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    Someone stole my yahoo account

    okay thanks but have everyone change their personal email not the forum email just to be safe so that this does not happen to them, I do not believe it is anyone here at all I think something happend in my yahoo account not this site at all.
  2. rosewolf

    Someone stole my yahoo account

    I have changed my email on this forum I have also changed my password on my hotmail. I cannot get into my yahoo account. I had page open in this forum and a page open in my email- was email my mom last night wedding information. logged out last night, had some problems with this forum last night was making my computer explorer shut down. Got on the computer this afternoon could not get into my yahoo account. I am not saying it happend from this site, I am just wanted people to be warned to go to their email accounts and make a new password so that this does not happen to you. I am not blaming best destination wedding forum just warning others to change their passwords ASAP I now know I will be changing my password monthly so that this does not happen just a matter of trying to get my yahoo account back.
  3. EVERYONE, I used my email account last night while I was on this site, someone stole my email account information. I checked my hotmail account an email was sent at 5 am this morning saying my password was changed. I am not sure if someone is stealing the information from this site, but to be warned please change your password immediatly so that your information is not stolen as well. I reported it to phishing, abuse, and security on yahoo. I am hoping this does not happen to you. If this has happend to you were you able to get your account back?? How did you do it, I can not call today because it is Sunday. UGGGHHHHHHHHH all my wedding information so upset. I have my fiance calling the bank hourly just in case any money is stolen. This could not happen at a worse time just got engaged on Friday. (tears rolling on my face) thanks melissa
  4. rosewolf

    Calling all St. John Brides...

    planning st john usvi 2010 wedding any reviews needed. Planning on 12 guest all staying at a villa. any ideas for one night stays for wedding night
  5. This is a popular thing I have noticed on many sites. Was wondering what is popular for destination wedding brides and grooms have done for their thank you photo thanks mel
  6. True I believe that we will keep a close eye on them.
  7. ohhhhhhhhhhhh myyyyyy god finally found this!!!!!!!!! This is exactly what I want, it is part of my deaf culture, which means instead of clinking glasses (deaf can't hear ugghh) we wave napkins in the air. I think many of us in the deaf world wish there was a solo place we could go to that would monogram napkins for this purpose I would, but I would only paint them (being an artist not a good at sewing) yeaaaaaaaaa
  8. Let me know might be interested in 12
  9. Got some ideas flowing would really like to have bottle openers for our guest, most of them work in the liquor businesses and would like to add bottle openers and cigar cutters to the oot bags anyone find any cheap, cute, durable also send your deals on sunscreen I prefer to get at least one that is alcohol free ironically my mother is deathly allergic to alcohol I know so ironic with all of my fiance's family in the liquor business, but it works.
  10. Been looking online not finding the deals on beach towels, monogramed or not. Looking to get 12 for the oot bags. Where did you go for your beach towels? Was it worth it to get beach towels? Not sure to have them with St. John USVI put on them thanks
  11. Recently saw this today was thinking maybe since I have 12 guest I could use 12 wine corks from our anniversaries/special days what do you think?? Each time we open a bottle of wine we put the date on it and save it, we are huge wine drinkers we are even buying speciality wine holders for flying wine with us. Thought this might be a good touch for the villa reception plus makes the menu choices for the private chef more easily identifiable, cost is free. "Maison du Vin" Wine Cork Place Card Holder w/ Grape-Themed Place Cards - Set of 4 okay pic did not show so the link is above. Easy to describe just cork with a slit in them and a printed/written card
  12. I wore a white jcrew beach embossed dress recently for my good friends wedding it was awesome in the hot texas weather. I loved the dress so much I ordered it in black and strapless in red, I probably will order many more dresses from Jcrew they are awesome lightweight comfortable
  13. I have been looking at dresses for the past 2 years (we have been together for 10 years so I knew I was gonna get married, Life happens) I have been drawn to Augusta Jones dresses, the fabric, style, simplicity. Was just wondering if anyone felt this was not a good choice with the weather at destination wedding locations. Did you choose an Augusta Jones dress
  14. rosewolf

    St. John USVI Villas

    We will have 12 guest at our wedding we were calculating the cost of having all the guest stay at a villa when it comes down to it $500 per guest was our thoughts. If you had your wedding on a beach (which one) and all guest staying at the same villa with you let me know how it went. honeymoon at another villa might be a small option, however we have been together for 10 years now so it is not such a big deal (might be even more costly than we want for "one night") We are more interested in having our guest enjoy a week-long vacation. Beach wedding- villa reception (private chef) send me some reviews restaurants vendors villas flowers (have no clue on this one) beaches photography (thinking maybe blueglass) thanks rosewolf
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    rosewolf June 2010 St John USVI