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  1. ahhh...I'm so glad you and Roja love it! I knew that you would appreciate my work/effort.....just one of the many things that make you such a great friend. I also knew after seeing your cute siggy pic that she would look gorgeous in pink and brown....but yeah, good idea not to let her pee on it....lol...guess you won't be putting it in her crate! I hope you're having a great birthday week! ....I like to celebrate for a whole week. ;0)
  2. Hi Ladies, I put a bunch of stuff on Ebay last weekend and thought today that I should've listed the Sand Ceremony Nautulis shells on here instead, but I didn't. So anyway, thought I'd just give you a head's up that they're listed on Ebay. There are 2 large shells and 2 smaller shells in the listing and it also includes 3 stands for the shells. If you're interested check out the auction. I know from experience that these can be difficult to find, let alone for a decent price. Chambered Pearl Nautilus Shells w/stands 2 Lg & 2 Sm - eBay (item 250297441163 end time Sep-26-08 11:53:53 PDT) Thanks. Jessalyn
  3. oooo..I missed this thread originally..I'm glad it got bumped... Jess ~ Those are great photos!!! WOW!! You're going to have to have a wall in your house dedicated to your wedding pictures. Gorgeous! and congratulations on legally tying (sp?) the knot!
  4. yeah, like I said before...I'm pretty much just an obsessive freak! lol. DH and I even sleep on a natural latex mattress.
  5. yeah, I had a hard time negotiating with them too. I was able to get them to lower their deposit, so you might want to consider trying that. I did have them do our wedding cake..it cost me $100 it was a little crappy cake and didn't taste very good. We just wanted something to cut, not necessarily for our guests to eat. We chose a buffet though and there were tons of yummy desserts in the buffet, and the food was very good. Also, we did open bar on a consumption basis and I think that saved us a ton of $$... a lot of our guests had been partying the 3 nights leading up to our wedding, so they didn't drink much at the actually wedding, so you might want to compare per drink prices to the per hour open bar prices. Let me know if I can help at all...you can always pm me...good luck! The Sheraton is beautiful!!!
  6. Ha!! I just found the Kleen Kanteen sippy cups this morning! I use their drinking bottle myself. I'm going to look into the happy hangup...haven't heard of that one...I'm off to google.. ah,,,twins..yes...and we both married a Tony!
  7. That's an interesting article Calia...I'm concerned about the fire retardents, the other chemicals and the phthalates that come out of these mattresses. I hadn't heard of mattress wraping..I'm going to look into that. these are the mattresses that I'm considering so far....they're just more expensive than a conventional mattress and it's hard to find one without chemical fire retardants, although wool is a natural fire retardent from what I've read. Baby Crib Mattress. Organic Infant Mattress Pads Organic Crib Mattress: Innerspring and Natural Rubber mattresses in stock btw, I'm so plastic phobic that I use a stainless water bottle everyday that I fill with water from my reverse osmosis tap.....yes, some would say I'm a freak! lol
  8. Sounds like everyone is doing well! So glad to hear about all the good test results! And, Mo...that's great that you're feeling better. I know this has been a horrible pregnancy for you so far...I hope the last 2/3s are a lot easier for you! Calia ~ I just found the Siliskin bottles last night...they look amazing. I read that the silicon skin can actually come off the bottle and be used with any Evenflo glass bottle (4oz or 8oz respectively). I'm definitely planning to use glass bottles...the idea of plastic even if it is BPA safe, just doesn't sit right with me...call me paranoid, but what if another harmful chemical is found...yes, I know...like I said, I'm paranoid....dh would be rolling his eyes at me right now...lol. also read that glass is the best way to store breast milk, so I'm hoping to pump and store in the evenflo bottles and then switch the siliskin to the bottle that needs it. It was ironic to see your post right after I found those bottles/bottle covers...funny. anyway, I'm barely out of the first trimester and already researching bottles and natural crib mattresses!
  9. aww man...I didn't sign on yesterday to see this...HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY GLENDA! You share DH's b-day Hope you had a great one!!
  10. Wow! Three of us with the same due date...that's so cool!
  11. Mo ~ We're due date buddies! So glad everything went well!!
  12. Good luck Mo....I've had a few transvaginal u/s's and they're really not bad...I think a pelvic exam is much worse! At my transvaginal u/s, we got to hear the heartbeat...hope you get to as well. Karma ~ I love Hannah's furniture...the nursery in the picture is decorated so beautiful too. Well, I had my first "real" ultrasound yesterday. It was amazing..the baby actually looks like a baby now. I want to feel kicks too! And to see a hand or foot or something..that's be so cool!
  13. Beautiful!!! Those are great teaser! You were a beautiful bride...I love the 4th pic...it's so sexy! Can't wait to see more!!
  14. Oh my gosh...she is just precious!! ...such a beautiful baby!! Welcome home!!!
  15. those are some great shots!! You were a beautiful bride...I LOVE your dress!! Congratulations!!!
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