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So the DIY Bonanza started this weekend. smile123.gif I finished my candle tins, hanging tags for welcome bags, and created my Chapstick Template. Pics will be posted later ( as I have a conference call in a few minutes and should really get some work done.


In the interim, here is my DIY Chapstick labels.


I used the Office Depot 2x4 inch lear inkjet mailing labels (same size as Avery 8663). These were 10 sheets (250 labels, which makes 500 chapstick labels as you only use half). I think it was about $11.


I created the table in word (as the avery template was too difficult to work with while trying to do 2 per. A chapstick tube label portion is 2x1.875 so I created the table of 2x2 sections (one lable will have .125 to be trimmed off, but I thought this was easier than using 2 regular address labels to get it allthe way around).


I bought 17 packs of chapstick at the Dollar Store (2 per pack) for $1.


Here is the template, it is perfectly lined up to the label sheet. When you go to print, remove the lines around the exterior so you don't have to snip these off. Print the sheet, cut labels in half and the left side of the label needs a little trimmed off the left side a little long. Then wrap your tube!


YEAH! My first DIY solo (that mom didn't help me!) Hope this helps someone else.


Here you go!



KB Chapstick Template-to upload.doc

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Looks great!!

Do you think the clear labels will work ok for pens?? I want to do personalized pens to go with my Welcome Books, but I can't find any that I can buy for less than a qty of 100!! I"m thinking of buying plain barrel pens & printing clear labels to stick to them. Let me know how you make out with the alcohol. Thanks!

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