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    My Costa Rica Wedding Review

    Congrats! I LOVE your dress that you wore for the day after shoot! Where did you get it?
  2. ML YoungLove

    Need helping picking my flowers!!!

    Loveee picture #1! They are going to be beautiful!
  3. ML YoungLove

    I finally got a ring!!!

    Great story! I would recommend going to the resort you want. We chose one on price for our guests, but now regret our choice. Go with your heart and with what you want because at the end of the day its your wedding! Congrats on the engagment and best of luck with the planning!
  4. ML YoungLove

    A short Dress

    It is such a cute dress. Perfect for a beach wedding!
  5. ML YoungLove

    Laura's Dreams Riviera Cancun Wedding Review

    Thanks for the detailed review! Happy to hear everything went wonderfully! Congrats Mrs.
  6. ML YoungLove

    Our Wedding at Dreams Palm Beach

    Congrats! Glad to hear everything went well. Thanks for the review. Looking forward to seeing some pics!
  7. Your pictures are stunning! Congrats Mrs!
  8. You look fabulous! Congrats girl, everything turned out perfect!
  9. Everything looks great! Your dress is beautiful and I love your bridesmaid dresses. Congrats girl, im excited for your review!
  10. ML YoungLove

    St. Thomas - Magen's Wedding & Grand Turk TDD Photos

    Fabulous pictures! I cannot believe the vibrant colours in every pic! Congrats Mrs!
  11. Great review! So happy eveything went well and you had a beautiful day. Congrats Mrs!
  12. Congrats Mrs! Thanks for the detailed review. Would love to see some pictures of your beautiful day!
  13. ML YoungLove

    Shellk - Happy Wedding day 15/02/10

    Congrats girl! I hope your day is everything you wanted and more! Looking forward to reading your review!
  14. ML YoungLove

    Happy Wedding Day Vdaybride!!

    Congrats girl! I hope its everything you dreamed about and more! Can't wait to hear all about it when you return.
  15. ML YoungLove

    ROR Review - *JAWEDDING*

    Great review, can't wait to see pics. Congrats Mrs!