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Carms' (noob) Proposal Story

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So a little background information:

First off, I had no idea he was going to propose. Didn't pick out a ring, didn't talk about it excessively, no clue whatsoever.

He proposed November 20, 2006 (2 year anniversary) in Mazatlan, Mexico.

Gord's brothers and girlfriends were there with us.


The Story:

It was our second day of a 2 week vacation in Mazatlan. Throughout the day I was getting a little miffed because I was waiting to see if he'd remember it was our anniversary. Gord is very lousy with dates, but most men are msnwink.gif . Finally when we were in the back of a red truck (taxi) on the way to Wal-Mart of all places, he turns to me and says Happy Anniversary and by the way, I hope you didn't get me anything because I didn't get you anything. I reassured him that I didn't because previously we agreed that the trip was our gift to eachother for awhile.


Flashforward to pre-dinner drinks at a beach side bar in the hotel. It was our first real sunset there and I thought it would be fantastic to get some pics of all of us on the beach. So we take pictures of all the different couples and what not and start heading back to the hotel. Gord stops me and grabs my hand. He says "Carmen MiddleName LastName, I love you. There's not much more that I can say then you complete me. Will you marry me?" He goes down on one knee and my jaw drops to the ground. I back up about 20 paces with my hands clasped over my mouth. He brings out the ring and I'm like Holy Moly this is really happening. It sinks in and start crying like a baby. He tries to put the ring on my finger once but I hug and cry him. He tries to put the ring on my finger twice and I hug and cry him. He looks up at his brothers and laugh. I hadn't even managed to get a YES out. Finally, the third time is a charm and he puts the ring on and I manage a weak blubbery YES and we smile for the cameras. Louis (bartender) brings us out some wine and sombreos, and gets a band to serenade us. It was quite the production.


I find out later that Gord had been planning this since June and everyone knew it was going to happen.


End of Story, Beginning of new life together!

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Aww Carms, I love that story! Do you think he turned to you earlier in the day and said Happy Anniversary because he was worried your were getting pissed that he hadn't mentioned it?!


I love this line, it gave me goosebumps:


Originally Posted by carms View Post
End of Story, Beginning of new life together!

Do you have pictures? We lurve pictures!

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I LOVE engagement stories!! How fun that you got engaged in Mexico and are going back for your wedding! :-)


I also love that you bawled like a baby when he asked you! I did too - I was crying so hard that I couldn't say anything. . .let alone the "yes" that he was waiting for. And that was before I'd even seen the ring! lol!!

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