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  1. Hi Lisa, I do not remember all the package prices but the one I chose was for 5 hours priced somewhere between $2,500 - $3,000 I can not remember and now can not find my notes (I got a new computer lost a lot of important things). She was worth every penny. She is based out of Jamaica Good luck planning
  2. I recently got married in Jamaica at the Rosehall Resort in Montego Bay...My best decision was to hire Misha Earle as my photographer (and to marry my now husband ) She truly captured every moment and kept things moving by taking control so it was one less thing to worry about. The pictures came out great from the wedding and I couldn't be more thankful for her attention to detail and kindness throughout the entire process. I look through them constantly and they bring me back to that day and make me smile every time. I imagine looking through them 20 years from now and feel the same way. She has a gift to continuously bring happiness to people through her craft. I know how hard it can be to hire people that you have not had the chance to meet or to see their work but I feel great endorsing Misha for any event. If you have any questions feel free to contact me and good luck with your planning Ok I tried uploading pics but I don't know if it worked
  3. A League of Their Own...great movie new quote - I do. 'Til you and I die, and die, and die again. 'Til death do us part.
  4. Ok my wedding is in 17 days we leave in 7 and I am starting to freak out a little not about the wedding but about packing and getting all my stuff there
  5. I love this idea it is a beautiful sentiment...there are paint pens at any craft store in a array of colors and tip sizes those would probably be good so you can write clearly and they are non toxic (I think)
  6. No problem all sent let me know if you don't get them
  7. Quote: Originally Posted by Aisha Hendrix Hello!!!! i WOULD LOVE TO SEE THOSE PICS..CAN YOU PLEASE SEND ME A LINK... Send me your email address
  8. I actually booked Misha Earle who a few girls on BDW have used her prices were resonable but I was in LOVE with Saab oh my god awesome pictures but I just couldn't spend that type of money...I know my photographer has shot there beofre but my WC said it would be no problem and I figure who is really checking and if they do then I will blame her and not pay the additional fee anyway
  9. The ceremony fee can be upgraded but that is the lowest price fee for it...My WC told me to say my photographer is my cousin and that is my gift...what type of outside venodr are you bringing in? I did negotiate my food and drinks...I got an extra $10 off my menu and $5 off each person's premium bar Hope this helps
  10. Going to shop right now thanks for the heads up
  11. Ok so I do not know a cake baker but below I put the email and phone # of a lady that has been amazing and helpful to me while planning my wedding she specializes in flowers and decor but I am sure has references for cake bakers try contacting her it can't hurt... name = Charmaine email = grandegarden@yahoo.com PHONE 876-791-0566 (LIME) * PHONE 876-374-9090 (DIGICEL)
  12. Oh my god I thought it was just me...one of the groomsmen inviting his entire family. I didn't invite anyone to his wedding why would he invite poeple to my wedding, now it is an extra like $600 I have to pay for them to come. Not only him another couple who I still don't know how they made it on the invite list to begin with (we never thought they would come) are inviting friends as well. My FI and I feel so weird we invited all of them to join us at the wedding now I am regretting that...there goes my small intimate wedding of only people I know and love
  13. Quote: Originally Posted by tlogan00 Will you please post some pictures from your visit I have pictures but they are on Ofoto send me your email address and I can send you an invite to view them
  14. Quote: Originally Posted by JnM09 Erica--I would love to chat with you more about what packages and extras you decided on, how many people you have, etc. I have been pretty laid back about the whole thing, but now I've been hearing about extra costs and stuff...it's starting to freak me out! uspoiledme--I think that you are the first person on here that I have seen with the same date as me! We decided to go with Rose Hall Resort & Spa in MB. Just email me all your questions or if you want to talk I can send you my #
  15. The Rose Hall Resort in Montego Bay is kid friendly but there aren't cartoon characters all over which I loved about it
  16. Hello girls, I am getting married at the Rose Hall Resort and Spa in less then 2 months...there have been some additional cost throughout my planning but I have upgraded everything and my guest list got out of control...if you stick to the packages you can easily have a resaonable priced wedding...I got my entire stay 7 nights free with all my room bookings but you do not get a room for free if you do not have your guest book through the hotel directly but I am sure TA's know how to get around that...I did go last June before booking for a site visit and LOVED it...I am getting married on the beach and not in a Gazebo, or the golf course we wanted a DW to be near the ocean and no shoes on the beach PM me if you have any questions I have been working with RHR for a long time and have talked them down to some great deals
  17. Great list mine was so basic and obvious but sometimes you forget the obvious but I learner a few things keep them coming ladies
  18. Yes...there is a charge of $500 but I said my photographer is a family friend giving us an album for our gift (my WC told me to say that in a email to her to avoide the fee) Hope this helps
  19. Hi Carla, I did go with Rosehall I am getting married in a little more then 2 months and can't wait...Just a warning the wedding itself can get really, really expensive...I am having 67 guests at the wedding if you are planning a smaller event it will be more cost effective I am actually shocked on how much I am paying for the reception. So just go into to it knowing your budget I did not prepare properly...let me know where you end up picking and good luck with your planning -Erica
  20. I agree you have to act as if it was a surprise shower you would not prepare anything for your guest...but you do have to send thank you cards for all guest that attend, and I know when I hosted showers I even bought and addresses all the thank you cards in advance so it was less stress added to the bride since she already had so much to do
  21. Oh that is an entire different story then yes def try a fabric store...I know in NYC they have a lot of stores that soley sell trimming This website is to oone of the main stores in NYC take a look Decorative Trims, Cords & Fringe from M&J Trimming
  22. try a company called Cubavera they have a website but I bought the GM pants in Macys last summer (they should be back in stores soon) they are great...They are drawstring in the front and has a little elastic in the back so I didn't have to worry about exact sizes so they only have to get them hemmed if anything...I am not sure what I am doing about shirts yet I personally like the long sleeve white shirts cuffed up casually
  23. I would just pay the extra $100 it is your bridal gown and god forbid you mess it up trying to add it with glue or you stitches come out...at this point what is $100 let the pro do it
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