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  1. I've been trying to figure out what font this is or at least a close approximation. Anyone recognize it or seen it recently? I've been looking on dafont.com but have yet to find anything.
  2. We are using a light turquoise with a rich blue navy plus accents of red/orange from tropical flowers.
  3. majnooni

    Costa Rica DW Review

    Hi Angie, It's getting down to the wire. Just a couple weeks until our wedding at Costa Verde. Any last minute advice on do's or don'ts? Anything you wish you done differently that you haven't already mentioned? Cheryl
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    New bride!! Save the date: Apr/11/2009

    Don't worry. Folks here are VERY helpful. You'll figure it out! Welcome to the forum
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    Congrats on your engagement!
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    Hi I'm New!!

    Wow! You are definitely ahead of the game. Careful! That's a lot of time to be obsessed with this forum!
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    Finally I'm a member!

    Welcome to the forum!
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    A "Royal" bride

    Congratulations!! Welcome to the forum
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    New Mexico Bride

    Welcome to the forum!
  10. I was thinking about using these polyester Urban Totes from JiffyShirts.com for our OOT bags. Big Accessories*BE019*Urban Tote from bags*tote*-*JiffyShirts.com Has anyone else used them? Are they any good? Also, has anyone put their own logo on a polyester bag? I wasn't sure if you could do iron on logos for these bags. Thanks!
  11. They look great! All your work paid off. We ended up using a professional printer for the same reason. (And I'd do it again to keep what little sanity I have left!)
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    Hello All!

    Wow! 700 guests! More power to you. Good luck! (And welcome to the forum)
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    I'm new :)

    Welcome to the forum!!
  14. Wow! Those look great! You'd never know it was your first project ...