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  1. Thank you for your advice. I will most certainly look into that. I think with the packages even if we can't book a private restaurant for dinner to follow our reception, at least spending the money that would be used for florals and decor toward doing a welcome dinner (even pizza and dessert) the night before and putting together Breakfast Bags so everyone can have a full stomach and not worrying about finding breakfast on their own (especially where I don't think we'll get to organize a Farewell Brunch) guests would appreciate more. We may stick to still bringing with Sand Pails for the kids and they can keep occupied even for an hour reception while on the beach. At least those don't weigh much of anything and we have under 12 younger kids. We have even added to our budget of not making our guests worry about how they're getting to the port, and we're providing a Charter Bus so everyone arrives together. I guess I'd rather spend the money to show appreciation to my guests for coming than putting together centerpieces that won't last long or for such a short period of time. Also sand pails would be easier than lugging glass containers onto a cruise ship and probably won't even have trouble getting them past customs on the ship.
  2. Thank you both for your suggestions. I agree with spending more on OOT Bags, that's why we were going to go for the Beach Sand Pails that the few kids that would join us could keep after and they're light. We're giving everyone their favors early prior to when we leave since we're doing Passport Covers (something everyone traveling with us can use), and I agree with spending the money on OOT Bags. My sister's OOT Bags were so skimpy for her Wedding, they can use them for the cruise. Also I decided with a Cruise Vow Renewal not to have any flowers since they don't last long and all my MOH's and BM's and myself will either carry parasols or fans, which we can all keep and use later on. Our reception also would be drinks, cake and hors d'oeuvres on the beach too, and dancing in the club on the ship. Possibly see if there's a private restaurant for dinner. We were also going to have everyone gather then night prior to sail for pizza and desserts and make Breakfast to Go Bags for everyone for the drive to port.
  3. For the other brides on here who are having thier Weddings on Cruise Ships, what are you doing for your centerpieces/reception on the beach table decor? I was playing with the idea of filling up beach sand pails with sand and topping them with the shovels and various sea shells as something economical and something the kids can play with after. Will most cruise ships have you order centerpieces for your tables? I was just trying to think of something pretty light and easy to put together for a Beach Ceremony/Reception that's easy to pack in your suitcase too to bring on the ship. I was just curious what everyone else was thinking of having as their table decor as well.
  4. Thank you all for your replies. I know it's standard for a non-major travel Wedding for STD's to go out a year in advance and invitation 2-3 months prior, but given I know some of our guests live pay check to paycheck as we do, we want to give them an adequate amount of time to save the money and be able to afford to join us especially where I want one of my MOH's to be there, and I know a few of us have children still in diapers on my guest list, my hubby and I included and we know how expensive those all are. I'm glad to see some cruiselines have rooms available for $159pp or slightely more, which would be an affordable way for us to do this, but I do realize those who have families of 3-4 that we're inviting might need a little more time in order to book airfare and pay for their rooms on the cruise. When I saw those prices and looking for hotels near the cruise ports so we can all travel over to the port together, some of those prices are more affordable than a luxury hotel to block rooms at per night and having guests pay for 3 or 4 nights adds up. Also at least food is included in the cruise too, except for our reception, but this seems more fun than throwing together a Wedding on a Beach in Florida and having a reception at a restaurant.
  5. We have a potential list of 100 Guests and if we do OOT Bags (which we're leaning toward one per family/single traveler in Bank Style Bags with our logo on them and include 2 luggage tags per person traveling, with our favors which will be passport covers, and include our Invitation in the box too and not have anything to lug down with us) it will cost a lot. We might just order some beach bags to bring with us and hand out at our welcome dessert reception and give everyone one to use for either the pool or beach days. Those not traveling with us can keep the passport covers and use them for their passports.
  6. We too are on the budget conscious and I want to include OOT Bags for everyone, but it might be too expenisve. What I've thought of for favors are doing the Passport Covers and sending them ahead of time with our invitations and including the luggage tags and placing them into cute bank style bags so that the guests can keep their reservation info, plane tickets, confirmation info, passports all together (and for the bags we're doing one per family/single guest). Something else if you don't do favors or OOT Bags which we will pass out to each family at our Welcome Dessert Party the night before we set sail is write a hand written thank you note and make a folder of the itinnerary/events for the cruise. Your guests might appreciate that too.
  7. I love your bags and I'm surprised you were able to buy Wet Bikini Bags at Marshalls. Only place I've seen them is Everything but Water which were $18 a piece.
  8. Robin, thank you for your reply! I appreciate it. I just want to make sure that I'm giving enough time for especially a couple of families on my list that are families of 4 that need to save up have enough time that they can afford to book a room at the hotel the night prior to sail, and cruise cost.
  9. Beautiful Wedding Dress! It looks great on you! Congrats!
  10. Since I know Cruise/Destination Weddings take more time for guests to book their reservations and make travel plans and get their passports (if they don't already have one), I was wondering for those who are doing Cruise Weddings, how far in advance did you have to book your Cruise Wedding (or make sure enough rooms for guests to be able to book their rooms for the cruise), How far in advance did you send out your STD's and invitations? I do want to make sure I give my guests enough time to be able to reserve their rooms and flights for the Cruise and obtain their passports if they don't already have one or need theirs renewed in order to sail with us. Any help will greatly be appreciated! Thanks everyone!
  11. BeckiO5


    Thank you all for the welcoming messages and congrats! We appreciate the warm welcome!
  12. Quote: Originally Posted by godaloveme Its really hard to go by a pic I would never had guessed I love the dress i bought !!! but once ya open your mind and just try them its amazing stuff I thought would look good looked like crap and visea versa any way if ya have not all ready check out Davids bridal and moonlight bridal both have nice pluss size gowns Thanks for the advice. I've checked David's Bridal and found nothing I liked and all the dresses I'll have never heard of Moonlight Bridal. I'll have to check them out, thanks again for the suggestions.
  13. I love your bags (so cute) and the contents are great:) I've been trying to figure out what do put in ours as I'm making lists.
  14. BeckiO5

    Any other cruise brides out there?

    Hi ladies, my hubby and I have just considered doing a cruise for our Vow Renewal and we're looking into the various cruiselines for affordible cruises for our guests.
  15. Has anyone on here come across any companies that have some cute and very light weight Affordable Empire Waist Plus Sized Beach Wedding Gowns? I thought that would be the easiest part of planning and haven't come across anything either in magazines or online that's really caught my eye. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I would wear the dress I wore on my actual Wedding again, however it has seen better days as I've gotten more use out of it than I thought I would. TYA for your help.