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  1. Hello! I am still here. thank you! Here's some pics of Mollie's room.
  2. Kayte - your boys are adorable!! I heart their skull pj's too! Danielle - I can't believe how big G is getting. He looks so grown up.
  3. holy search!! i did a search for Granbury and found this anni thread all the way back from 2007. wow! Sooooooo Rachelle - James and I want a quick, cheap, non-stressful weekend away before Mollie arrives. Quick - I mean leave Saturday morning (since it's just 1.5 hours away) and head back Sunday afternoon. So basically one night away. We are already going on a 1 week vaca with Luke, but we want something for just the 2 of us. Recomendations for a 1 night stay in Granbury? I was thinking of tooling around the town during the day, dinner, maybe the drive-in, something fun and easy on Sunday before we head home after lunch. I know you are the Queen of Granbury so that's why I am coming to you. Oh and by the way....how cute was your post up there. You now have your "human babies"!!
  4. This was forever ago and I wasn't actually dressed up, but was at a Halloween party....that was the last Halloween party we've been too. James doesn't get into it, so he sucks.
  5. I think she will be a great addition since she does not have a music background. Like she said, she can be the peoples view. Just like us sitting at home watching it. We'll see!
  6. Ellen DeGeneres on being the new 'American Idol' judge: 'I hope I'm the people's point of view' | Show Tracker | Los Angeles Times I heart Ellen!!
  7. I love that family! Disgusting never crossed my mind. The world in over-populated? hummm....
  8. Quote: Originally Posted by amym567 Congrats to GeminiLibra and Danielle! MrsMartin~ Matt is adorable!!! I have some sad news~ I posted about my step-brother and SIL about a month ago. They were told their baby would have some problems, went through multiple tests only to find out that everything should be OK. They thought the baby was about 2 weeks behind in development, but they weren't worried about that. They were at the doc about 2 weeks ago, heard the HB, and everything was fine. Last weekend, SIL felt the baby moving. Yesterday, they went for an U/S to check the growth and develpment, and there was no heartbeat. My SIL delivered the baby this morning. She was 24 weeks, but the baby's develpment was only 19 weeks. My step-mom got to hold Gavin, and my step-bro cut the cord. He was 8 oz. and 8 in. I am so sad for them and can't believe that they're planning a funeral instead of bringing their baby home. They were SO excited to be having a baby~ I just cannot begin to imagine what they're going through. Sorry to put this bad news out there, but wanted to update those who sent positive thoughts and prayers their way. Amy Oh no Amy, I'm so sorry for your step-bro and SIL. I can't even begin to imagine what they are going through. My thoughts and prayers are with your family.
  9. Oh man - I missed the nom thread too. That's what I get for only reading posts I've posted in while I was busy at stupid work. boo! Good luck ladies!!
  10. lol....i love all these tips hope something works.
  11. Quote: Originally Posted by amym567 Since I haven't been on this site in FOREVER, I need to congratulate all of the new Mommies and Mommies to be! As someone whose first post on this thread was way back on page 7, I wanted to come back and see if anyone else is on baby #2 like we are! So far, I haven't seen anyone. It is great to see so many of you that I recognize from planning your weddings on this thread! If I can remember how to add pix here, I'll update my baby (who is 13 months now!). I hope to check back more often! Take care! Amy Amy - I haven't read anymore posts to see if anyone has responded. Congrats on baby #2!! That's so exciting! You are one of a few on #2. Nicole and Tammy (Host) are also expecting. I think that might be it - maybe. A few of us are trying, so I'm sure it won't be long for more to come. Congrats ladies on your new bundles of joy! Just precious!
  12. i like girltalk at work. it doesn't look so "fun" and can maybe pass for work if someone passes my desk. lol!
  13. Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a great day!
  14. just posting to see if i have a cool banner too....
  15. I'm going to have to agree with Christine as well. The show broke my heart last night. Yes, Kate was a bitch 98% of the time, but I agree that Jon needs to grow up. I hate that he kept saying he was only 32 years old too. So what?! And you are a husband and a dad. Grow up and act like a grown up. So I'm guessing she will have her own place, he will have his and then they have the kids house. I couldn't imagine the other person being there around my things, possibly being all snoopy in my stuff, and me not being there. That's going to be strange.
  16. Steak and lobster....yumm!! Glad you had a nice day.
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