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  1. Congrats!!!! Love hearing about cruise brides!
  2. Here is what I did for my RSVPs, I like yours but feel free to steal any of my wording it's a combination of things from different sites: Please respond by July 1, 2009 Or you’ll have to walk the plank Full Legal Name(s) and Date(s) of Birth (for sailing or non-sailing guests) ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ ____________________________ _____ We will sea you for the entire cruise _____ It’s a shore thing, but we’re not sailing _____ Sorry we are all tide up that week As for your reception details what you have is fine but I'll give you other suggestions and you can use them or not I won't be offended Please join the bride and groom following the ceremony on the pure pink Bermuda sands for beverages and an intimate cake cutting. The fun doesn't stop there, our transportation will bring us back to a delectable dinner aboard the (name of ship). The bride and groom are also arranging an casual Charolette celebration in September, more details to come.
  3. Hmm I didn't have that problem with the chapstick and I used Vistaprint too but I did with my hand sanitizer labels from VP maybe some batches are less sticky than others? I just pushed them on with a pencil and they did end up sticking but the glue stickys are a great idea.
  4. Quote: Originally Posted by MsKenyaF Hello Destiny Brides! I got engaged on Carnival Destiny on Nov. 28th so I got sooooooooo excited when I found this thread! My fiance mentioned maybe having our wedding on the Destiny but we're not sure exactly how that works. So for now (unless we change our minds) it maybe in DR. Does anyone know how a cruise wedding work? All you thoughts & comments are greatly appreciated. Be Well! I wrote a pretty detailed report of my wedding on Carnival Destiny on another site if you want to read it here is the link, Megan's cruise wedding review- Carnival Destiny 8/15/09 - Cruise Critic Message Boards A wedding through Carnival is pretty easy if you don't mind letting someone else do some of your planning, Carnival provides a lot for you but you can't pick your photographer, cake, musicians, coordinators but these things are provided for you and you can make upgrades and some choices about them. Hope this helps if you have any more specific questions feel free to ask!
  5. I switched to group booking after booking so I booked first without knowing or needing to know how many rooms to hold then let people book and shortly before the wedding I switched to a group and had all my guests switch to a group which saved them money, it was a round about way to do it but it worked for me.
  6. Thanks for sharing, you have some great details!! I love all the J Crew dresses, they are easy to become obsessed with huh?!
  7. I almost got those shoes! Love em! Thanks for sharing your thread is great!
  8. I love your hair!!! Great thread thanks for sharing!
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