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So after months, I have finally have a decent picture of my ring. P9270193.jpg


My FI knew I didn't want a traditional ring, and so he took it upon himself to have his jeweler custom design this ring with a tanzinite stone it in. Plus it's a flush mount...since I am a klutz and would destroy or lose a mounted stone in a day :P   It already is really scratched up (not the stone), and the jeweler just keeps laughing at me. And tells FI that it was a 'great idea' to flush mount it.  Mind you, he is an amazing jeweler, and promised me he would polish it up just before the wedding. Plus he is currently in the process of making matching earrings!

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WOW... Everyone has such amazing bling.... I finally got thru 70 pages to post mine...

FI and a jeweller friend sat down and designed it for me... she's a one of a kind.





He also had the wedding ring custom made with some of the pink diamonds we picked up on our last holiday... i dont get to see the ring until the wedding day ...only 3 more sleeps to go....



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