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  1. Wow! Everything turned out FABULOUS. What a great AHR!
  2. Yay! Shelley the bride!!! I'm so happy I caught this thread. You look beautiful... so glad you had your dream day
  3. Great pictures! They are adorable, and you are very talented
  4. Yay Tara!!! I didn't know you were back. Congratulations. You looked amazing and the pictures are gorgeous!!! I'm so happy for you... it looks like your big day was perfect.
  5. Congratulations Martha on a beautiful baby boy. I'm so happy he's being cooperative so far. You sound like you are doing wonderfully. You're right... it's a love like to other, and impossible to adequately describe in words. As impossible as it seems, it gets even better. Enjoy!
  6. So happy that your day has arrived! Cheers.
  7. Wow... the big day is really getting close. You will definitely be a beautiful bride!
  8. Welcome back Maura! Congratulations! Everything looks perfect. I'm so happy for you!
  9. Ainsleigh is a spitting image of you, lucky girl!!!! Now the pressure is on me to get going on my labor story. I'm glad you are getting out of the house and that motherhood is treating you much better than pregnancy did... you definitely are deserving!
  10. Nine days late, but worth the wait! Mia Lily arrived at 1:46 am on July 9, 2008. 7 lbs. 11 oz. 20.5 in. long She looks just like her daddy!
  11. Wow... the dress is beautiful! So classy and elegant. I love it! Good choice!
  12. Glenda- I love how you told your wedding day story! You have to make sure to keep a copy for yourself somewhere safe. You will love reading it again in the future. You are such a gracious and easy-going bride... the antithesis of a bridezilla. I love how you took everything in stride. Your wedding turned out perfectly, and most importantly... you married your best friend! Congrats and hugs!
  13. I'm not a big into camping- actually I think it's just the sleeping in a tent and not showering part that I'm not so keen on- but it's always fun to hang out with other couples! Have a great time!
  14. I guess I'm in the minority here, but I actually thought Deanna looked very nice last night and handled herself well. I'm not sure if I'm a real believer in the process, but I still hope she has found true love.
  15. Adorable. Thanks for sharing!
  16. Wow! Time flies! What an exciting and memorable year it has been for you! Congratulations on your first year of wedded bliss and your beautiful family!
  17. I guess I don't know much about drugs and beer, but now that I'm enlightened...that's pretty funny!
  18. Poor Niles. I know how scary it is to have to take your puppy to the emergency hospital! I'm so sorry that you had to go through all of that, but relieved to hear that he'll be ok. I don't think dogs necessarily react to other dogs in the same way that they do to people. If Baron is good with people in general, I don't think he'd be any different with you, if you're not any different with him. That being said, I'm no expert...so I could be totally wrong. I hope Niles get his confidence back soon!
  19. Wow... five hours is amazing! Way to go Ainsleigh! We can't wait to see you in your nursery!
  20. Congratulations Glenda! You deserve nothing but the best on your wedding day (and every day for that matter). I wish you and James a lifetime of love and happiness.
  21. It's so good to see Gwen home in her crib! I love how the paint color and bedding turned out.. and I even see a few touches of pink!
  22. OMG she is so cute and TINY! She looks perfect in your arms. Ok, I need to go back and look again! YAY!!!!!
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