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  1. Oh, one more thing I forgot to add...I also had maracas from Mishka and she shipped them to the resort. She ships her stuff from Mexico though. Those got there fine but Mishka keeps in contact with the wedding coordinator to let them know that she shipped them and when they are supposed to arrive and she ships them right to the wedding coordinator.
  2. I got married there in February and we had 30 people. I had a ton of stuff to bring down...it filled 4 suitcases. I brought 2 and my parents brought 2 (I should have spread it out a little better though because all of those suitcases ended up being overweight). I had all of the receipts with me for everything. When we went through customs in Mexico, they put the bags through the x-ray machine and one of them had little notebooks in them - they asked me what they were and I told them and told them that they were for a wedding....that was it - they didn't even search the suitcase. My parents had no problem either. I think that as long as you have receipts for everything and tell them it is for a wedding - you will be okay. I think that somewhere on here, there is a whole thread about taking wedding stuff to Mexico and bringing it with you vs. shipping it.
  3. I used Claudia for my wedding...she was great! The contact email I have for her is info@claudiaphoto.com And here is a slideshow of some of my pictures http://www.claudiaphoto.com/slideshows/claudia/february10/laura_don/ Hope that helps! Â
  4. Laura22610

    Does anyone watch TrueBlood?

    I totally agree with you! I always liked that the show was a little different from the books but I think they have gone too much away from the books this season. It really bothers me that they have made Calvin so mean - so opposite from the books. And the whole Sam thing is weird. I am not sure what to think about Lafayette and the other guy - that whole scene was weird too! And is Eric really kidnapping Sookie?? I also wish Claudine was more like she was in the books and not in that "fairy land" in the show. Â I think in the books, Andy's girlfriend's name was Halleigh and she was a teacher. Holly was in the books too and was a Wiccan, like she just told Sam in the show. I don't remember a psycho waitress in the books?? but it's been a while since I read them. Â Â
  5. Congrats Cathy!!! You looked beautiful and that's so great that everything went so well for you!! That really stinks that she doesn't have to sashes that I left though. But, I am glad it worked out okay for you in the end Congrats again!! Â
  6. Laura22610

    Does anyone watch TrueBlood?

    Yes, Holly is the new waitress.
  7. Laura22610

    Does anyone watch TrueBlood?

    Pretty funny...they do look ALOT alike   Â
  8. Laura22610

    Does anyone watch TrueBlood?

    I definitely don't like that character for Calvin. I was researching online and that definitely is Calvin and they are making Crystal his daughter. I wonder why they are making them all meth addicts too? I really liked Calvin the way he was in the books. Â Oh, also...I was kind of excited to see Holly - it should be interesting to see what they do with her story! I won't say any more about that because I don't want to spoil things for anybody who hasn't gotten that far in the books
  9. BethAnne, We went to El Patio when it was opening for the day (we did this a couple days before we wanted to have the Welcome Dinner) and asked to speak with the manager. I'm sorry but I don't remember his name. Ana told us also that it was not possible to seat all of our 28 guests together but when we went to El Patio, they agreed to do it with no problem...we just had one little section of the restaurant. We just had to be at the restaurant 30 min before it opened. Once we got there, the manager took me and my husband aside and asked us to choose just 2 entrees for our guests to pick from. However, they brought us out frozen margaritas, appetizers, whichever entree you picked, and then dessert. It was really fabulous Our guests had a great time too!!
  10. Laura22610

    Does anyone watch TrueBlood?

    I have read the books and part of me wants the show to be more like the books but I also really like that they are changing it up so that I don't know what's going to happen next! So, I can understand Fulton being a jerk and them "updating" his character. What I am confused about though, is the other guy. In the books, Calvin is Crystal's uncle and in the show, the other guy told Sam or Jason (I don't remember who) that he was Crystal's father. So, is that guy Calvin and they are changing his relationship to Crystal or is this a totally new character and we haven't met Calvin yet? Wow - sorry about the long winded question And just as a funny note...do any of you watch So you think you can dance? My husband thinks that Tyce DiOrio looks like Talbot and I agree - he really does! Ha!
  11. I didn't use the wine cellar but we had ours in El Patio. We set it up with the El Patio manager when we got there and it was completely free! We had 28 people
  12. Chair Bows: I bought chair sashes on ebay. Ana put them on the chairs for me and made the bows! CD: I put each full song on the CD and the technician played them at the appropriate times. I made a list of all of the songs and when I wanted them played. The technician did a great job!! Here is the link to where I posted the paper with all of my wedding info. The link to it is in post #2071. It is in the slideshow http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/forum/thread/47576/dreams-riviera-cancun-brides-post-here-new-thread/2070
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by cathyandchin Does anyone know if the dress code is enforced for children? My TA and I can't get a straight answer from anyone about this. Also, does anyone know how you pay Ana for the wedding?? p.s. Some friends of ours got to DRC today and sent us a text. It said word for word: DUDE! THIS PLACE ROCKS! IT'S THE BEST PLACE WE'VE EVER BEEN TO!! I started jumping up and down in the kitchen and got all misty eyed. We had to pay for the wedding BEFORE the wedding day. I paid by credit card. If you are paying by credit card, make sure you call your credit card company and tell them you will be using it in Mexico. Otherwise they will deny the charges! Also, we gave Ana the final count when we got there and met with her. That's so exciting that your friends love the resort...I was so happy when everyone told me that they loved it and some have even planned a trip back! Oh, and definitely ask Ana for those chair sashes if you need them!! I would be so happy if someone else could use them
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by reaganlane Ok, so I've seen past brides on here say that they left their decor items with Ana. Does that mean we can use them? Think she still charges for the use of them? I'm so confussed! LOL! I also left chair sashes - I left about 75 of them - they are light blue I would really hope that they wouldn't charge you to use them!!!! Quote: Originally Posted by AlisonJimmy I am definitely doing the lights under the table! My fiance and I love the way it looks. I really like the lanterns but it becomes a lot of $$$. I am hoping once i get there Ana will maybe hook us up a little and throw a few in! Can't hurt to ask!
  15. Laura22610

    So You Think You Can Dance, Season 7!

    Quote: Originally Posted by *Rachel* I hate to say it but I don't really care about any of the dancers competing. Each week I get excited when they pick my favorite pro and I really only watch the pro. I still LOVE Twitch and Dominic and I'm sorry, but how am I suppose to NOT watch them? They kill their partners. I totally agree! It's such a let-down when Twitch is not on for the week. Love him - he is so good and has such a great personality! Allison also...she was my favorite her season. It does make it hard to get into the new people when you have the ones that you know and love dancing I felt really bad for Ashley last week. She was getting really good and it stinks to only have one girl left on the show.