share a slideshow from my wedding at LC on January 11th! Our photographers ROCKED!!!!!! Las Caletas was AWESOME (Thanks SO MUCH to Nicole)! Our hotel worked out GREAT (Villa Del Palmar)! Our welcome dinner was amazing (Daiquiri Dicks). Anyhow here's the link to where I posted all my info - I think you'll enjoy! http://bestdestinationwedding.com/fo...023#post689975
  5. Hi-- I got married on January 11th at Las Caletas in Puerto Vallarta. I haven't written a review yet but just wanted to share a slideshow that our AMAZING photographers sent us. http://bobbiandmike.com/slideshows/sellers/ username: alef password: sellers bobbi+mike - our photographers were SOOOO fun to work with...and the slideshow only shows the day of the wedding. They also did engagement shots (2 days before the wedding , our welcome dinner, and a TTD the morning after. Once I get some of those I'll post them here... LOVED Caletas (thank you Nicole - our wedding coordinator!!!!!!!), LOVED our photographers...we had a blast. Enjoy! -Heather
  6. Hey... We tried to get in touch with Fajita Republic in the last couple months and were unsuccessful. They just didn't pick up. We were really hoping to have them for our welcome dinner..but there was no answering machine or anything! Hope you have better luck than we did!!!! -Heather
  7. The newsletter is great...will definitely come in handy. Very very helpful! Thanks!!!!
  8. We're actually doing little mini brownie cakes (circular with white powdered sugar on top) with a bowl of ice cream on the side :-) There seem to be lots of cool pics of wedding cakes from the LC brides on their wedding photo links!
  9. Definitely going with the flow is the only way it can work! Brian and I have been to PV several times but have never been to LC before...and finally decided that we're at least going to do a site visit two days before the wedding (mostly so that Brian can see it in the day light without rushing from the boat to get to our ceremony)...but would probably be just fine showing up! Just a random question for everyone: has anyone tried putting gerbera daisies or flowers on their plates for guests? We're thinking about using a pink runner with no main center piece...but with candles and rose petals but with different colored gerbera daisies on each person's plate...has anyone done anything like that? I've checked on the site...but if anyone has any pics of LC with something similar, I'd love to see it!! :-) Heather
  10. Oh no worries Brittany!! We knew it wasn't going to be at the same level of most of the AIs going into it. I can totally see why you would be disappointed with the service you got! I can't believe they didn't let you switch to a better room!!!! I've read tons of reviews on tripadvisor...and i've heard about the room problems. So I just told my close friends in the wedding about the possibility --and to please not stress me out by telling me about it right before the wedding if it happens. They can tell me all the crummy stuff afterwards! But I hadn't thought about it happening to me... I would be ticked off!!!! did you work with Alejandra? She's been very responsive -- so I think I would try to get in touch with her directly! Thanks for letting me know about the margaritas! A good margarita can make any problem seem a little bit less of one - eh? :-) I don't suppose you did any donkey derby while you were there? hehe Thanks for the info though!
  11. Ugh...I'm really sorry to hear you didn't like Villa del Palmar -- a large group of my wedding guests (including myself) are staying at Villa Del Palmar. Tammy, the wedding TA from this site, had recommended it as a more budget friendly option. So i guess we'll see. I'm not going to worry too much. Alejandra from the hotel was very responsive with me compared to other hotels...and said that we can do Donkey Derby ( - hehe - I had to look it up) with our guests on Saturday. I'm picturing Brian racing his friends on donkeys...don't know. We'll see! We asked our friends whether they would want to be at an AI since we're doing the LC thing with dinner away from the hotel. They all agreed that they didn't want to do the AI thing - so we're doing a BIG welcome dinner at Daiquiri Dicks on Saturday night and then LC on Sunday. More expensive for us but cheaper for them in the end. So I'm not too worried about the hotel. As long as people can sleep well and aren't horrified by the hotel...I'm hoping they'll walk away thinking: the wedding was amazing - what a great trip - lots of fun. So we'll see!!!! :-)- Heather -Heather
  12. Hey there, We haven't been there yet - but we're having our welcome dinner at Daiquiri Dick's on January 10,2009 (coming up soon!!!!). My FI's mom and dad are throwing the party -- and they wanted something with really good food and right on the beach. My FI's mom also wanted someone that was REALLY easy to get in touch with. She spoke with the people at Barcelona Tapas (that were great to talk to but she didn't want to walk the long steps -- bad knee) and then the woman at Daiquiri Dick's. Supposedly she has been extremely helpful!!!!! I don't think it's going to be cheap --we are going to have about 60 people there--however, my future mom and dad wanted a a full cocktail hour, hors d'oeurves before hand, etc. So it could have been cheaper for sure! But they really wanted to throw a nice party - I can't complain right:) ?!!! Good luck!!!! -Heather
  13. I've already saved a picture of your chuppa (I LOVE how you did it with the flowing sides)...for ideas for us!!!! So glad you had a wonderful time. -Heather
  14. Just gorgeous pics Yari! You look so happy and it looks like everyone just had a blast!
  15. Yari... I just wanted to say thanks for writing an honest review. It must have been hard - LC seems too perfect sometimes so it's good to have a little dose of reality. So glad that you were able to still have a wonderful and memorable experience!!!!