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Dreams Tulum Closure petition for information & answers

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hey brides,


in response to some of your concerns, i have started a thread that we can send to Dreams Tulum resort and heads of AM Resorts.


please post your name & fiance's name and wedding date.


also, if you have any questions or concerns, post them.


i will try to get some answers.


ps. once the issue is resolved i will delete this thread so the information is not so public.

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Thank you Tammy,


Joann V & Eddie Q

wedding date

May 26, 2009

Dreams Tulum


AM resorts,

Please give us a clear understanding of the situation at Dreams Tulum. we are left with questions, phone calls and emails unanswered. We have invested in alot of time and money, and a simple official statement with a timeline of when these issues will be resolved would ease many!


Please take into consideration the Brides & Grooms, families and guest that have put their hearts into your Dreams Tulum resort and you have neglected to communicate any feedback regarding the closing of this resort. Will our Dream wedding come true?

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Amy B and Michael P

December 5, 2008

(we have 70 guests attending, possibly a few more)


Thank you, Tammy.


I am hopeful we can establish some communication expectations. IE can we get an official update through the resort every other day? Is that reasonable?

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Melanie Tom & Chris Warner

November 1, 2008


Some of our guests are due to arrive on 10/27. We have 150 guests coming to the resort for 4 or more days. We have had no response yet from the resort regarding the closure and the plan for your wedding should the resort not re-open in time.

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Jody and Steve

Wedding date: Nov. 5/08

Guests: Arriving Nov. 1st (20 ppl.)


With my wedding date fast approaching, I would like to know what our available options are NOW for switching as wedding plans need to be made and the other resorts researched for the best possible location. We chose DT for a reason and as I understand, DC is a huge resort in Cancun (not the remote location we had envisioned) and Secrets Silversand does not have much of a beach and I do not know if an actual beach wedding is possible.


What are our other choices? Specifically Secrets Maroma Beach looks nice (the beach is suitable for a wedding), is this an option for us brides with weddings coming up within the month?


Also, having made extensive preparations with Sandra (who is no longer working in the wedding dept) and Landy, are these coordinators going to be available for the remainder of our on site wedding planning? This doesn't even take into account all the preparation (for some brides even pre-wedding site visits) that went into the DT location.


What arrangements are being made to ensure that ourselves and all of our guests (for myself, I have guests coming from across Canada) are being delivered to a new resort in the same class of reservation that was made at DT? What about our planned wedding dates and are the resorts we may possibly be shuffled to have the availability to provide us with the wedding of our Dreams?


That is just some of my questions... the major thing that is taking up all the space in my mind is that without knowing whether or not DT will be open, we cannot even move forward with planning the wedding at another resort as they won't let us know if we are going to be moved until we arrive in Mexico or at the very most, a week or so beforehand? I would appreciate some answers now so I can advise my guests and re-start my wedding planning.

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Carina C. and Joshua L.

Wedding Date: October 27, 2008

Guests Arrive : October 22, 2008

30 People coming


I have the exact same questions as Joday (previous post).


I do not even know if I should make alternative plans or even let my guests know because we are not getting solid information.


I specifically chose Dreams Tulum for the location and the non-touristy environment. Sercets is not an option for me because my neice and nephew are in the wedding.


I have spent my whole year, every day, every dollar spent, every weekend planned around this wedding. I am worried about having to share space and share everything else with other weddings going on in Dreams Cancun?? Not only is this going to ruin my wedding but it will also ruin the weddings of the gals that have to make room for us in DC.


I am very upset and even more that we are all getting different dates, different answers .


I have spent so much time, energy, tears, and money and now I do not know where I am going to get married or what to tell my family and friends....

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