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  1. Definitely! I also purchased a 2.5ct CZ solitaire to go with my fagaze band for when my husband and I go on vacation. Just the thought of possibly losing my real set or having it stolen scares me. Therefore I travel worry free and happily with my beautiful fagaze CZ bling! LOL
  2. I'm a police officer as well and I share the same fear. I only wear a band to work. I purchased a really nice CZ band from overstock and it looks as real as my diamond band. I wear my fagaze band to work and have no worries
  3. Hi ladies, I got married October 8, 2011 and just wanted to share my wedding video. Enjoy!
  4. I had posted my e-ring a couple of posts ago. Here it is again with my wedding band after becoming a Mrs.
  5. Glad to hear. Isn't it crazy how once you're there and in the zone, you say to yourself....Let's do more poses! LOL you get tons of ideas all of a sudden. That sounds like a good idea. I'm sure it'll be tough for him to choose. LOL You're supposed to feel sexy and I'm glad you did. I'm sure you came through the camera perfectly Can't wait to see some teasers.
  6. I made sure I let the photographer know. It was important to me to see his expressions. It makes it so much more rewarding for a job well done. LOL I figured it would be a nice reminder of the sexy girl who would become his wife I didn't want him to share it, but me knowing him as well as I do, I knew he would. It was his best friend, who's like my brother and his brother. So I was fine with it. Heck, I was very pround of my photos. LOL
  7. You sound like you're well prepared. That'll help you get what you expect out of the shoot. Have to get your money's worth. LOL You're going to be a bit nervous, but have fun with it. Also bring an Ipod with some of your favorite music, it'll help ease your mind and get you in tune with the shoot. Can't wait to see some teasers!!
  8. I thought about that after I posted the attachment. I will put up a picture tommorrow.
  9. Thank you ladies! I thought the dress was perfect for a beach wedding. It was actually the only dress I had picked out from a magazine. Then went to RK bridal in NY to try it on. I choose a few other dresses to try on, just in case I couldn't work the dress. LOL But as soon as I put it on, I knew it was the one! Everyone kept saying, that's the dress. I loved the simplicity and elegance and the sexy twist it had. Evenmore so, the chiffon was so light and flowy.
  10. I'm sure you will look amazing in your BD shoot!! Remember to think sexy thoughts....It's for your husband!! LOL Let the pictures speak for themselves. I gave my husband my BD book as a wedding gift and he was very pleased! He was so pleased with it, he showed his best men!! LOL The best part of it, is that the photographer captured all of their expressions. It wasn't staged. It was priceless!! Here are the pics:
  11. We're back from our honeymoon and figured I'd share photos of my Maggie Sottero Caprice dress with you girls.
  12. I know you ladies are anxiously waiting for my review, I too am anxious to write it. LOL Just one more day of work and I'm off for 4 days. Then I can sit and write my lengthy review. I promise, before the weekend is over
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