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    March 2009 Brides

    I cannot believe it's only a week away for me! I'm getting butterflies just thinking about it!
  2. clmarti1

    Brides in Houston ??

    I will ask some of my mom's friend's that work in the Harwin area...
  3. clmarti1


    We are doing cigar humidifer boxes for our groomsmen gifts. We are having a cigar roller at the wedding so we thought it was a nice gift so that they can take home some of the extra cigars.
  4. I was actually looking for the blue bags with the velcro. Let me knowif you find them, if it's an inconvenience dont worry about it!
  5. Well I've been to almost every Target in Houston and my mom in Denver looking for the blue target bags. We have been unlucky. I haven't seen any pink ones in my searches. Good luck!
  6. clmarti1

    Venting-I need to find a career!

    Wow, no teaching jobs in NY? I thought teaching was one of those fields that is always in demand, much like nursing.
  7. When you tried on that dress were you wearing shoes? Is that the length that you bought?
  8. I think it's a cute idea but I'd want to make sure I dont lose any of the 12 corks since they have significance behind each one!
  9. clmarti1

    Who do you invite?

    Sounds like a sticky situation but I would definitely talk to your mom about it. I dont think inviting your aunt without consulting her will cause a fiasco at your wedding. If you just explain to your mom how much your aunt means to you, and how important it is to have both of them there maybe she'll understand and put things aside for your special day. Good luck with everything!
  10. Everything looks so beautiful and perfect!
  11. I used Nuvaring also up until a month ago. Even with my insurance, I had to pay $40 for every ring. I'd rather take the pill that costs me $5! Although I loved the convenience!
  12. clmarti1

    Shower Host Gift(s)

    I also have no idea!! I am planning to look all day Friday. The shower is Saturday!!
  13. clmarti1

    A Little Down Today... :(

    My FI and I get in heated arguements about wedding money as well. He feels like if you can't pay it cash, you shouldnt buy it! He has a set amount of money for the rehersal dinner and the honeymoon. So he likes to make me choose where the money should be allocated to. I can either have a crappy rehersal dinner or a crappy honeymoon. Totally unfair when it's not my fault he waited last minute to save for this. Pisses me off! I'm sure everything will turn out beautiful and better than you imagined. Just let go of the arguements and focus on the big day. It's not worth not being excited about February 19th!!